Being the son of the fire god and leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Roarian Lee, also known as Roy, sets off to Olympus to avenge the death of his father and face the man who killed him. But the male soon realizes that fate and destiny has other plans in store for him and 6 other heroes.


*side note: none of Greek mythology history pertains to this book, it's all my own creation! It's my own little take and my own universe so dont worry!*

"Everyone in Olympus is excited as Lord Zeus himself gets ready to set the coronation for his son with everything in preparation! I am your news anchor, Irene! Daughter of Hermes, the messenger god, here with Olympus High's latest news," The strawberry blonde female replied as wings formed from behind her, allowing her to fly around.

"I'm here right now with Olympus's own ruler," She replied as she landed next to the older man wearing all types of gold and white royal attire. He had a white suit with a gold blazer, jet black hair shown in all his glory, "Zeus, feel free to share with us an emotion you think all of Olympian High School students will feel after the coronation?"

The man, Zeus, chuckled lightly, "Well Irene, I'll tell you that you all will be excited to see my daughter's crowning! We'll have all types of games and fun activities for our higher achieved students and it'll be a nice little exciting break before the tournaments next week."

"Well, we all highly appreciate the effort and thank you so much for the break! Oh! In case some of our viewers didn't already know, Lord Zeus is also the principal of one of the greatest and biggest high schools for all the children of the greater gods, Olympus Academia! Which is only for our greatest heroes."

"Oh nonsense Irene," Zeus giggled, "Any student who'd like to have a chance at becoming a great god is always welcome no matter the rank!"

Irene giggled lightly as she waved the man away, "Well, that concludes our new broadcast! I am Irene, daughter of Hermes, signing out!"

The train ride all the way from Sedonia to Olympus was pretty lengthy, but that wasn't too much trouble.

Roy had always ridden trains, so it wasn't that much of a problem for him to handle.

"Excuse me," The brunette heard, looking up to see a pixie before him, "Please hand over your train ticket."

"O-oh, right!" Roy shyly replied, digging in his pockets to hand the nice lady his ticket, "Sorry about that. Also, do you think you can bring some more green tea, please?"

"Of course I can," She replied, smiling as she made a list appear before her with her magic, writing it down, "And do you want those donut sticks with the chocolate syrup that you had or just the tea? You only ate 12 last time."

Roy nodded, giving her a nervous smile, "Uh...yeah. I didn't wanna be too needy when it came to food so I just wanted to have what I could. If that's no trouble, of course."

"It's no problem at all Roy," The pixie replied as she made her list disappear, "You get the same thing every time you get on this train. You're making Solar start to worry that you're getting fatter."

"I-I'm not though," Roy let out, "You can tell her I'm not the same chubby 10-year-old who used to ride this train with hella baby fat on my hands. Trust me, I've gotten very fit since she last came out to see me. You've noticed it too Syl."

The woman let her glasses hang down on her nose, getting a quick look at the oversized brown-skinned buff boy who was now 19 years old, sitting before her.

She hummed, pushing her glasses up, "You still look like the same oversized chubby caramel-colored bunny boy. Got the same face and everything. And that smile of yours is just like Meliodas's."

Roy sighed sadly, keeping his smile as he fiddled with his fingers, "Y-yeah. My dad really did have a good smile, didn't he?"

Syl noticed Roy's change in tone and sighed, patting his shoulder. The boy looked up at her, seeing her smile, "You look just like your father. From the muscles to the smile and all. He'd be glad to see the man you are today Roarian, don't worry."

The boy smiled reassuringly, "Th-thanks Syl, I appreciate it."

"Welp, I'm gonna go get you your stuff, so sit tight puddin'," The pixie replied as her translucent wings appeared before her, letting her fly away from Roy.

Roy's smile soon faded as she left, sighing as he looked at his bag that sat in the window seat.

Today was the day he finally left his hometown Sedonia and reach for bigger dreams in Olympus. His caregivers in his town did all they could to raise him as his father did so the boy just felt it was time to go step by step in his future and see what he was really heading towards.

