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Chapter 1, I think


"Uhh, hi?" Shit, I should not have said that. My heart rate triples as I shove my way through the crowded hallways, which isn't easy in the school uniform consisting of a tight blouse and skirt. Footsteps sound behind me, but I can't tell whether it's them or just someone going the same way as me. I approach my locker and fiddle with the lock desperately. It pops open and I get in and slam the door shut. Normally, this would be an issue, but my locker has a secret door at the back that I can use. I've also gotten quite adept at unlocking it from inside, probably because of the many times I've been shoved into it. The footsteps come dangerously close to my locker, slowing down to a halt.

"Is this her locker?" I hear a masculine voice ask.

"I think so, but I don't know why you're bothering. She's at the bottom of the ladder. It's not gonna be good for us," Another one says.

"Okay, I just have to put this in there. Do you know her code?" Shit. If he knows it, they'll open the door and see me crouched in the bottom. That'll just be embarrassing. Fortunately for me, the other voice says, "Nah, I only learn the top rung codes. You know this." I hear a sigh, and the footsteps fade away. I heave a sigh of relief and open the back door into the empty classroom. I pull my phone out and text my best friend Marissa.


Where are you?


More importantly, where are you?


I'm in the classroom on the other side of my locker


I'm in the cafeteria. It's lunch. I am waiting.

Get your ass over here!



*End of texts*

I haul ass to the cafeteria because when Marissa's mad, it's not a good time. I spot her waving madly and weave my way through the crowded tables. She grabs my wrist and drags me down next to her. "Spill the tea, sis, you only use that classroom as an escape route!" So I start the story.

"Well, Quinn said hi, and I said hi back, but I forgot that he's on the top rung. So I pretty much ran through the hallways and shut myself in my locker. Then, he and one of his friends stopped outside but they didn't know my code so they went away." I say, slightly out of breath.

"What?! Jenna will kill you! Remember the last girl who talked to Quinn? She transferred!" Marissa shrieks.

"I know! That's why I'm so worried!" I shout. The cafeteria quietens down and I fear they've heard us, but it's just the top rung arriving. No one knows when the social ladder thing started, but we always shut up for the top rung. A lot of the teachers are below them, so they pretty much have free reign over the school. Often with jobs, you have to have a specific position on the ladder or higher. Unfortunately for me, I have no parents (I was adopted), so I'm automatically placed in the bottom rung, even though my family is around the middle. I'm a sort-of social outcast, with only Marissa to keep me company, even though she risks her social status for it, which I really appreciate. The devil herself nudges me out of my daydream. "They're here!" She hisses. I jerk upright and my gaze follows her finger to the group that has just entered the cafeteria. Of course, she's talking about the top rung. I run my eyes over the group and lock eyes with Quinn. I look away hurriedly, but I see Jenna glaring at me. I shrink down as far as my seat will let me and tug at Marissa's sleeve. "Hide me! Jenna's glaring again!" She throws her jumper over me and I sigh. "Not what I had in mind but okay." It seems to work because Jenna looks away and I crawl out from underneath the jumper. "Thanks," I say.

"No problemo, just helping a pal out, I wouldn't wish Jenna on anyone, not even someone I hated." She shudders.

"Glad to know you don't hate me," I say dryly. She laughs and I crack my knuckles, which turns her laughter into a wince. "Why do you do that?" She asks. I shrug, which causes my shoulders to click. I roll them and a couple of pathetic clicks resonate. "It started as me being nervous but now it's just a habit that I can't break. I don't know how to stop it and I don't particularly want to either." I say firmly.

"But doesn't it give you arthritis?" She questions.

"Nope!" I say. (A/n: Cracking your joints/knuckles won't give you arthritis, the worst that will happen is reduced grip strength and possibly tissue softening, I know this because I do it and I googled it out of curiosity once, this is where I got it from)

"If you say so," She shrugs and we start eating. Unfortunately, our lunch munching is interrupted by a male figure sitting down with us. I look up and immediately drop my gaze back down again. Shit. Shit shit shit what is he doing here? Marissa hears my squeak and looks up, lettuce dangling from her mouth, but when she sees who it is, she hastily shoves it into her mouth and swallows. Quinn is sitting opposite us for some unknown reason. Finally, I manage to get my brain working enough to create a full sentence.

"Why are you here?" I blurt, then cover my mouth. That's it. I'm deader than a doornail. He didn't address me! Say goodbye!

"What a warm welcome," He says dryly. "But the reason that I'm here is because you dropped this in class." He holds up my science notebook, which is bursting with loose papers. "I tried to put them back in place but there were too many." He says apologetically. I cautiously take the notebook, attempting to shove the papers back in, not caring where they go, as long as he leaves. Quinn smiles. "Next time you might want to make sure you grab everything before you leave." He gets up and goes back to his table. I breathe out and slump down in relief. "What...just happened? Teresa, you know what could happen if that snake he calls a girlfriend saw you." Is all Marissa can say.

"I don't know what happened," I sigh. "Apparently I left my science book in class, but why would he go to the effort of returning it to me himself when he could just get someone else to do it for him? And I'm pretty sure it was in my bag." Marissa frowns.

"Maybe he nicked it so he could act like a hero, 'Top tier boy risks it all to give bottom rung girl her science books' or something like that. You never know," she shrugs as if to say, who really cares anyway? I sigh again. "You're right. There's no point in dwelling on it any longer. I have bigger issues. Like the math homework that's due next period that I haven't done. Can I borrow yours?" Marissa stifles a snigger and slides it over. "I can't guarantee that they're right though. I suck at math."

"Wrong answers are better than no answers, especially with Mrs Diabolical." We both smile at our nickname for Mrs Diabane, the teacher that seemed to be imagining your death every time she looked at you, then I go back to copying Marissa's homework, but I'm interrupted by the bell. "I'll finish this in math and give it to you, yeah?" I say.

"Sure, but don't make the answers the exact same, or she'll get suspicious," Marissa replies. "Now, off to math!" We traipse off.

"Math is that way," I realise, and we spin around to go the right way.