Roy walked in the throne room slowly, seeing his grandmother using her magic to go through all types of notes she had to go through. She didn't know the boy until she looked over at him from the corner of her eyes, seeing Roy standing nonchalantly and innocently in the hall.

She raised an eyebrow, "Roarian. I see you've made it here in once piece."

"I did," Roy replied, bowing down as he saw the woman use her magic to put away her work, "I came here to see you, but I'm pretty sure you already felt me coming."

The woman hummed as she walked down the stairs, "Yes I did. I felt your presence so something told me that you were already going to be here. That and the fact that the power of the runestone became a lot stronger than it used to be. Which means you've accepted your royal destiny."

Roy furrowed his eyebrows, "Wh-what- wait no...that's not what I came here for. I came here because I found out all about father and who he used to be. The Seven Deadly Sins...literally everything."

"As you should," She replied as she approached the boy, "You finally learn the truth of your family and the type of person your father was. He was not only a king but a hero who saved millions away from Zeus' reign of terror. And now that you've discovered that, it's time for you to take that path."

"Grandmother please-"

"You can use our powers to reconnect to the other runestones and bring them to your will. Then you'll be able to kill Zeus for good-"

"K-kill! Grandmother, wait!" Roy exclaimed, stopping the woman before she could go any further.

She turned to him as he sighed, "No, there's still a lot of things that I don't understand and I still have a lot of questions about. Like...who my mother was, who my father was outside of being a king, the Seven Deadly Sins...everything! You all have been keeping this information from me for years and I never understood or was even exposed to it until now. Now, it's time to explain everything from scratch."

"From scratch?" The woman replied, raising an unconvinced eyebrow as Roy nodded, keeping his composure.

She sighed, shaking her head, "I give you a treasure chest that has all types of information and yet you don't even use it to your advantage. But I'm the bad guy."

The older woman hit Roy on the head with her staff, causing Roy to wince slightly as he saw her spin the staff around, using it to bring up all different types of memories in flame formation.

Roy was in awe as he looked around him, seeing all types of visions of his father as a young man, about his age, with a whole group of people who were just like him. They were somewhere that looked similar to Olympus Academia, but much older and not as tech-based as it was now.

"When your father was younger, about your age he always had a dream of achieving world peace," The woman explained briefly, "He was always trying to be the hero of the story and make sure everyone was happy. At the time, he was born 2 years after Zeus, born from the same father but different mothers. The first fire spirit and the light magic spirit."

Roy oohed as his grandmother kept the visions continued to go by, showing more of his father's memories.

"Before the academy even existed, your father and Zeus trained in the same school together," His grandmother said, showing the two actually training and being happy together, "The term regalia and holder wasn't discovered until your father and Zeus learned the truth behind it and what it meant. Anyone in the world was either a holder or regalia. The ability to wield humans as weapons is what corrupted Zeus' mind."

"But how?" Roy said, looking at his grandmother, "That's a team effort type of thing right? How could something that could be used for good transfer someone into a tyrant?"

"You know how power hungry the people in charge can become," The woman replied in a harsh tone, showing a vision of Zeus. The male seemed fine at first, until more people started to crowd around him, which made the man grow bigger and bigger.

Roy's eyes widened, "The more regalias you can wield, the more powerful that makes you."

His grandmother nodded, "Zeus wanted to use that power to his advantage to become a great king. Your father at the time didn't even think of power. He saw it as a way to connect with someone whose powers are about as grand as yours no matter what. It was a way of getting a partner for life. Your father looked more into as well as the concept, and before he knew it, he fell in love."

The redhead oohed as he caught sight of his father, who was now 20 years old, looking closely at his father as he was writing something while relaxing in a garden. Then he looked closely, seeing that he wasn't writing...

But in fact, drawing.

He was going to ask who he was drawing, until he saw it for himself. The beautiful bright goddess who was sitting in the garden herself, posing for the male as they were both giggling lightly. His eyes widened as he got a close up on the woman's face, seeing her literally glowing gold, eyes hazel, long and beautiful golden brown hair.

"She's so beautiful," Roy let out, "Who is she?"

His grandmother looked at him weirdly, hitting him in the head once more, "Boy, what the hell do you mean who is she? That beautiful woman right there is the goddess that created that garden right there. The queen of Aphelia herself."


The woman hit him again, "No stupid boy! At this time, the queen of Aphelia was Flora, the goddess of flowers."

Roy's eyes became big as he looked at the beautiful woman with the pretty brown and green eyes. She looked so damn gorgeous, growing all types of flowers and literally surrounding herself with Meliodas as much as she possibly could.

"Since she's the queen, she's not allowed to leave Aphelia's grounds," The woman continued to say, "But that didn't stop your parents from meeting every chance they could get. Flora would watch over your father day in and day out and they'd meet any time they'd get. One night, they escaped together and learned that the two of them actually had the power to do something very powerful together."