However, he wasn't going to Olympus Academia just to get an education and learn how to use his powers. He was only going to learn about what his grandmother told him countless times, waiting until he turned 16 to finally break it to him.

"That man who sits on the throne ruling over everyone," The older woman, Mistress Eda replied in a stern tone, "Lord Zeus, the one who everyone continues to say is this good God who protects everyone."

"Well he does protect everyone," Roy replied, sounding confused, "R-right?"

Eda shook her head, "He's the one who killed your father in that cold war."

Roy's eyes widened, "No. Grandma Eda, that's not true. Zeus is a god, he wouldn't necessarily kill anyone. Besides, dad was a rightful ruler of Sedonia as Zeus was a ruler of Olympus and they fought together. He just ended up being one of the rulers who died in the war, that's all."

"Yeah, but that's just what that bastard wants you to believe," The older woman hissed as she walked over towards Meliodas's old treasure chest, "He's the reason your mother disappeared, but I'm not gonna leak that information towards you. I'd rather you find out on your own."

Roy watched as the elder woman approached him, handing him the box.

"I was going to save it until you turned 18," She said, "But you know I don't sugar code shit with you. Your father wanted me to wait until you turned a certain age where you were appropriate to open it, but it has everything you need to know about your father and your mother. And in there is a letter from your father himself that he wrote before he went into the war. You're going to start training and learning how to use your powers tomorrow morning."

"B-but grandma-"

"But grandma my ass Roarian!" The old woman snapped as she walked away from him, "Dig in that box and learn all you can. Your training starts in the morning."

Roy looked down at the box as the woman left for him, seeing the red velvet box in all its glory with the fire ruby in the shape of a heart before him. He lighting wiped it, looking concerned but the brunette just closed his door, letting his thoughts consume him.

Roy returned to reality as he looked at the bag, which had the chest that he had yet to open. Even when his grandmother handed it to him, he wasn't even sure if he should open it or not because he felt like he wasn't ready to handle the truth. But he knew nothing was stopping him from going to Olympus, at least, to find out the truth for himself.

"Aye, this seat taken?"

The brunette perked his head up, looking at the nicely dressed male before him with the curly black mullet who looked completely unbothered, rather slender too.

"O-oh, no feel free to help yourself," Roy replied as the male took a seat across from him, setting his duffle bag in the window seat. Roy recognized the bag as he saw the Olympus Academia school symbol on it.

He oohed, "So, you go to Olympus Academia?"

The male hummed, confused at first until he looked at his bag and realized what Roy was referring too, "Oh yeah, I go there. It's filled with all types of freaks too, from the kids of Gods who act like they're all that to the supernaturals who gotta fend for themselves."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Roy asked, leaning in to listen in more.

He watched as the male leaned back, putting his arms behind his head, "Well I mean what I mean. Technically they made Olympia Academia for the elite kids of the gods. Then Zeus's wife, Hera, decided that it was okay to make a rule for all the kids who wished to become powerful and learn how to control their powers to come to the school. Devils, angels, witches, even pixies go there."

"Oh wow," Roy replied, sounding relieved, "So I won't feel like a total outcast. That's good to know."

"Oh yeah?" The male asked, intrigued, "What's your trait?"

Roy widened his eyes, looking forward, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me, what's your trait?" The male repeated, "I can tell you're obviously looking forward to going there and you're taking that little written exam so they can magically install you in. But I wanna know your trait so I can be just as impressed as everyone else will probably be. Or not, it probably sucks."

"H-hey!" Roy exclaimed lightly, "My trait's not that bad. I just's not anything special really it's just basic fire and the ability to heal."

"Oh, see that is pretty basic. Literally anyone can do flame magic, even pixies can," The mullet boy replied as he shut his eyes, "Yeah, you gotta try really hard impressing the Gods."

Roy furrowed his eyebrows, "Oh yeah, what's your trait then? I don't suppose you're some famous outrageous monster with powers or something."

