They will send every hunter for you.

"I know." Alynwen said. "He knows."

Yet you go.

"I have to." Alynwen said. "Aren't you supposed to be talking me into this instead of out of it?"

You would save them all?

"I have to," said Alynwen. "or it will just keep happening. You told me yourself that I'm the only one. There is no one else."

You cannot do it alone.

"I'm not alone. You know that." Alynwen replied.

You will need her.

"Sooner or later, yes." Alynwen said. "But until then, I will have to find a way to survive. Autumn is coming, and winter after that."

They have guessed what you have done, but they think it is his blade. They do not yet realize their mistake.

"They'll figure it out before long." Alynwen said. "That's why I have nothing to lose. If I don't try, it would be the same as if I tried and failed."

Alynwen had no idea how she would begin to do what she must. She faced the relentless pursuit of every Wyck, and the condemnation of every village in Temery. If she was going to accomplish her goal, she would have to go back into each of four temples, and finally to the central temple itself. It was an impossible task. Her motivation however rested on her belt.

"How long will he have to stay with me?" Alynwen asked.

He is bound to you now.

"I never meant for this to happen." she said.

He will rest at last when you do.

"Unless I am bound you mean."

May the Light never find you.

Alynwen walked on. She had to use the time she had before they discovered her true purpose.

She stepped into a clearing. The terrain sloped away gently, with a large grassy flat area not far away. It was good workable land. A stream ran nearby. It wasn't much, but it would provide fresh water they could boil. There was a fire pit, and a stack of chopped wood, probably collected from the several tree stumps she saw nearby. Not far away was a pile of supplies.

Her parents had chosen a beautiful spot to build a cottage. She found them sleeping underneath some blankets.

None of them slept for the rest of the night.