From the heat of Texas

To the heat of California

From the still of the prairie

To the bustle of the street

I traveled a long way

And stayed less than a day

To dip my toes in the icy Pacific.

I'm a small and insignificant thing

In the grandness of all that is and was;

And I hold no illusions that the Earth cares

For me or for my memories.

Yet I know enough to know

As this small descendant of apes

That what goes around, comes around,

And that nothing in this universe

Truly vanishes for good.

Made up of star stuff and carbon,

I dipped my toes in the Pacific.

And I hoped, selfish and futile -

That the water that rose to meet me could be the very same:

That saw courage and terror on D-Day.

That carried the bubbled breath of the spinosaurus.

That bore witness to Darwin's sails.

And that maybe, in all my insignificance,

It could give some of that bravery

And majesty

And curiosity

To me.