"Well, I'm the son of King, god of thunder, and one of the twin goddesses of lightning and thunder Astrape-"

"N-NO FUCKING WAY!" Roy exclaimed as he sat up in his seat like he was a surprised 6-year-old, "Y-you're the son of the god of thunder? The ground thunder god that is because isn't Zeus the thunder god of the sky?"

The male was kinda startled at how excited Roy became but shook it off, "U-uh yeah? But Zeus controls everything. He literally has any power you can think of and he's the last son who wields actual firepower."

Roy raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean actual firepower?"

"I mean, there's people out there who may wield fire and all that, such as demons, but true firepower comes from birth. You have to be born with the fire spirit from the fire troop in order to wield all types of flames. Because then at that point you're just fucking superior and can make blue flames, yellow flames, purple flames- all that good shit."

Roy oohed to himself, looking down at his hands that were covered with the fingerless gloves, "I wonder if I can do that."

"That'd honestly be so cool if you did," The boy replied, then sighed, "But yeah good luck with your entrance exam or whatever. Hopefully, your generic ass fire powers can get you through it."

Roy snickered lightly at that, rolling his eyes, "Well that's a rude but nice way to wish me luck, but thank you," He said, holding out his hand, "My name's Roy by the way."

The male opened one eye, seeing Roy smiling brightly with his hand held out, waiting for him to grab it and shake it right back.

He just groaned, taking his hand, "Name's Issei, Issei Hyoudou. Pleased to meet-"

Issei felt his hand suddenly get hot and yelped as he pulled it away from Roy's, shaking it many times. He furrowed his eyebrows, looking at Roy, "Dude! What gives?"

"Did I burn you?" Roy let out, "I am so sorry. I have a hard time controlling my powers sometimes. It's sometimes built around my emotions and shit- that's why I wear gloves! They kinda protect my hands because my hands always overheat when I-"

"Yeah yeah," Issei said, cutting him off, "I don't care, this just reaaaaaaallllly hurts right now."

"I can fix that!" Roy replied, putting one of his fingers in his mouth. He pulled out the finger that had the saliva on it, bringing it towards Issei who looked at him in disgust.

He furrowed his eyebrows, pulling his hand away, "B-bro! What the hell? Why are you putting your damn saliva in my hand?"

"I-I'm trying to heal it!" Roy explained, holding on to Issei's wrist, "Calm down! It's kinda nasty but it goes by super fast. I'll just umm...heal you in a less nasty way."

Issei raised an eyebrow as he watched Roy bring the palm of his hand up to his lips, kissing his palm softly. A shiver was sent up Issei's spine but then his eyes widened when Roy pulled away, seeing that his hand was no longer burning as much as it was.

"Oh," He let out, looking at his hand, "So your spit is the healing power? That's kinda weird but you know it's cool or whatever," He said, chuckling nervously, "It's peeeeeerfectly okay."

"Yeah," Roy replied, rubbing the back of his head, "I'm really sorry about that. I get really excited whenever I meet someone and instantly drive them away because my powers are so impulsive and brash. I can't really control it. My grandmother just trained me and told me to conceal and try to control your feelings. Maybe it won't spread."

Issei nodded, "Uhuh, mind telling me your origin story, Roy? Like who your parents are and where exactly you're from?"

The buff boy poked his fingers together, " father is Meliodas Lee. He used to be the ruler of-"

"Sedonia," Issei let out, his eyes widening, "He was the fire god born with the fire spirit."

"Y-yeah!" Roy replied, "Wait, how do you know my dad?"

"Wh-what do you mean how do I know your dad? How would you not know?" Issei exclaimed, sounding a little excited, "He was the God of all Gods! Everyone literally worshipped him because he was as warm as his powers. The man was literally the leader of the greatest band of Gods and Goddesses ever called the Seven Deadly Sins. You know, the bandits who were against Zeus?"