Roy watched as he saw his father and mother hold hands, slowly leaning into each other as they shared a soft kiss. The kiss caused them to glow. But the glow was strong and powerful, causing a wave throughout the world.

They pulled away slowly and Flora was in awe as she saw Meliodas glowing bright his hair literally turning a tint of red.

"No way," Roy let out, seeing all the flowers grow around them. All of them were the fire roses that glowed brightly around them, literally shining up the mood.

"Flora was the reason your father's powers became what they were," Roy's grandmother proceeded to say, her head hanging down, "But it's also what led to his downfall as well as his brother's jealousy."

She slammed her staff on the ground, creating a more darker atmosphere as everything started to change around them. He looked up as he saw his father making everyone happy, getting all types of attention as Zeus stood idly by, watching him.

In anger.

"The more attention your father started getting, the more jealous Zeus started to become," She said, showing how exactly angry he became, "He saw that Meliodas was only getting attention because of his new powers, which was given to him by his lover, Flora. Not only that, your father discovered that as well as the bonded fate with your mother too. When they came together, your father used those powers to create weapons. He and your mother together created a weapon."

Roy saw the weapon itself appear with the magenta-colored rose covering it. His eyes widened as he saw the shape of the blade, seeing the tip of the blade transform into a 6-digit star.

"The blade of wrath," Roy said, completely speechless, "My father and mother...they're the ones who created the blade of wrath?"

His grandmother nodded, "They created all types of things together. Although Flora could not be there to see it for herself, Meliodas passed on her influence to others. Once he did that, he discovered his own hidden powers."

Roy watched as he saw his father discover 7 powerful gems beyond his very control, "The runestones of sin. Your father had been looking for the ancient piece for years, trying to figure out their story and why his ancestors left them in the cave. He was the only one who was smart enough to even seek them out and their knowledge, learning about what they could bring when they all united and came together. So he told Zeus about them and their power."

"That power...that's what Zeus wanted, isn't it?" Roy asked, furrowing his eyebrows, "Zeus wanted the power of the runestones to gain complete and total control over everyone. He was going to abuse the power and-"

"Become a tyrant," His grandmother replied, her tone dark, "He was going to use that power for himself to remain as superior as his father raised him to be as the oldest and become a tyrant. However, Zeus never had the strength to use his powers to his full ability. Nor did he try to train himself. No matter how many regalias he had or how many weapons he created, he was never as powerful as your father let himself become."

"So, did he take the runestones?" Roy asked worryingly.

The older woman shook her head, "He did not," She said as she revealed a memory of Meliodas and Zeus going toe to toe.

"Zeus! This hungry power adventure of yours," Meliodas exclaimed, "It has to stop! Gaining the power you want just to have world domination isn't going to make you happy."

"Silence brother!" The black-haired male exclaimed, "Father always favored your powers over mine. He said you were always going to be great and just abused me to be better. He wanted me to be like you. But I'm nothing like you!"

"Zeus p-please..." Meliodas replied, but was cut off soon as Zeus shot a magical blast right at him. His eyes widened when he saw that his brother was able to dodge the attack with his flame magic before it could even reach him.

He glared at him, "I'm sorry our father abused you oldest brother. But I am not going to let the fate of our people suffer because of your anger and hatred. I will not let you wield the power of these runestones. So you will have to go through me to get them."

Zeus' eyebrows furrowed as he growled in anger, summoning a sword of his own creation. Roy recognized the sword because it was in the shape of a lightning bolt and the blade was multicolored, rainbow-colored, with a gold handle.

"The blade of pride," Roy replied unknowingly, watching the magical battle between his father and Zeus.

Meliodas had summoned his sword as well, the blade of wrath, as he ran forward and clashed with Zeus many times. Zeus had many tricks up his sleeve as he tried to take the male down, shooting light magic from out of his sword. But he remained unsuccessful as Meliodas carefully dodged each attack.

One light strike coming from above, Meliodas blocked it swiftly as he ducked. He swung his sword around as he hit in right in the ground, which created a large flame wave that wiped Zeus out of the skies.

Roy just did nothing but watch in awe, slowly smiling as he saw how great of a fighter his father was. He fought with as much of a playful persona as he could to keep his hopes up, fighting Zeus as if it was a friendly brotherly duel like old times.

When he saw Zeus down on his knees, struggling to get up, Meliodas got rid of his sword as he ran towards the fallen god. Zeus grunted, looking up to see Meliodas walk towards him with a small soft smile as he held out his hand.

"It's time to put an end to this fighting and set our differences aside," Meliodas replied, "We were meant to rule together older brother."

Zeus was struggling a bit, looking around the ground as if his thoughts were all fighting with him. But the male sighed as his expression changed. He looked up at Meliodas, then looked at his hand carefully.

With that, Zeus slowly grabbed, smiling warmly which caused Meliodas to smile as well.

But as Meliodas was looking at his brother's smile, he felt a harsh stab right in the chest. The male's eyes widened as his smile faded, his eyes right on Zeus and his smile.

