In the Nepali highlands, it's easy for one to lose their way. But then, that's what all the monasteries are for.

Beyond veils of clouds, the refuge of Shangri-La dwells. Here, the greenery almost as numerous as the trees. There are gingko trees, ferns, and horstails...and much else.

In the lakes, lungfish dwell. Some hibernate.

Crocodiles bask on the shores, by day. They're always ready to charge any prey that wanders too close...even if they're sometimes too tired to do so.

Aetosaurs wander here and there, among the undergrowth. They're heavily armored, but otherwise herbivorous.

Cynodonts, pre-mammalian reptiles, wander here and there, at the higher elevations. They resemble furless rodents, pikas, hares, ferrets, mongeese, foxes, and cats.

At higher elevations, where no therapods nor rauisuchians dwell, there are palaces. Such dwellings as these are where the Gibborim race thrive.

Precariously, a theropod leaps from rock to rock, ascending towards such a palace. With his own luck, he'll be the first to breach a Gibbor's defenses...and quite possibly, the first of his race to feast on Gibbor flesh...

Alas, he spontaneously disintegrates, within meters of the perimeter. His ashes rain down the mountainside, like dust.

Above all, a spacecraft flies to one of the palaces. To Leila, it's like a flying hall.

On the ground, rauisuchians stop hunting, and look up at the passing spectacle. It piques their interest...but also disappoints them, knowing it'll always be too high up for them to hunt.

In the highlands, the cynodonts take cover behind rocks, while watching the spacecraft pass overhead. It intrigues them, too. It might be a new predator in town. And that's never good news for a cynodont...

Atop the palace, there's a tarmac. The spacecraft lands on a special socket within it. The socket connects to the craft, and re-powers it. Rings of light dance up and down the craft's height, as it takes on new power.

From its side, an escalator is erected. Like a conveyor belt, it generates many steps, and ferries them from top to bottom.

Malik, a Gibbor lord, alights, with Leila's hand in his. He leads her onto the escalator, and encourages her to stand still, as the machine takes them downward. She nearly loses her balance, on the way down. At this, Malik grins.

Once grounded, Leila scurries off, and vomits all over the tarmac. That was just too unusual for high-tech as her city is back in Persia...

Malik scoffs, and snaps his fingers. Before Leila, her vomit spontaneously combusts, and burns to ashes. From there, the wind cleans up the rest.

Leila screams and leaps back, when Malik pulls off this pyrokinetic act before her gaze. While leaping back, she bumps into him.

She embraces her from behind, and holds her in several locks. He's tempted to mangle her...but that can wait for the indoor work.

"Come downstairs, my child," he hisses in her ear. "We've MUCH to discuss."

He follows her downstairs. She looks around in awe. She'll have an impossible time explaining most of this to the people who live in her city...if Malik even plans to take her back there...

Malik creeps up behind her, and embraces her again. THIS time, he mangles her soul, scattering its fluids all over the place. She handles her breasts, squeezes them, and takes them in a billion directions Leila's husband sure as hell has never taught her about. Before long, she's completely nude, with her back against the top of some alter-like structure surrounded by a stepped well.

He's onto her. He's bearing down like a monster from hell. In moments like these, Leila can't believe he's a god from heaven. She'd expect a god of light to handle things with more care...

Alas, Malik IS a god of light. He glitters with, and generates sparkles of, white, purple, and pink light as he takes Leila's matters into his own hands.

He SO wants Leila to be one of his race. So, deviously, he transfers much of his Gibborim power into her. She doesn't even know... She also doesn't know he's been doing this to her each time he takes her out here. And he does so a lot...

In another room below, there's a teenage human in a gestation pod. He's Leila's regular sacrifice to the Gibborim...whether he wants to be or not.

In this cellar, he's surrounded by other pods...containing other youths just like him. Some are male; others are female. The females tend to have darker skin than the males. Some of the females are Semites or Hamites... Most of the males, though, are Japhetites.

Hands still dirty, Malik comes downstairs. Via his pyrokinetic powers, he generates fire from his being, purifying himself of the mess Leila's left on him. Via magic, he transfigures clothes onto himself. Not much; just a toga to make himself decent.

He also conjures a bident from nothing, and holds it mightily. With it, he organizes the pods in the cellar.

"Not sure yet, what to do with all of you," he tells them. "But we're the all-powerful Gibborim. Surely WE, of all races, can think of something..."