Roy furrowed his eyebrows slightly, "Wait, I'm confused. My father? That's not true, he always told me that he was a soldier in Zeus's army and that he never created his own rebellion. He and Zeus were brothers, why would he be against him?"

"Apparently," Issei said as he leaned back, crossing his arms, "Around that time, Zeus's powers were getting too out of control to the point where his brother had to take matter into his own hands and stop him from becoming a tyrant and taking over the whole world. So that's why he, your father, brought each leader of the main countries together and created the Seven Deadly Sins, to stop him. Your father being the leader, the fire sin of wrath."

Roy blinked a few times at that, even more confused, "I-I don't understand. Do you think you can-"

The male paused as he heard a ringtone coming from Issei's side. It was playing some soft song that Roy didn't really recognize until he heard the lyrics, looking at Issei.

Issei blushed lightly, "I-it's not important. I'm sure the call will finally give itself out. It's no one important at all."

Roy raised an eyebrow, watching Issei sit back nonchalantly, waiting for the call to finally end itself. After 10 minutes of waiting, it finally did and Issei sighed in relief.

"Anyways, as I was-"

The ringtone came on again, sounding more aggressive as the last time. Roy poked his lips out this time, looking at Issei who furrowed his eyebrows and flattened his lips, blushing lightly.

He chuckled nervously as he used his magic to get his phone, "W-will you excuse me for a moment?" He said as he answered the phone, putting it up to his ear, "Heeeeeeeeey babycakes. Wh-what's shak-"


The female didn't even have to be on speakerphone for everyone else to hear. She was so damn loud, literally, the entire train had a mini earthquake as he exclaimed. Roy's hair was all messy and over the place, looking at Issei who just looked really panicked.

Issei just chuckled nervously, once more, "I-I'm sorry. My baby just gets really peeved when I don't answer the phone," He said to Roy who didn't even respond, "I'm sorry baby, I was just really busy and-"


Issei shushed the aggressively loud female, "Sombra please, if you know I'm on the train then stop yelling like I can't hear you. You know damn well I-"


Roy blinked back, "Sh-she sounds mad. Maybe you should umm...take that in the back so you won't get reported."

Issei nodded, "Good idea."


"No, I was talking to someone before your rude ass interrupted me."


Roy watched as Issei into the other car to proceed with his conversation, seeing that cart up in front shake a little bit as well.

He just shook his head as he looked over at his bag, looking at the treasure chest that he had been dying to open now because he needed more answers.

"He was the God of all Gods! Everyone literally worshipped him because he was as warm as his powers. The man was literally the leader of the greatest band of Gods and Goddesses ever called the Seven Deadly Sins."

The male sighed, "How come all these people know so much about you, but I just don't know shit," Roy groaned, "Why did you hide so much and wait til now to tell me?"

Roy finally made it to the school, oohing at the extremely large white building which looked like an entire castle but more modernized. It sat right in the kingdom of Olympus, where all the tall apartment buildings rested and all the other nice places such as stores, malls, all types of stuff.

He saw all the other people of many traits approach with bags and stuff, either held by themselves, their magic, animals, or other people that were created by their magic.

The brunette just stared at the Academy in awe, swallowing hard as all his nervousness started to return.

"Aye," He heard in a familiar tone, turning around to see Issei walk up to him.

But the male winced as he saw one of his ears had a giant fluffy cloud on it, "Goddamn, what happened?"

"My girlfriend," Issei scoffed, "That's what happened. You should totally get you one but not one that yells at you all the time because she's a damn siren mixed with a wizard who's also a son of a bitch and a damn pain in my ass."

Roy giggled as they approached the school, "How do you handle her? With all those mixtures, I'm pretty sure she's a handful."

Issei sighed, "She is a handful, but honestly when we're face to face she's not always like that. She's pretty bratty, annoying, takes charge all the time, but at the end of the day, she's still the same little piece of shit that likes cuddling and making out while watching greek romcoms. Total baby."

