You and Me

Chapter 2

By Shadowgate


January 1984

Frank Duffy went to work as usual. He drove by a high school where students were in the parking lot blasting Judas Priest. He turned to look at them and he rolled down his window.

He yelled "you will burn in hell for listening to that music Goddamn it!"

One of the teens just flipped him off. He sped off to work frustrated.

When he got to work he found out his boss had been terminated and there was a new boss there. His name was Borden Howser. He met his new boss over diet coke and jelly donuts.

Then he got started on the construction project.

An hour after getting started on the construction project a phone call came through. The head of construction told Frank that the boss wanted to see him back at his office. When Frank drove to the boss's office 45 minutes away he found out that there were more new bosses and one of them was a bully he dealt with in high school. Another was a former middle school teacher who hated his guts and went out of his way to give him at least one detention a month.

He was infuriated and as for his new boss Borden well he thought his new boss was a friend but now Borden was staring at him like he deserved to be hanged for treason.

Frank knew this was job was going downhill quick. He'd done so well.

"Oh by the way Frank your wife called to say she found out was she was pregnant. I'm sure your wife is just as ugly as you and now she'll be fat."

Frank was pissed off.

To Be Continued