You and Me

By Shadowgate


Fillmore Hanes was sitting at his desk talking into a microphone hooked up to his computer. He was recording a sound file.

"I've been the manager of this motel since it opened back in 1988. Shortly after it opened I took in two runaway children as my own unofficially adopted. One was declared missing and the other was declared wanted for not only kidnapping him but for killing his father. She was wanted for killing his father who was also her father. His big sister was only eight years old when she blew her father's head off and grabbed her little brother to go on the run."

Fillmore stops recording and grabs his Pepsi can. He gulps the whole thing down in a flash.

Then he gets back recording.

"Here I am looking at both of them now as they just walked in the door."

A male and female both fully grown stand side by side and the female sibling says "I don't regret killing our dad. Fuck him!"

Fillmore Hanes then asked the two to state their names and their date of birth.

"Maribel Duffy August 8, 1980"

"Kevin Duffy October 31, 1984"

To Be Continued