The brunette awed, "That's so cute. I've honestly never thought about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend or involving myself with that kind of physical interaction before. If anyone hugs me, I'll literally burn them to death."

"Oh so if you have sex and stick your dick in a girl or guy's ass then their ass burns and they have hemorrhoids-"

"Ew! Issei!" Roy said exclaimed as he pushed the male lightly, who giggled a bit at that.

"I'm joking Roy, calm down," He said, sighing as they finally entered the school.

Roy was in awe as he looked around his surroundings, seeing the school was really big and tall in the inside as it was on the outside. It was all white everywhere, with some shades of black, yellow, gold, and crystal blue. It looked really pretty as he saw all the students with their powers walking around where the school colors, which looked as if it was gold, white, and black.

He was completely in awe, "This school is so cool."

"Yeah," Issei let out, "You should see the unit apartments they have for the students here too. Of course, you can get your own condo in the suburban areas within Olympus but it has to be on campus. Your roommate in your dorm is usually your partner in battle depending on if they're a re-"


Both males were startled at the loud voice they heard, holding each other tightly as they shut their eyes. They opened them together as they looked across to see it was just a short, short-tempered light brown-skinned female with dark wavy brown hair, wearing a black button-down, black trousers with a purple cape behind her.

Looking very pissed as her purple eyes glowed brightly.

Issei chuckled nervously, "B-baby! It's so good to see you!"

"You fucking liar," The female, who Roy recognized her voice, believing it was Sombra, spat unconvincingly, "You said you were coming with food from Wish. Where the fuck is it?"

Issei sighed, "Baby calm down. I was just walking around the school with Roy who just transferred here and-"

Sombra directed his glare towards Roy, "Is this the friend you said you made on the train?" She said as she teleported herself towards the male's face, getting really close.

Roy just chuckled nervously, "Sh-she's a lot shorter than I thought she was going to be. She's like 5′5-"

"What did you say?"

"I-I said! Wow! It's so great to meet you!" Roy let out as he chuckled nervously still, waving countlessly, "My name's Roy! It's really a pleasure to meet you! I've heard so much about you."

Sombra raised an eyebrow, "Mhm, yeah whatever. He doesn't seem like all that to me."

"Sombra," Issei replied, cutting in, "C'mon now, he's really cool actually. He has healing powers and real fire po-"

"We don't have time to see the powers a transfer student," Sombra scoffed, grabbing Issei by the collar as she started walking towards the door, "We are going to Wish to get that food you promised you were getting for me. I literally starved myself waiting for it and you're literally a piece of shit for not giving it to me."

Issei sighed, waving to Roy, "Goodluck Ro-"

"Don't talk to him."

"You got it," Issei quickly replied as he was forced out of the school.

Roy just shook his head, proceeding on his path. He dug in his bag, grabbing the papers he was supposed to have on his first day and read the instructions carefully:

Dear Transfer Student Roarian Lee,

Thank you for choosing Olympus Academia, we're the school that's set up to train young individuals and make them into the best they could be in the future. On your first day to the school, you will head to your dorm and unpack to get a feel for the school. You are set to be in building D, the building in the back east side of the school. Your room is room 4239 D on the 10th floor.

In your dorm, you will see your designated tablet that has your name already appeared on the screen. Just sign up on it and you will have your classes set up for tomorrow as well as important schedules such as school events and tournaments where the students compete against each other see where they fall on the school rank to be sent out for battle.

Everything in the tablet will explain everything to you and try not to lose it. It contains your identification as well as your school ID, your lunch code, access to the school library, and the code that will let you into your classes as well as your dorm. You must carry it at all times in a bag, pocket, or something on you or else you will not be able to gain access to any of the things listed above.

If you have any questions, please refer to your assigned counselor, Ms. Aphrodite, for anything else that may concern you.

Thank you for attending the school, use the map provided for you to navigate yourself or refer to the maps that are plastered around the school.