His blank smile.

"D-DAD!" Roy exclaimed, covering his mouth as he saw Zeus push the male off his rainbow blade, seeing him hit the ground.

Zeus looked down as he saw his little brother holding his bleeding chest.

"If your father wasn't a demi-god, he that stab would've felt like nothing," Roy's grandmother responded, "I'm not a god, so he suffered that fate with still having a mortal-like body."

"I won't stop at nothing to have that kind of power," Zeus replied in a dark tone, "And not you, nor will anyone else, stand in my damn way."

With that, the male continued to walk forward into the cave as he left his brother there, dying slowly. Meliodas' breaths slowly began to give up as he looked up in the blue sky.

His vision became blurry with his slow breathing and tears, " love...I-I'm so sorry."

With that, the male breathed his last breath as he shut his eyes slowly, a single teardrop falling.

But soon as that teardrop fell, there was a light behind Meliodas that shined brightly. Roy looked in awe as he saw it for himself, seeing that someone appeared within all the golden light before him.

He saw that it was Flora herself, looking at the fallen hero.

The woman got on her knees as she held Meliodas close to her, softly crying as her golden tears fell on to his soft peach colored checks. Soon, her cries became louder as she held onto the small demi-god who was dying right in her arms. She looked over at the cave in front of her, recognizing it from the designs in Meliodas' journal.

She furrowed her eyebrows as she placed the male down lightly, storming right into the cave as she used all her magic to corrupt the plants that grew inside.

Zeus was already in there, reaching the area where the 7 runestones of sin rested. He saw all of them, the red one being wrath, pink being greed, purple being envy, orange being gluttony, yellow being sloth, blue being lust, and the final one, the white one that shined the brightest...being pride.

The male smirked happily as he reached out for the white one, trying to gain its power in his grasp. However, as he was going to reach out to grab it, the cave started shaking violently. Zeus furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to figure out what the issue was, until he saw all the runestones glow as they all slowly rose up.

"What the bloody hell?" He let out angrily, "What is this madness?! Not even this shaking cave will stop me from fulfilling my rightful destiny!"

"This cave may not stop you Zeus," The male heard, looking towards the entrance for the mighty and loud voice he heard. But he saw the yellow light glowing brightly, looking in front of him as he saw for himself the cause of the shaking and the owner of the voice.

Flora, "You will PAY for what you have done. I will NOT allow you to take the powers of these runestones and abuse their powers for your own power! The power of these runestones belongs to HEROES who will wield these runestones. They will all come together and they will ALL STOP YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

Flora rose her arms up high in the sky as the runestones all flew up in the air on her command. Zeus's eyes widened as he tried to grab them all, but it was too late as they left the area anyway.

Each runestone going to 6 of the 8 countries, except for the red one. The red one was the one that Flora kept with her, looking over at Zeus with her furrowed eyebrows.

Zeus glared at her, "Aphelia is under my control Flora. You are only making your people suffer as you're not there to protect them. And they will hate you for turning against the future king of Olympus."

"You are no king Zeus," Flora scoffed, "And my people will not have to face me, for I will no longer exist."

Zeus' eyes widened as the woman continued, "They'll thank me for sacrificing myself to save the man who will grow old to defeat you in the future."

Before Zeus could even stop her, the woman teleported out of the cave, removing all of her plants as the cave started to collapse on Zeus. But the male was lucky enough to create a powerful shield for himself as he escaped from the back.

Flora came back outside as she saw Meliodas on the ground still. The woman picked him up in her arms as she started to fly towards Sedonia, taking him into the kingdom and rushing in to see a younger version of Roy's grandmother.

"M-Madam Eda!" Flora exclaimed, "M-Meliodas...he's..."

"Woah," Roy let out as he looked over at his grandmother, "Grandma, that's you but younger."

The woman raised an eyebrow as she hit him on the top of his head again with her staff, "Mhm, and what of it? I was there the night Flora came to me and told me everything. Of course I was devastated, ready to begin a funeral for your father. But Flora had suggested something out of the ordinary that even shocked me."

Roy looked at her, "What was it?"

"She was willing to give up her immortality and pass it down to Meliodas as well as the runestone of wrath," Eda said as Roy looked at her in awe, "She told me it could possibly kill her, but she didn't care. As long as Meliodas was going to be alive and well, nothing else mattered to her."

Roy flattened his lips, "That's...that's some real dedication and love."

Eda nodded, "So, I let her do what she was going to do with him. She gave away most of her powers to him and literally sacrificed herself for him to live. Now only that, but she and I put the runestone of wrath within Sedonia, giving Meliodas the powers of it for him to control. And as soon as Flora gave away her powers, she simply became mortal."

Roy's eyes widened, "I-it's just like the myth. Flora fell in love with the fire god and became mortal just to be with him."

"She became a Sedonian and changed her appearance and look so that Zeus would never recognize her. But not even her new appearance could fool Meliodas. He knew it was her," Eda replied, showing Roy a vision of his mother now with long jet black hair that went down to her feet.

