I've had these conversations

Alone inside my head

Filled with every single word

I've wished you'd ever said

I've covered every topic

From hopeless to benign

These thoughts don't come from you

No, these thoughts alone are mine

I feel like I'm going crazy

From these words I hope you'll say

Ranging from "I love you"

To telling me you'd stay

You haunt my every dream

I want so badly to believe

By the time I've opened my eyes

You've already had to leave

I'd cry myself to sleep at night

If I had any tears left to spare

You took them all along with you

And left my eyes totally bare

My heart still hurts, deep within

And I have hope that you'll call

But my phone stays silent, ever still

While I rebuild up my wall

I'll be here, with you in my head

With a lesson I'll never learn

Praying to whoever will hear me

That one day you will return.