- Olympus Academia's School Board

The boy followed the map given to him, going in that proper direction as he walked in the back of the school, seeing the tall, 15-story buildings before him. There were 5 of them, each labeled A, B, C, D, E.

He found his building easily, going inside with ease and seeing there were still a lot of teens around but there were all going to where they needed to go.

Roy sighed in relief as he started walking forward, but he bumped into someone's shoulder a bit too harshly.

The male chuckled lightly, "I'm sorry about that-"

"Yeah dude, don't fucking apologize," The female with the blue hair that was cut short and slicked back scoffed as she looked at Roy with his piercing green eyes, "Just watch where you're going next time."

"Oh," Roy replied, hesitantly, "W-well, my bad dude, I was just in a rush to get to my dorm and-"

"Save the pussy sob story for a bitch that wants to hear it," The girl scoffed as she stuffed her hands back in her pockets, walking away from Roy as she carried her luggage in a blue bubble.

Roy let out an oh in response, continuing to go his own path as he walked towards the elevator.

"W-WAIT!" He heard someone shout, seeing them run as fast as they possibly could to the elevator doors. It was some guy with short black hair, beautiful smooth vanilla skin dressed in a sleeveless white buttoned-down t-shirt and white shorts.

"O-OH!" Roy said, blushing and holding a door open so the guy running could come in before the doors closed, making an entrance.

He sighed in relief as the doors closed, holding on his knees, "Th-thank you so much! I was literally running all around the place trying to get myself together. I barely got some leisure time to myself over spring break, isn't that sad?"

"Yeah," Roy replied as the boy lifted himself up, "But it's good that you're finally getting time to yourself I assume?"

"I am!" The guy said, giggling brightly and bubbly, "Being the high tier of all the students, president of the student council, and the top of the school in sports, theater, and all other stuff? You try taking a break, it gets frustrating sometimes."

Roy giggled, "I see. My name's Roy, I just transferred to this school to get a better education since my grandmother said it was best for me."

"Nice to meet you Roy!" The guy replied, holding out his hand for him to shake, "My name's Dean, it's a pleasure."

The male looked at his hand, seeing it was still out for him to shake. He just smiled apologetically, remembering the encounter he had with Issei earlier.

"I-I'd rather not," He let out, "Not to be rude, but my powers can get a bit impulsive when not under control and stuff. That's why I'm here though! So I can learn how to manage them properly."

"Oh," Dean let out, sounding bummed as he pulled his hand away, "Well, I hope you don't mean to go around greeting people like that. You've gotta have a big bright smile on yourself and approach them in a good manner so they won't think you're just being rude."

Roy nodded, "I'm really a nice guy! Don't get me wrong, it's just all my life I've been trained to control my powers and lock them in. Now I'm 19 being told it's okay to use my powers yet I don't know how to use them properly. My grandmother only trained me in combat and how to be a good fighter, but barely in magic because she only holds healing powers. My dad's the real deal."

"Well, how come your daddy didn't teach you?" Dean asked, "If he's the one with the fire powers, that shouldbe something he should teach you?"

"He did," Roy replied lowly, "He just died before he could teach me anything else about myself."

"O-oh," Dean let out sheepishly, "I'm so sorry Roy."

"It's fine," The male said seeing the elevator stop at his floor, "But um...this is my stop. It was a pleasure meeting you Dean."

The male smiled brightly, waving, "It was a pleasure meeting you as well Roy! I hope we get to speak to each other a lot more."

Roy waved back as the doors closed, proceeding on his pathway as he walked down the hall, looking at the numbers exactly.

"4239 D," Roy repeated to himself as he walked down the D hallway, seeing that his room ended up being the one all the way down the hall.

He sighed to himself, seeing the padlock on the knob and placed his hand on it so it could get his identification. Once he heard the click, the male nodded, preparing himself for whoever was going to be his roommate and opening the door.

However, soon as he opened it-

"INCOMING!" He heard someone exclaim, but too slow to realize that when he saw a boy swinging on a vine with flowers on it, screaming as he was hurling towards Roy.