She took a long dagger as she grabbed a handful of her hair, cutting it completely short.

It was a bit uneven, but the bob sized haircut satisfied her as she looked at herself in the mirror. And right behind her was a male with ashy brown hair as he wrapped his arms around her, the both of them smiling widely.

"My beautiful Flor- beautiful Rosetta," He said, kissing her lightly on the cheek as she giggled lightly.

"Your father and mother became the ones to start a rebellion beyond anyone's control, literally surprising people and bringing forth justice," Eda continued to say as the vision went away, "And although mortal, your mother did all she could to keep the legacy going. She was the one who brought your father and the other 6 leaders together, creating the Seven Deadly Sins as each leader took the powers of the runestones and made them their own."

"That part I do know," Roy replied as the flames all disintegrated, "Dad's letter told me about how my mother was the one who brought the heroes together and who she influenced everyone. A-and how she, unfortunately, died in Zeus' hands."

Eda nodded, "Your father tried to finish what your mother started," She said, showing him a vision of Meliodas, fiery red hair and all, coming to attack Zeus with his blade of wrath and his powers all in his control.

And once Zeus had fallen, it was like how he almost died the first time.

"We were meant to rule together big brother."

Roy's eyes widened, "N-no," He let out, seeing his father get stabbed once more, but instead of the chest he got stabbed directly in his heart. The male grunted as all his friends all tried to stop Zeus, but they all suffered greatly.

"Zeus would've taken Meliodas' runestone, but the powers of the runestone were already out of his reach and gone," Eda said as she made the vision disappear, "Once the flash came back here, I already knew what happened to him."

Roy saw the elder woman shut her eyes tightly as she remembered it. He placed his hand on her shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile in response.

She smiled slightly, shaking it off, "Anyway, you've now connected to the runestone. This means that it is now your turn to take on the path your father and mother have set up for you. You need to take your place as king and find a way to connect to the other runestones-"

"Grandma Eda," Roy softly said, shaking his head, "I can't do that. I can't take my place as king and connect to all the runestones."

Eda slightly furrowed her eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

Roy sighed, "Grandmother...I'm...I'm not my father. My dad didn't wield all the runestones, he only held the power of one of them and created a team. Without that team, my father would've been dead the first time. But he had a team and with their help, he was able to defeat them."

"But a team will make you weak Roarian," Eda scoffed, "You're strong and smart enough to handle it on your own. With the right army behind you, you can take Zeus down and bring him to his knees-"

"But it's not the way my father told me how to carry off my destiny!" Roy said, raising his voice which quieted the woman, "You've always told me that I'd have to fight this fight by myself, but dad didn't. I always thought he became a hero on his own, but if he didn't depend on the people for help and made all those bonds, then he wouldn't have become one. He would've became just like Zeus."

Roy stood his ground as he saw his grandmother's glare softening, "Both of my parents depending on a team to save the world. They weren't power hungry and in a rush to get the stuff done and neither will I. I'm going to form this team, we're going to get stronger, and I won't rest until both my parents' deaths are avenged."

Eda looked at the boy before her in awe, completely shocked at his ambition.

But how could she even be surprised? The energy he radiated from that speech made him sound exactly how his father would sound. Strong, powerful, and confident in his words and his plan.

Not only like his father but his mother too.

She dropped her look, shutting her eyes as she turned away from Roy, walking up to the throne, "I understand that. That's why I won't stop you from doing what you need to do in order to achieve what your parents wanted you to achieve. But that's not stopping you from being the new king of Sedonia."

Roy furrowed his eyebrows, "B-but grandmother-"

"And it's not stopping Irista from being your bride in order to bring old Sedonia and new Sedonia together," She said, sitting in the throne chair, "So no matter what you plan on doing, you need to consider that Sedonia is now vulnerable to Zeus and any attack he has on us. So we need you here."


"As king of these people."

"Grandma, please listen I don't need to be king of Sedonia and I can't just stay here! I have to-"

"That is ENOUGH ROARIAN! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CONTINUE RUNNING AWAY JUST TO FIND SOME BROKEN DREAM!" The woman exclaimed, slamming her staff on the ground which created a fire wave among them both, hushing Roy up completely.

The woman glared at him, "Your father didn't just set you up for that fight, but he also told you that you were going to become king and bring your kingdom together. So now that you're here, you're going to be crowned king and wed Irista at any cost. That will be all."

Roy nodded at that, "Y-yes Lady Eda."

With that, the boy stood up, turning away as he left the throne room. The guards opened the door for him as Roy kept his head down, leaving the castle entirely.

Soon as he left the castle, closing the doors, he felt his insides crush up finally as he leaned against the door, letting the tears fall slowly.

All his frustration, fear, and anger that he had been holding back the entire day was finally out there. He scooted down on the door, folding his knees as he placed his face in his hands, crying all the negative energy out as he let his tears flow.

