Challenge 55 – Separation

Never Together

How could anyone deal with this?

They were so close and yet always apart and nothing I did would ever truly bring them together.

Some things were never meant to be. They were never meant to combine and become one even with massive effort and support. I was staring at such an example right now. Sticky and slick, hard and soft, they were full of contrasts but were in many ways an ideal match. They would never be able to see that however, let alone acknowledge it. They only focused on their differences and refused to come together.

My life would be so much easier if they could just get along. All my efforts felt like a waste of time and energy. My failure to bring them together would haunt me for the rest of my life. All the same, who could really blame me? They were never going to get together – everyone knew that and yet some idiot insisted on forcing them in the same small space.

Seriously, who made that natural peanut butter stuff?

The slippery oil was always on top and the peanut butter was as hard as a rock. My arm ached from trying to mix them together but they still stubbornly refused to turn into the delicious, creamy spread I was expecting.

But it was my fault after all – I mean I did buy it from the grocery store. I was trying to be healthier, but this was a disgusting, annoying failure. Screw the extra calories, next time I'm buying the good stuff!