The skies are drones, the sea is bones

see you now where the living roam

they inhabit but half the earth

to rest or birth, themselves again

not go to work, or make a friend.


We on the half, that is most great

have all the means, to live in it

some fear us we don't really mind

or fear them back, or e'en react

until one man called me at night.


What I call home's on laser beams'

border between us and who lead

my guess' too bored, he waved at me

"talk back, I've questions, answer me,"

as a child, or toy, what would you need?


He really asked "don't you folks sleep?"

of course we don't, we stay awake

to generate what you can't fake,

"I'd say emotion," quick, do lie,

tell him he can do reading lines.


"So you all folks, like human beings?

to make of us, what? worthy means,"

unworthy means, you are indeed

we're humane beings, no blood or genes

and unlike your breed we've agreed.


"So have you greed? like us and deeds?"

like you perhaps, is much a stretch

if you were seeds we would be weeds

"you would be drugs, that you condone!"

ah to have skulls as numb as stones.


"You want us dead! I see you some...

we're two for one like chewing gum!"

one I could swallow, hope you don't

think your cocoon is what you're of

no butterflies came out of rum.


"the stars in me, or blood in me,

they speak in words, in ink that bleeds

into my brain, they stay contained

I either say them, or refrain,

what is for you, equivalent?"


It is the same, I couldn't say,

so then I chose, to not explain,

I told him you, are all in vain,

we're at a war, stay there in pain

when peace is over, all will drain.