100 Week Writing Challenge

I accepted this challenge to get me into the habit of writing every week.

Each chapter will be a separate prompt and I'll update weekly. If I don't post it every week I might not actually follow through, so hopefully this will make me more dedicated to this project. I don't actually expect anyone to read these – and certainly not all of them, but to those who do I hope you enjoy my writing.

I'm not going to set each prompt in the same universe or for a specific novel. Each prompt may deal with completely different characters and formats. I'll try to make each one a whole story in and of itself, but some of them might seem like they are part of a novel or are the beginning of a story that may or may never have anything more written.

If a story really grabs your attention and you want to read more, let me know in a review and I'll set that one aside to come back to and work on more.

I'm not planning to do any little introductions on each prompt, just the prompt as the title and then the story that resulted from it. So, I'll mention this here instead of in the chapter: the first prompt confused me. It says "Introduction", but I didn't know if I was supposed to write an introduction like this one or a short story somehow involving an introduction. I went with the later, but I guess since I'm writing this as well that I kind of did both. Oh well. It still works. I hope.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I began this project in July of 2016. Halfway through, however, life took me for a ride on the crazy train. Over the past four years I would pick up the challenge for a month or so and then life would go crazy again. So due to various reasons I haven't been able to get back to being fully committed again until now

Hopefully from here on out I'll actually be posting every week again!