Chapter 14A lot of Glitter

Haruki made his way into Clubroom with a bored yawn, but upon opening it his face was immediately caught in a trap that consisted of several strips of adhesive tape across the doorway that any unfortunate soul would get caught in it.

And that unfortunate soul happens to be Haruki being the first one to make his way there.

"Ayame…" Haruki trailed off peeling the tape off his face, he noticed that Ayame was acting strange the other day while carrying a box of random items while cackling to herself. And he knew from that moment that was up to something as she was in a mood for pranks in the last few days.

"So what else did she do," Haruki told himself, deciding that being the older sibling he was going to check and make sure her pranks are to be defused, he shot a glance towards their own personal lockers. They didn't have any locks all of them just kept each locker unlocked for them to easily open.

Oh hold on, what's not to say she didn't leave any glitter bombs there. Haruki thought as he nervously opened the door and–


"Huh," He said with a sigh of relief and began to open each one as quickly as possible. "Okay no glitter bombs, time to check one by one."

He first checked Mamoru's Locker, so far there wasn't much on the surface. But he looked at the reference books that he uses it to study, he usually uses a cover to hide its contents and make sure it doesn't get any dirt on it.

As soon as he grabbed it, he was immediately blasted by a hidden glitter bomb that she positioned it well enough to set off once the books have been trifled with.

"Found the glitter bombs…" He trailed off and dusted the glitter off his body and then checked the contents of the books, instead he was greeted to a sight of what is essentially an erotic manga involving maids.

"I think I found Yusuke's...uh...sacred texts," Haruki said hiding it back into the locker only to set off a second glitter bomb. "How many glitter bombs did she leave?"
After the second one, he went through Eire, in contrast to Mamoru having Yusuke's Maid Fetish Manga planted there Eire's Copy of Homicidal Pursuers Novelization (which was also known to be more 'extreme' than the original series) bare for those to see, and Two More glitter bombs.

Next was Takuya's own Locker, there wasn't much save for the Club Papers that sure even Ayame wouldn't date touch right? Well thankfully she kept those intact, she did however left several copies of Romantic Comedy Manga lying around for good measure.

And much like the others, more glitter bombs.

"Seriously how the hell did she even get this many-" Haruki paused to himself, deciding that while he will take the blame and get caught in the blast radius of the glitter bombs he had chosen the third option.

He would still remove the bombs, yes, but he will also try and jumble up their things just for fun taking Ayame by surprise. And so he endured the relentless glitter bombs and pulled out all the covered books, that to their luck shared the same brand and color of the cover.

He found several books that were owned by the others but he had no clue who owned who by that point which he had deduced their owners.

Mamoru's Reference Books was placed in Ayame's own Locker as his way of telling Ayame to focus more in a passive-aggressive way.

Yusuke's Erotic Maid Manga was placed in Ryoko's own locker mostly cause of a running joke of Ryoko constantly berating him for staring at her and Iori's chest at random times.

Takuya's own Papers which he kept safe in his own locker.

Iori's Romantic Comedy Novel was placed in Mamoru's own locker mostly due to the fact he once caught him contemplating on picking up a said copy once when it was on the table.

Eire's Homicidal Pursuers Novel was placed in Yusuke's locker given his habit of pointing out how much he hated it.

And finally, Ryoko's Yakuza Novel was placed within Takuya's own locker.
"All right now then, let's go check on the others."

"I can't believe you got dropped by a classic Glitter bomb," Takuya said as he and Eire suppressed their laughter at Haruki who casually smiled while still have dusts of Glitter that was around him who only smiled in amusement. Meanwhile, outside the Clubroom Ayame stood by the corner while holding a sign that simply says 'I planted Glitter Bombs in the Clubroom' without any semblance of guilt and is in fact more amused instead, it took him around a few minutes of him dealing with the Glitter Bombs until the others arrived.

"You'd be surprised at how many she kept," Haruki said with a chuckle, meanwhile Yusuke let out an annoyed sigh and asked the other out loud.

"Where the hell is my copy of Student Council President-san and the Otaku-kun?" Yusuke said referring to the Romantic Comedy Novel that Haruki assumed was Iori's.

[True Bonds]

"That sounds like a bad idea," Sawada Maeko told her as they ate lunch that afternoon.

"Why not?" Iori pondered.

"Firstly it's because it's a personal matter," Maeko told her with a frown. "And second your relationship with him isn't even close enough for you to get involved with his life to begin with."

"Okay that makes sense," Iori said as she turned her attention to her meal but then Maeko brings up a question she wasn't prepared to.

"Do you like him?"

Iori dropped the spoon in her hand and looked at Maeko like she had grown a second head.

"What?" She asked in confusion.

"No, let me rephrase that actually," Maeko said shaking her head in confusion. "Are you in love with him?"

"No," Iori immediately answered. "I owe him so I thought it would be fitting if I tried to help him at least."

"But the way you try and insist comes off as someone who sees him as more than just a friend." Maeko pointed out.

"I'd probably be hated by my everyone in the Club if he hadn't gotten involved to be honest," Iori admitted, that was the main intention for the most part. She always tried her best to pay whatever debt she had on that person no matter how small it is, for Iori she personally just didn't like owing people.

However another reason is that this was possibly the best way for her to help him out, he would never show up when she would offer to treat the others for lunch and in fact, he would immediately try and avoid her when she would bring it up. So the best thing she can do is help him make friends, especially given how he's essentially trying to avoid being friends with everyone in the Club.

"Hmm, you're acting pretty sus but all right then," Maeko told her.

Later that day Iori was making her way towards the Clubroom and see if she can read any mail for students who want help but can't seem to bring it to themselves to face them. What caught her eye was one of her classmates Tsukiyomi Kanon quickly running away as if trying not to be seen by everyone.

Did she want to ask for help? Iori pondered as she entered the Clubroom, which was in the aftermath of Ayame's Glitter Bomb Prank, Yusuke inside holding a piece of paper in his hands with his eyes furrowed slightly scowling from what he was reading. Earning a curious look from Mamoru, Takuya, and Haruki, who was interestingly covered in glitter.

"What's that?" Iori asked curiously.

"Just scrap paper," Yusuke said as he crumpled the paper with a single hand and threw it near the Paper Bin. "I'll be right back."

Iori watched as Yusuke left the room, but instead of walking in the direction where Kanon went, he took the opposite direction. She glanced at the Trash Bin and out of pure curiosity, she grabbed the paper and decided to read its contents.

I wish to reunite with a childhood friend of mine with whom I have a strained relationship, but the things I did that tore our relationship apart prevent us from making the first step.

His name is Arima Yusuke.

Tsukiyomi Kanon.

Iori hastily bolted out of the Clubroom much to the surprise of everyone present and before any of them can question what is going on Iori had already sprinted out of there hoping she can see Kanon and to her luck, she finally spotted her already grabbing her things in hopes of leaving him.

"Tsukiyomi-san!" Iori called out to her. "Let me help."

"Wait you–"

"Yes I read the letter, I know and I'm sorry but I can help you two," Iori confessed, for a moment Kanon remained silent and then looked around and then shook her head. "I'm sorry but this is a personal matter between the two of us," Kanon replied as she walked away leaving Iori just as confused as before.

[True Bonds]

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