His father always told him to never fight battles alone and to take control over his own destiny, but in states such as this one, he wasn't even sure how he would even get his friends under control to wield the runestones.

So it was like he had no choice but to fight alone.

The boy wiped his tears, looking up in the sky, " do I do?"

"Welcome to the Sedonian Resorts."

Eris, Issei, and Sombra were all in awe as they looked around the area, seeing all the wonders around as well as everyone working pretty well. The hotel buildings were beautiful, tall, and big enough for an entire family to fit in.

Irista led them through as she gave them a tour, "Whenever we have a royal guest or big events, they come here and we cater to them to the best of our ability. Making sure every guest is comfortable is our main priority."

She showed them a few rooms here and there, as well as a lounge room, guest facilities, a pool, and many other areas that caught their attention.

There was even a-

"A BUFFET!" Sombra and Issei exclaimed as both of them ran towards the large, long table full of nothing but delicious food.

Irista's eyes widened as Eris giggled, "Don't mind them, they're just excited. We're all pretty excited to be in Sedonia honestly. I've heard so much about this place and its origins. Roy talks a lot about home as if he loves it here so much."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Well that's surprising coming from him. Seeing as he was so eager to run away from Sedonia all this time. But since he's so carefree and high-spirited like his father I guess it makes sense."

"What do you mean?" Eris asked, becoming confused as Irista sighed.

"Roarian never really….how do I say this? He wasn't very fond of Sedonia and its structure," She replied, "Lady Eda was always the one who tried to have a strict structure of the kingdom and raised him to be the best. But of course, being the son of Meliodas comes with the personality. It's not like Meliodas' personality was born from him though. His stepfather, King Daewon taught Meliodas all he needed to know about making it in the world and how it was always important to enjoy life. So Meliodas took his spirit, then passed it on to Roy."

Eris oohed at that, completely surprised, "Wow. So he was pretty much born that way?" He asked as Irista nodded. Then Eris giggled, "That's so cute. I wish I was as carefree and happy as Roy always was."

"Yes but being that way comes at a price," Irista said, cutting him off once more, "It makes you have a heart for everyone you encounter. Even your enemies. King Daewon fell when trying to sign a treaty with his enemies to make an alliance. King Meliodas died after showing mercy to his enemy. And if Roarian keeps trying to run away instead of accepting his fate, then he'll go out the same way."

"But not everyone's the same," Eris replied to the female, "You'll never get anywhere trying to handle things alone, on the throne, by yourself."

The female raised an unconvinced eyebrow, "Is that why you continuously ran away from your home?"

Eris was taken by that, blinking back in response as if he didn't expect her to go that far.

Some part of him really wanted to lash out on the female, seeing as his envy was going to get the best of him. But he kept his composure, taking a deep breath before he spoke.

Then he furrowed his eyebrows, "No. I left home because it was my duty to go on my own journey and discover things for myself. My mother let me go and told me to explore the world. But that's none of your business. This is about Roy, so don't change the subject."

Irista's eyes widened as he continued, "The more you try to consume power and get everything you want alone, the more you start to feel lonely and miserable. Being a king without a team, it just leaves you sitting there wasting your life away instead of living it. Perhaps Roy hates it here because he doesn't get to do enough of it because you guys make him feel like a caged bird who's required to do all of this. That's not going to make him a leader, it's going to make him run away."

The female looked at the boy with careful eyes as her surprised look faded away quickly, leading to a slow glare. Eris looked at her as well, scared deep down for speaking out, but he felt it was right to get that out there.

"You know Roarian well," He said, changing his tone, "And you know he wouldn't like it if things weren't this way. Perhaps you should consider it."

Irista scoffed, "And let my kingdom fall because he doesn't want to become king? He knew what his fate was from day one, so he shouldn't avoid it."

The female turned away before Eris could say another word. He was pissed of course, but the softer side of him wanted to know why Roy's own childhood friend would be for him becoming king and getting married.

Maybe it was weird for him because he never stayed in Aphelia enough to get the same treatment.

Turns out he and Roy weren't so different after all.

Issei walked beside the boy as he took a bite of his chocolate bar, seeing the female walk off with her guards, "Hm, seems like a bitch."

Eris sighed, "It's so strange to me how she doesn't want to try to get rid of this betrothing thing she and Roy has to do. Not only that, he's going to become king which means he's going to have to stay here!"

"Yeah," Issei said, shrugging his shoulders, "Unfortunately, royalty has to do that in order to keep peace or whatnot. I never had to go through it seeing as I ran away from home."

Eris's eyes widened, "You ran away from home?"

The male hummed, "No one likes to be a child with parents whose past most likely will define you as well as hurt you. My father, King of the Bolton Empire, previously known as Raiden, he was one who caused the most mischief and never took anything seriously. To this day, no one knows where he is because all he does is run away. My mother took the throne in his place, marrying his brother after giving birth to me. She tried to raise me to be a good king, but the pressure was killing me."

