I know I ain't good,

But I want to be.

It's so easy to do bad shit

And get away with it.

Opportunistic lunatic-

I'm trying to leave that all behind

And become a paladin.

I've seen it so many times before,

And I've been down that road myself.

When you're drowning in bad decisions,

It's easy to lose yourself.

But actions got consequences,

Let's speak without setting pretense.

I know how evil people can be,

And I don't wanna be them.

Looked in the mirror once

And didn't like what I was seein'.

They say bad habits die hard,

But it ain't hard to die,

And if I gotta die, I wanna be fighting.

Don't wanna fade out in silence.

I would rather go kicking, screaming, and bleeding-

I'll show you "violence."

Take off in a chariot of flame

Make them remember the name,

But don't be remembered in infamy,

Go down for killin' the game.

I know I ain't good,

But I try to be.

It's so easy to do bad shit

And get away with it.

Maybe it's a better pay off

Cause these days, every villain's a hero

That deserves their own memorial

While real heroes are slain in the streets

Making the ultimate sacrifice, just working their beats.

There comes a time when life

Gives you a line

And you gotta pick the right side.

You can choose to do what's easy,

And just stay sleazy

Or you can fight nature

And win, come out better.

Get on top and stay there

Because at the end of the day,

You are your own worst enemy.

What's inside your brain,

All that hellish pain,

It can eat at you

Until nothing good remains.

So be your own savior,

Be a soldier,

Don't justify your bad behavior.

Just come clean,

And know that you can be better

Than all the people that you've been,

All the things that you've seen.

I ain't good,

But I try to be.

I'm always fighting the monster

That's inside of me.

Put it back into its cage,

It feeds off hatred and rage

So don't keep fueling the flames.

Keep fighting the good fight,

At the end of the tunnel, find the light.

You ain't ever gonna be perfect, no,

But be the best you 'cause you're worth it, yo.

All those people you been before,

Like Elliott Smith said,

You don't gotta keep them 'round no more.

Just cut ties,

Say goodbye,

Watch the layers of your old self die-

To hell with them.

You can be a phoenix,

Rise from your own ashes, no problem.

When you wage war against your demons and win,

Ain't nothing scare you no more

'Cause you've overcome Original Sin,

Knockin' on Heaven's Door.

I know you ain't good,

But you could be.