A/N - Hello. I thought I'd share a piece of poetry I wrote. I'm not much of a poet to be honest, and I much prefer to write fictional stories, but I often-times find joy in writing free-verse. I'm feeling particularly melancholic right now, very sad, overlooked, and like I don't belong, and I generally feel over-all bad about myself. So I thought I'd unleash all my feelings into a piece of poetry. I may make this a collection fic, and perhaps write more free-verse poems about feelings and crap, or whatever takes my fancy. I hope you will enjoy it, and perhaps if someone out there is suffering just as bad as I am...I hope this helps you to feel you're not alone. Please enjoy, and leave some feedback to let me know how I did. - Laura

1: This Monster

I am all alone,

drowning in tears.

Unable to see the light,

living in perpetual darkness.

I am engulfed by chains of despair,

incapable of breaking free of my shackles.

I find myself lingering in between wanting to live and wanting to die,

all because of the monster that has stalked me for all my life.

I am all alone,

save from this ugly monster.

The evil beast lingers not far behind,

stalking me constantly, chasing me relentlessly.

Sometimes I manage to keep well ahead of it by miles,

other times it gains on me and overpowers me,

driving its monstrous claws into my brain.

Its fierce and angry eyes probe to the very centre of my soul,

and searing me right through to the bone.

It is a dead weight,

and I am no match for its strength.

I cannot breathe when it strikes me down,

nor can I move a muscle.

I cannot think, I cannot see, I cannot feel.

I am all alone,

nobody can help to free me of this monster.

This monster has a name,

and its name is Depression.