Eris looked down, completely understanding the male's story, "So you ran away to mark your own destiny."

"And stop making people think I'm just like my father," Issei sighed, his expression slowly becoming dark, "Everyone always said I wasn't going to make a good king and I'll never accept my fate, but it's not my damn fault. But I guess that'll never change."

Eris understood what the male meant by that.

Almost everyone in Aphelia shunned him because he was the forbidden child born from Hades and Persephone. They all said him becoming king would doom Aphelia and all it's known for.

So he did the reasonable thing and chose to run away.

He smiled warmly, putting his hand on Issei's shoulder. Issei looked at him, "Trust me, I know the feeling of everyone comparing you to your dad. I literally grew up hearing how much I was a problem child or forbidden. But sometimes it's good to have hope."

"What do you mean?" Issei said, his glare softening.

"I mean even if things look bad-" Eris started to say as he showed Issei the necklace both his parents made for him, "-sometimes there's good past all of it. My parents made this for me when I was born. It was the first time I heard my mother say something positive in terms of running away, and the first time I heard about my father and his whereabouts."

Issei's eyes widened as Eris continued, "Sometimes it's good to keep your head up. Long as you know what you're fighting for and who you're fighting for."

The black-haired boy smiled, "Yeah, I know who I'm fighting for."

He oohed as soon as he noticed something shine on the back of Eris's neck.

Eris looked at him with a raised brow, "Wh-what? Is there something on my face?"

"No dork," Issei said as he turned the boy around. And when he saw what was glowing, he couldn't believe his eyes, "Holy shit Eris! You got your holder mark."

"I-I do?" Eris exclaimed excitedly, "Well what does it look like? I can't see Issei, it's on the back of my neck!"

"Hold on," Issei said as he conjured up two of his small mirrors. One mirror being the main mirror as the other one reflected what that mirror was showing, "This is what I use whenever I gotta brush my hair at all angles."

Eris oohed as he looked at the reflection, seeing it light up. When it finished, he saw the letters in gold:

π•½π–”π–†π–—π–Žπ–†π–“ π•·π–Šπ–Š

He smiled, "Roy. Lee Hoseok, that's Roy."

"That's what that says?" Issei asked, raising an eyebrow, "I swear I thought it said Boorion Fee. I was going to say, who the hell is that?"

The male made his mirrors disappear as he looked at Eris, seeing how excited he was.

Apparently so excited, he actually started crying.

Issei's eyes widened, "Dude, it's not that serious. It just means you're not a beta-regalia anymore. Calm down."

"No, you don't understand!" Eris exclaimed excitedly, "This is my first mark as a regalia, which means Roy really is my holder and I'm a lot more than I thought I was! This is so exciting. ISSEI THIS IS SO EXCITING!"

Issei just grunted as the flower boy continued shaking him many times.

Sombra managed to wander into the royal library, which the girl was very pleased with once she saw it across the hall, walking across.

She looked around, seeing all types of artifacts of heroes in Sedonia, completely in awe of all the stories behind most of them. She just chuckled, pointing at every single one as she said the title to herself.

Then she reached one portion of the library which looked most interesting.

She oohed as she slowly approached it, raising an eyebrow when she saw the book and how much it stood out from everything else in the shelves. She just grabbed it, looking at the cover.

"The mystical tales of Ban, the witch of sin," Sombra read out loud. She slowly furrowed her eyebrows as she opened the book, "A greedy soul who had the power to deceive, going as far as he possibly could to retrieve and receive. Stealing left and right and hiding from his enemies so they could never see the real power within."

"Someone studying ancient spells?" Sombra yelled as she heard someone shout, closing the pink and black book up quickly as she turned to see some old man looking at her weirdly.

Then she smiled, "Oh no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. It's just, no one ever comes back here because these are the more older spellbooks. They used to be very popular back when King Meliodas first started ruling."

"Oh?" Sombra said, looking at the book, "Then why is this book here? If you don't mind me asking of course?"

The man fixed his glasses a bit, rereading the title, "Ahhh, this is Emperor Ban's old spellbook. Back when the Seven Deadly Sins were still relevant, Ban used Meliodas' library to compose and create spells seeing as his brother kicked him out for forbidden magic and took over his crown after they were wiped out. But Ban's influence still ran here in Sedonia, raising all the little witches and wizards."

Sombra oohed as the man opened the book, "All of these spells are of his own creation. He didn't trust them in Kou because he knew his brother would do nothing but use it against him and abuse the power. So he left it here and disappeared right out of sight."

The brunette sighed, "Well, he's no longer out of sight now. My father has my uncle on trial. He captured him and arrested him for treason after he found out where he was hiding. He had his guards send him to Beast Island, never to return to Kou ever again."

"Mm, I heard," The old man replied, "It's a shame too. Ban was my apprentice if anything. He was the one member of the sins who didn't know how to get his powers under control. Many say he was the sin of greed because he was eager for the knowledge it almost seemed greedy."

