Disclaimer: This story is based on my own ideas and thoughts. It is based on 5 races which are vampires, demons, werewolves, elves and dragons.

It is a story based on myself, my friends Michael, Lewis, Luke and my girlfriend Shannon.

My name is Jake and my friends are called Michael, Lewis and Luke and my girlfriend is called Shannon.

This story is based in Japan and because of that I used the Japanese versions of Luke's and my name so to help with any confusion and the other two I made up other surnames to keep it slightly different.

Jeiku Nikoruzu is me Jake Nicholls

Ruku Roton is Luke Lawton

Try not to give me hate for my name choices and idea of the story please if you can help it.

Enough rambling hope you enjoy!

Chapter One- The Eye in the Snowstorm

In a snowy, frozen, barren part of the world in the dead of night, a lone figure walks through heavy snow and a raging blizzard his face covered by a tattered cloak. The figure trudged through the thick snow covering the ground like a blanket, until suddenly from within the blizzard, the figure hears a sound. The figure stands to attention and reaches for his sword strapped to his belt, hanging by his left side firmly so it will not come loose easily during long journeys. The blizzard begins to die down, revealing to the figure a small cave embedded in a rock-face. The cave looks to be 10 miles away from the figure's current location, the figure smiles and heads towards the cave to rest up from walking for three days straight. One hour later the figure has reached the cave and is resting when he hears a sound which makes him raise his head, the man sniffs the air then moments later speaks into the wind.

"What do I owe this pleasure master?" The figure asked seemingly no one, then out of nowhere a voice answers back, "I should have known you would sense me coming well done Jeiku" then a man appeared in the cave entrance, this man has bright orange cropped hair, he has a long scar running down the left side of his face it starts from just below his eyebrow and stops just before the bottom of his chin, he wears a white shirt, covered by a red shirt top buttoned to the top and a long black cape with a red inside. The man walks inside the cave and sits down next to the figure called Jeiku Nikoruzu. Jeiku smiles at the orange haired scar faced man.

"How have you been recently master it's been about 6 months since I saw you last, I heard you killed forty demons all by yourself three months ago with just your bare hands" I said to the orange haired, scar faced man. The man smiles before speaking, "Jeiku I thought I told you when you finished your training 3 years ago, to not call me master anymore but to call me Larten" said the orange haired man.

"As you wish, Larten" I replied then adding quietly under my breath to make sure he cannot hear "master!". Larten surveyed the cave we are holding up in, checking for possible traps or signs of the enemy. When he found none, he returns to his seat next to my side. After a few moments of nothing but quiet silence, Larten raises his head and turns to look at me, studying me in the dim light of the cave while the blizzard outside howls on by he spoke quietly as if in another world inside his own mind.

"How have you been coping in the three short years since we last parted ways after your closing ceremony?" Larten seemingly unknowingly asked me. I stifle a chuckle and lift my head to look up at the ceiling of the large, damp cave where we are seated. After a few minutes a silence while I gather my thoughts together, I turn my head to look at Larten, my mentor, I smile lightly at him.

"It has not been such a bad time, I have fought and killed some elf's and werewolves and even a handful of lower ranked demons and dragons- the human sized of course" I chuckle as I speak the last part- most people say dragons are nothing but a fairy-tale but those who belong to four of one of the five races that exist on the planet beside humans, vampires, demons, werewolf's, elf's and the final one- dragons who were said to have been trained by giant dragons from the stories and after a certain period of time they can even take on the appearance and characteristics of those dragons who trained them. So, they say anyway!

Larten raises his head and laughs into the deserted cave. When he turns to face me again his face is beaming with pride. He clasps my shoulder and slaps my back lightly. "Well done my boy! I did not think you would make such a name for yourself in only three short years, how old are you now? Larten asked me sheepishly while coughing politely "it's hard for me to keep track of such things that is all".

"I'm sure that is just because you're getting old master" I replied smugly, laughing as I move out of the way of his swinging fist and laugh and jeer at his curses and insults, after the fun and laughter dies down I smile politely at him "I am 19 now I was 16 when I left the day after my closing ceremony" I happily reminded him.