Roy exclaimed as he saw him, but he was knocked out without even knowing.

The two boys were groaning in unison at the pain. Roy's vision was a bit blurry until it finally cleared up and he was faced to face with a boy with dark brown skin, white hair, and baby blue eyes.

The boy on top of him instantly shrieked as he hopped off of Roy, "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to crash into y-you! I-I mean...I knew I was getting a roommate today or that they were coming, but I was trying to warm up before they came! I'm so sorry!" He said as he bowed once Roy stood, "P-please don't hurt me!"

"I'm not..." Roy started to say but trailed off in his sentence as he spotted the garden in his dorm. He shook his head, "'s totally fine! You were just expressing your trait and stuff which I totally get," He said as the boy slowly lift himself up

He was blessed with Roy's smile, "It's totally fine, least I don't have to ask you what your trait is," He teased, giggling lightly.

The boy remained nervous, but he tugged at his long white hair, "U-um yeah...I have the power of um...plants and air and uh...other stuff."

"That's pretty cool," Roy hummed as he walked past the boy, walking inside the room as he saw all the vines and lavender flowers as well as pink, green, blue, and yellow flowers. One of the small vines reached him, tickling his cheek, "Hehe, this is pretty nice."

"Yeah," The smaller boy replied as he walked in the dorm, "But it's kinda a mess. I can clean it up if you want me too. It's not any trouble at all I swear."

"It's fine," Roy said as he took one of the pink flowers, "I like having a little sense of style in my living compartments."

The boy giggled lightly as he put a piece of his hair behind his ear, "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. You um...must be Roarian, the new transfer student who I'm sharing a room with?"

Roy nodded, eyes widening, "Wow, do you have physic powers too?"

"N-no," The boy replied as one of his vines brought forth a red and black tablet, "I saw your tablet on the counter and it had your name displayed so I just assumed you were him. You used your hand identification to get it because it's your first time."

"Oh," Roy let out, taking the tablet, "S-sorry, that was pretty embarrassing."

"No worries," The shy boy replied, holding out his hand shyly, "My name's Eris."

Roy looked down at the darker boy's hand, almost too scared to hold on to it. But he remembered Dean's words and just gave the boy a shy wave. Eris looked at him confusingly as he pulled his hand away.

"Don't take it personally," Roy replied, "My powers, they're kinda activated around my emotions and it gets hard to control. I already burned someone's hand just from shaking it and you seem really nice, I don't wanna hurt you too."

Eris let out a soft oh, "Your powers channel around your emotions as well? Mine does this weird thing when I'm mad, like I can't make anything but like...I don't know, roses with thorns. But my mother tells me I have a bit of darkness in me that she tries so hard to shield away," He said, sighing, "Being the son of Persephone and Hades has its perks."

Roy let out a wow in response, "Damn, is everyone here sons and daughters of famous Gods and Goddesses? I mean, that would explain the flowers and the umm..." Roy said, pointing at the boy's incredibly long hair, "The long ass hair."

"Oh yeah," Eris replied as he held onto it, "I can't control my hair. It just grows when I'm happy, sad, scared- literally all the emotions I feel are connected to it. I've tried to cut it millions of times but it just continues to grow. Especially when I'm embarrassed, nervous, or scared. Then lavender flowers grow and sit in it. It gets so uncontrollable."

"That's pretty cool," Roy replied, as he looked down at it, "Really cool."

Eris nodded, "Yeah yeah. Well um, I'm gonna clean up this mess and uh, let you set up that thing. It's a heavy process," The shy boy replied as he started touching all the vines, making them disappear within his own power as the flowers just disappeared.

Roy oohed at that as he looked down at his tablet, seeing the words Welcome ROARIAN in big letters on the screen.

He sighed to himself, looking up to see Eris continue to clean his mess as he walked to the other room on his side of the dorm. Roy looked behind him, seeing his door was finally revealed and walk towards it, continuing his set up.