Sombra's eyes widened as she looked up at the old man, "Wait, you trained my uncle?"

The man nodded, smiling, "I trained the entire team. They were the ones who awakened the runestones and were bonded to them, which were weapons that I created to stop the father of Zeus and Meliodas from creating a Dystopia for everyone. I hid the runestones so that Kronos could never find them. I knew he was going to train one of his sons to become a god of power and knowledge as well as take his place, but Meliodas was different."

Sombra was in awe of course, happy, but also curious.

"Y-you wouldn't happen to be-"

"Apollo?" The older man said, giggling lightly, "Well I'll let you sit on that one."

That only made Sombra's excitement rise more and more, "N-no way...N-NO WAY! Excuse my language sir but NO FUCKING WAY! I'M REALLY MEETING THE GOD OF LIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE-"

Apollo hushed her, "Dear, please. This is a library. You need to be quiet and try not to scream so loudly."

"Right right right, sorry," Sombra said, clearing her throat, "It's just...I've read so much about you and how great you are! By the way, that beard looks great on you! But anyways, I've read so much about you and how you fought in the war between Hecate and Kronos, using the 7 runestones of sin to your advantage as you saved the world! You're literally my idol."

"It's nice to hear that," The man replied, chuckling lightly, "I hid those stones because I knew Kronos would send one of his kids after them. So I sent in someone to spy on the both of them to see what they were like and if they were anything like their father. But my little spy would tell me how different Meliodas was and how much a true hero he seemed to be. She even fell in love with him and gave away her mortality because she believed in him."

Sombra raised an eyebrow, "I-I don't follow."

"Have you ever heard of the myth of the goddess of flowers falling in love with the fire demi-god?"

It took Sombra a while to let the information click but she was still confused. Until she started to put two and two together, realizing that he was talking about-

"Oh my god-" She let out, "Y-you mean Meliodas was the fire god that Flora fell in love with?" She asked as the old wise man nodded in response, "Wait no, that doesn't make any sense. I thought that was just a myth?"

"Any myth you hear about is most likely based on a true story young witch," Apollo replied, "You just have to look deep into it and read what's in between the lines. But don't worry, your uncle was the same way. He thought he knew everything, when he was oblivious to some of the most obvious things."

Sombra giggled as she looked down at the book, "Yeah. I've been so into the Seven Deadly Sins since I was little. He's always told me about what they did and all the adventures they went on. Even when my parents tried to keep me away from him, I always tried to look up to him for everything. He was my hero. But when my father outed him, being the new Emperor of Kou and making it a lot less happier than it was before, everything just became so...dark."

Apollo frowned as the girl started rubbing her arm, "I felt like I lost a piece of myself after I lost my uncle. It was like I was always connected to him, you know? He pretty much raised me whenever my father didn't want to. He was like a father to me. Everything was so confusing to me and nothing made sense. If anything, I wanted to be like him and be a hero like he was."

"And you most definitely will Princess Sombra," Apollo replied, putting his hands on the girl's shoulders, "You most definitely will become like Ban was, but much greater. I have a feeling he's been setting that up within you ever since day one. You just have to let that power awake in you and use it to your advantage."

Sombra smiled slowly at that as she nodded at the older man, "I'll do what I can good sir."

"Excuse me."

Sombra and Apollo looked over to see three girls just standing at the end of the aisle.

One of them with hot pink hair raised an eyebrow, "I'm sorry old man, but do you think you can turn back on the wifi network? I can't connect to Witchtsagram."

Apollo sighed, "Adagio, for the last time, you can go a day without all of those techy witch spells you find on the internet. Perhaps if you start reading books to learn about spells, it'll be a lot more useful."

The girl rolled her eyes, "And I told you that I'm not going to depend on some dusty ass book to learn how to make pasta. But go off I guess you fucking boomer."

The girls behind her giggled as she flipped her, walking away from them both.

Sombra furrowed her eyebrows as she heard Apollo sigh, "Don't pay them no mind Sombra. This is what a lot of witches do nowadays whenever I decline their entree to Olympus Academia. They all think they'll achieve great things there, but those teachers are only teaching you something you'll never achieve."

"And what's that?"

"You'll never become a God if you're a witch or wizard," Apollo replied as his tone became strict, "You're only setting yourself up to become a God's plaything. Hecate learned that the hard way when she decided to side with Kronos."

Sombra's eyes widened, "Wait, are you serious?"

Apollo nodded, "I'm a wizard myself and even I remain cautious of the Gods that surround me. Even the good ones. They can be nice, big, and strong advantages to you in life, but they can flip the switch in seconds. If there's one thing I've told Ban, it's exactly that."

The female hummed in response, "Yeah, he tried telling my father not to side with Zeus seeing as he could just snap his neck in seconds. But saying that only got him exiled and sent to Beast Island. But I don't want to not trust my friends. They're all sons of Gods and I know them well."