"That's right I'll try my best to remember that in future, any luck tracking down that demon yet?" Larten asks me nervously expecting my reaction as is ready for it. My face darkens and my smile fades slightly, I hold my sword tight by my side as if scared if I let go it'll disappear forever. My mind begins to travel back through time, back to 6 years in the past to four days after my thirteenth birthday. The day that changed my life forever!

I awoke on that summer morning on the 13th August, feeling excited and ecstatic at the fact that I would soon be spending the day with all my family- the people I loved more than anything in the world. I went downstairs to find my little brother called Ichigo age 5, and my little sister called Ichikaku age 6 sitting on the sofa talking about something, although I couldn't quite hear what they were talking about. I walked up behind the sofa and coughed lightly letting them know I was behind them. They gasped and spun around to see me smiling at them, unaware of what they were discussing.

"Oh…. Hey big brother, how long have you been stood there?" Ichikaku asked me while she flailed her arms around as she seemed to be covering a piece of paper in between her and Ichigo. Ichigo tried to cover it with his hands too, but I managed to snatch it before he could cover it. Holding the piece of paper in my hand, I raised it up in front of my eyes so I could look at what they had been trying to hide from me… what I saw made me smile happily. It was a painting of my brother, sister, my mother and father, but it was painted by my little brother Ichigo and my little sister Ichikaku.

"This is so sweet, thank you both of you" I smiled warmly at both of them and pat them both on the head gently which makes them laugh and giggle happily. Then my parents come downstairs smiling at us all.

"Good morning everyone I hope you all slept well" my father boomed cheerfully with a massive grin on his face which made all of us including my mother smile warmly. Then suddenly there was a knock at the door. And my life changed forever!

My mother walked to the front door, and after a few moments of hesitation- maybe because she was unsure of who knocked on the door when we weren't expecting any visitors, she opened the door to see who the stranger was.

The man who knocked on the door wore a spotless white suit with lace hanging from the shoulders on both arms of the sleeve, with a red tie hanging around his neck and a red handkerchief neatly folded in a small pocket on the right side at the top of his breast just underneath the tie. The man had long flowing, neatly kept brown hair which was wavy at the bottom with slight blonde highlights, but it was almost too faint for anyone to notice. The man also had a slightly pale face and brown eyes and tight-lipped smile smeared across his face with narrow beady eyes with darted across our faces one by one.

The man stood in the doorway of our home for a few short minutes then smiled thinly and spoke in an accent I had never heard before.

"Hello all" the strange looking man said lightly while his eyes looked at us all very sharply "may I come in, I have no food and no water I was wondering if I could borrow some, or pay if that is necessary." Confused and unsure of what to make of the strange speaking man my mother looked at my father for his input, my father smiled and nodded at my mother. She turned to the man.

"Of course, you can it is no trouble please," my mother waved at the man politely "come in" she finished lightly smiling warmly at the man. The man smiled and entered our house closing the door behind him. The man wandered around our house, his narrow beady eyes darting from on part of the house to the next. We all shared a nervous glance with each other- there was something not right with this man…. But what was it?

"Is there something we can help you with sir?" my father asked the strange man nervously, unsure of what the man was looking for "It's just you asked for food and drink but I haven't heard you ask for any yet?"

The man stopped looking around, turned towards my father, and smiled very tightly show his white immaculate teeth, "Oh I am sorry, if you do not mind me asking sir and madam, what are your names?" the strange man asked my parents.

My mother and father shared one last worried look with each other, then my father turned his head towards the stranger. "My name is Yusuto Nikoruzu" said my father, smiling nervously.

"My name is Yorihime Nikoruzu, our children are called, Ichigo, Jeiku and our little girl is called Ichikaku" my mother said feeling a little bit more comfortable with the strange man now. The strange man smiled at us all then laughed weakly, our father looked uneasily at us all one by one, then he raised his eyebrow unsure of what to do or say. Finally, after half a minute of the man chuckling weakly my father opened his mouth and spoke.

"What is so funny sir?" Yusuto asked the man edgily unsure of why the man began laughing. The man stopped chuckling and stared at us all for a moment or two, then he smiled ever so slightly then he looked at me intensely then spoke.

"I'm laughing because unfortunately…. You are all going to have to die" the strange man giggled calmly as if he was telling a funny joke, well this was no joke his words were real…. The punch line in this case was…. death!

