A light flash stuck as the smaller one left, off to go learn his new time travelling abilities to save those who were apparently lost. Footsteps in the void approached the tormented soul as the silhouette came into view to the right of him. A much taller, more mature figure stepped forward. Curly, long, flowing hair and a glowing aura surrounding him - not visible, but there was something special there.

The tormented soul spoke up, looking away from the figure in either shame or defeat: "It's finally time, isn't it? Do what you need to do, I know it's all finished."

The figure looked up towards him, stepping closer, and replied: "Do what? I'm not done yet."

The soul kept his eyes locked to the pitch-black ground. There was no light anywhere, befitting of the void. "You've saved everyone. All the lost souls, all the people who had been left to fate." The tormented soul looked back up at the figure, a saddened frustration behind his words. "I've already given you my power. The power I could not use to save them in my timeline. I lost them, and we both know that it's my fault."

The figure looked on at him, silent.

"I failed them. I gave you everything I had to try again. You saved them. I'm not needed anymore, and I know this reality is not going to last. Just destroy it and leave me here."

The figure sighed, a little disappointed. "Is that the fate you've accustomed yourself to?"

The soul looked on, massive guilt in his voice. "What?"

"I'm not leaving you in here to be forgotten. Your timeline was broken, but I'm not letting you go with it." The figure spoke, standing maybe three feet from the soul now.

The soul felt confused. His spirit was darkened, and his timeline was to be destroyed. "If you let me leave, it'll have disastrous impacts on your reality." Tears welled up in his eyes. "The last thing I want is it to all happen again."

The figure gave him an unforgettable answer. "I can make you a new reality. You can live the normal life you wanted without all of this. Make new friends, get new hobbies, do whatever you please. I'm not letting this place go with you."

Crushed, now, the soul felt his tears begin to flow down his face. The destruction of his timeline caused him to lose all colours to only become a black, outlined silhouette. "Why? What could I have possibly done to redeem myself? I was the reason multiple people lost their lives. All the happiness, all the cheer, the laughter, the sorrow, everything they could've. They lost their future because I couldn't save them. I deserve to bear this guilt."

The figure took a hold of the soul's dark hand, clutching it reassuringly. At the touch, the skin in his hand began to regain light. "They're fine now. You saved them. There was no way in hell I would've been able to do this without you. I'm not letting you stay, no matter what."

A timeline lost. An unforgettable reality.

A thunderous crashing sound rang out in the void, a big, glowing hole appearing above them as more cracks began to quickly race from the hole. In an instant, the soul felt a tightness in the grasp, before getting pulled into a dash with the figure as they raced through the dark void. The cracks in the void seemed to make chase, holes and shards of light falling through the emptiness. They ran, dodging the falling world debris.

A loud crash sounded from above as shards began to rain down on them, and a big chunk flew fast at them. In a swift notion, the figure waved his hand hard and a sword of light appeared in his grasp. He sliced directly and perfectly through the chunk, letting it fly to the side of them as they continued to run, together.

A bright light sat in a hole near the end of the void; it was the new reality. The world around them crashed and collapsed faster and faster, colliding in on itself quicker than ever. They made a mad dash for the hole. For once, the soul's pace quickened. No longer content with his fate as he ran faster than the figure, taking the lead in the escape.

In one final dive, the void collapsed. No longer ever to exist. Forgotten in its own time. Two bright, colourful figures fell from the bright blue sky. They fell slowly, like feathers. The new world shining brightly around them. Finally, their feet touched the solid ground. Everything was finally right. Fate had been sealed. Everybody had been saved. Everybody had been saved. Two timelines of the same being, clutching each other's hands. Fate couldn't touch them anymore, and they stood with wide smiles on their faces.