"I'm not saying don't trust them, but just remember to stand your ground when things get tough," Apollo replied, stern, "You don't want them to see how weak they can really make you or take advantage of you. And when the one God you love snaps entirely, just remember that you're the one who can bring them back to reality."

Sombra nodded at that, seeing Issei and Eris walk into the library as well. Then she looked at Apollo, "Well, I gotta go. B-but I'll tell my friends I saw you and what you told me!"

Apollo nodded, seeing Sombra give him the book back. The old man shook his head, "I have a feeling that book is in good hands in your hands than leaving it here for anyone else to get it."

"O-oh," Sombra let out, her eyes growing, "Really?"

As the man nodded in agreement, Sombra hugged him for a few seconds before thanking him once more, running out of the aisle so she could meet up with Issei and Eris.

Apollo saw that, smiling of course. Then his smile faded as he saw Issei, who was snickering lightly at the book Sombra had.

He sighed, "He looks just like his father. And I'm pretty sure he's just as impulsive as the god electricity and lightning really was," The man said to himself as he examined Issei's face.

"If he ever lashes out and unlocks the true powers that he can't control, I really hope you know how to bring him back to his senses, Sombra."

Lola walked through the academy after yet another tiring work out session with the trainees. She had been aching for a break ever since she started, but Dior had insisted she continue training until need be.

So it was finally evening and Lola was just going to check in at least to see how things were going.

She wasn't gonna lie when she said she hated how dark things suddenly became after the whole Roy thing. Dior slowly began to change, making security tighter than her very own ass.

But Lola kept her mouth shut, not saying a word seeing as it would only lead up to her very own demise. Dior told her to train soldiers and watch over Micah, so that's exactly what she was going to do.

However, the female walked up to the doors, seeing them closed as she felt a weird aura rise within her.

She shivered, "I'll just turn away-"

But soon as she did, she bumped into someone. The female was confused, looking up to see someone she hoped she wouldn't run into, or pretty much the last person she'd expect to run into.

Micah, "Lola, hey, it's so good to see someone with a familiar face."

Lola furrowed her eyebrows, "Yeah yeah, whatever. You need to watch where you're going. Like damn, you're bigger than anyone so you should most definitely watch where you're stepping."

"I'm sorry," Micah said, sighing, "It's just I've been stressing ever since the school pretty much went into patrol mode since Dior took control. It's a little overwhelming, don't you think?"

"It's not," The blue-haired female said, standing up, "Dior's doing all she can to make sure no one will try to double-cross her or join the Seven Deadly Sins. If anything, she thinks you may betray her as well."

Micah's eyes widened, but he wasn't really surprised, "I mean...I can't say I'm surprised but it kinda hurts that she doesn't trust me," He looked over at the female, seeing her emotionless stance, "I don't expect you to really trust me either."

"I don't. Never have," Lola scoffed as she started walking past him.

The boy furrowed his eyebrows, "But you need to watch your back Lolita. If anything, Dior had the ability to push you away with the snap of her finger and crush your soul, soon you'll be just as scared as I am."

Lola widened her eyes at that, seeing those words hit right where home was.

She furrowed her eyebrows as she turned around, storming towards Micah as she grabbed him by his collar, pulling him down.

"Listen," She started to say, "Dior is the queen now so whatever she says, goes. Anyone who disobeys her or goes against her rule is seen as a traitor and will be exiled or executed by my hands. So unless you want to have that same fate, I suggest you keep your fucking words to yourself."

Micah gave her a blank stare, his eyes hooded as he held the girl's wrist, "I understand she's the queen. I haven't said any slander against her, but I'll keep my words to myself. Seeing as you would kill your brother over something that's the fucking truth."

Lola's expression became rather dark as she grasped Micah's neck tightly. Micah didn't show any sign of struggling, seeing as he had his hand on Lola's arm.

He just looked at her as their powers started to collide, "T-try to stop me all y-you want to Lolita, but you know the truth and you know what's going to happen if you don't try to stop her. You'll lose the Dior you know and love forever."

Lola widened her eyes at that, wincing as she felt a shock of Micah's power affecting her. She tried to fight it, but then she realized Micah's eternal thoughts were only getting stronger.

The female groaned, "GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HEAD!"

She released him, holding her forehead as she felt a headache arising. She closed her eyes tightly as she opened them, nothing but small tears coming out as she rested on her knees.

Micah sighed, "Lola I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Just go away," The girl said in a hushed voice, her head hanging low.

It made Micah feel even worse, "Lola...I just-"

Lola quickly lifted her head up as she showed Micah her angry tears, "ARE YOU DEAF? I SAID GO!"

Micah was taken back from that, seeing the female just wallow in her own shame. But he respected Lola's wishes, seeing as she was still his little sister.

So he turned away, walking away from Lola as he left the girl on the floor.

Lola looked up, seeing Micah was leaving as she let her tears engulf her even more. The girl just hugged herself as she started shaking and crying.