Was it truly from the starry dust of a dying sun that all of us were made?
And one day sadly all to soon it seems, when even as those ancient fiery orbs get spent, and scattered in a burst of light.
We too must all pay back in kind and depart returning unto the dust.
To me this is a certainty, but no mater what I believe, or how we all came to be, we're surely here now together, yet apart.
Our lives may always be full of struggles, and some might carry an even heavier portion then most.
For we are the unworthy exiles from that blessed garden, we are those descended from the children of the Ark.
Our happiness when we're fortunate to find it, will be birthed within us, and also in those things we can share in kindness with others.
This is the true gift, if we but choose to treat our brothers and sisters as we would have of them.
It sounds like a simple thing, only sadly to few of us really try to live this way.
I think we are all ment to be better then our base instinct, to share, to love, and to teach.
Hatred, and strife can only lengthen suffering through life, making our sojourn both harmful, and destructive.
That path inevitably leaving behind us, a heavy wake of pain that's only a burden to the innocent and those we care for.
If only we can learn to find in us the light, try to create if we can something good out of those sorrowful moments.
Committing atrocities to bring attention to atrocity is not justice, it's merely revenge disguised as a cause.
Retribution is something that should come thoughtfully, with diverse and patient deliberation, ending in consensus.
True fairness will never come from a violent rampaging mob demanding that blood be spilled for blood.
Mere destruction just for it's own sake, forever makes the weakest of foundations, it can never endure.
Always with the ideal of real egalitarianism in our hearts, and in it's practice and application of our agreed upon ethics.
Should we all endeavor to strive for a united people, and together overcome any realized shortcomings.
Be forgiving in your nature as you are able, teach those that trespass and sin a better way to live through example.
Then we will have a taste of Gods grace, and will have known what it is to be happy in this life.
Except the gifts you have been given humbly, and give back when you can to those in need.
We can all share in this shadow of the true garden until the Son rises over our promised paradise.
And even if you don't believe in a heavenly reward.
Just try to imagine this world in which we find ourselves, if we could merely learn to love one another.
To live our lives out, with mutual respect, and at peace as one family.
Truly then we could all shine like stars.


Take care my friends,
May God bless you all.