We all stared open-mouthed at the strange suit wearing pale faced man, my younger brother and sister looked uncertain and raised their eyebrows towards the man and our parents- they were still too young to understand and grasp what the words die, and death meant. However, I understood perfectly, so did my parents. My mother hid my younger siblings behind her so she could protect them like a shield. Meanwhile my father grabbed a kitchen knife which was on the bookshelf nearby and held it up in front of him in defence while I moved away from the man and my parents slowly, so to not get in the way, but so I could also run if needed. The man simply smiled and shook his head at my parents and me, laughing weakly as he did so- as if we had done something idiotic or strange.

The man raised his left hand in front of his face, brought his fingers together and a moment later his hand almost looked like a dagger. The man charged at my father who frantically stabbed at the man with the knife, aiming and stabbing randomly out of panic and fear, the man coolly stepped out of the way and easily avoided each strike of the blade, before stabbing at my father with his dagger like hand, his sharp nails ripped through my father's stomach and caused a torrent of blood to spill everywhere! My father fell to the floor with a shrill cry, his body spasmed the lay still. He was dead! My mother cried out in sorrow for a moment, then remembering what situation she was in, screamed at my little brother and sister to run and hide with me. Ichigo and Ichikaku nodded and ran towards me, knowing that I would protect them. We started to run towards the stairs when the man darted towards my mother, jabbing at her throat with his sharp nails and tearing through both the soft flesh of her skin and windpipe, she cried out faintly and fell to the floor beside my father, she turned to us and mouthed the words "Run! Get away from here! I will always love each of you no matter what" then she closed her eyes and died. Scared and bewildered we turned and ran from the living room, the room of blood and death and ran upstairs to the landing as fast as we could.

The man…. The creature chased after us and caught up with us in a matter of seconds. He stood above us on the landing, sneering menacingly before he grabbed my little brother Ichigo and squeezed his throat tight and laughed as my brother cried out in pain as he struggled to breath. Then the man sighed and yawned lazily… as if he was bored.

"Time to finish the rest of you off" he said calmly before slicing the soft fresh of my little brothers throat using his sharp nails which tore through the flesh like paper and caused a large amount of blood to spill out and gush over the floor as my brothers body lies lifeless in the man's hand. He chuckles and drops my brothers' body and it hits the ground with a light thud. My little sister cried tears of anger and sadness. We run into the nearest room and slam the door shut. A few seconds later the man uses his hands to tear through the wood like butter and rip the door off its hinges before throwing it aside like it was nothing. He chuckled and walked over to where we were hiding, crouched down in a corner of the room, and grabbed my sister and stabbed her through the chest using his free hand which killed her instantly. I cried and sobbed loudly as he laid my dead little sisters' body at my side before standing and smirking at me with an evil, inhuman sneer.

"Now then, should I kill you too?" asked the strange man. I looked into the man's eyes and he stares back with almost no emotion in them just like a blank piece of a paper. I felt something heavy and dark well up in the pit of my stomach. I looked at the man with angry and hatred in my eyes.

"I don't care what you do to me now, I've lost my siblings, my parents and my home… I have nothing else left to live for" I snarled and throw a punch at the man before I knew what I was doing. The man caught my punch with his free hand and crushed the hand and wrist using just his fingers, I screamed in pain and fell back against the wall crying in pain, he looked at me then spoke.

"I think I will allow you to live little one, your name is Jeiku isn't it? The man asked me. I looked up into his eyes and hissed in reply, he giggled while looking at me.

My mind continued to race after all that had happened, my sister and brother and my parents had been killed for no reason by this monster, who or whatever he was. Remembering it all made my insides turn cold with hatred and anger. Only one thought whizzed through my mind at that moment…. Revenge! I raised my head and snarled at the man with cold eyes of hatred.

"I will find you one day, I will track you down no matter how long it will take, and I will kill you with my bare hands if I have too" I vowed to the man.

The man grinned when he heard that and looked at me and nodded approvingly "My name is Randel Boltand and I am a demon". With that he laughed and exited the room, closing the door on his way out. Leaving me in the house of my dead family and blood. With only my mind wiring wondering what a vampire was and the thought of revenge.