Author's Note: What does P stand for? This is for you. Thank you for being my friend.

Glorious person standing in the light
Voice yet to be seen
Voice yet to be heard
Beautiful and kind
Honest and fair
A shining light at a tunnel's end

I see you
I hear you
Through all this night
You've guided me To do what's right

Guardian Angel
Person and Friend
I stay beside you
'Till days' end

P is for perfection
But who can perfect can be?
Is it in the eyes of the caster
As beauty exists?

Lyrics and verses from the heart
Do they enchant the eyes?

P is for Passport through a heart
One shall present it if they wanna pass
Love and certainty
Originating in part, in mystery

P is for Phantom
Silent Maestro
Genius and loving too

What does P stand for?
That, I don't know for sure
P stands for many

But today P is for youuu.

Late present, perhaps silly too
But this is to say
How much grateful I am to you

How much I love you;

P stands for you