Pride County, Montana.

Such a small compact pocket-sized community, unseen, unnoticed, shelved off from the rest of Montana, known for its diverse terrain ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. Where the population ranges from 3 to 4,000 max each year and the overbearing sound of silence is almost nauseating. Clouds engulf the skies, choking out the tiny rays of sunshine peeking through the cumulonimbus layers that pull it back; the vegetation suffers as a result.

Streets, avenues and blocks apart, the town with the self-proclaimed "Iron-willed resolve for improvement" had firmly contradicted itself. Said towns solid yet shady condition proved to be the exact opposite. It was soiled. Unsanitary. Contaminated. Since it was founded in 1997, it developed a nasty reputation: growing to resemble hell breaking through the sidewalk, continuing up into the sky. Structures assembled from the pits of hell grew to blot out the sun and the people who had since inhabited the community had been choked by the pollution they created.

Not by their own wrongdoing, however.

Said structures were blankets, endless blankets of fire, debris, dust and engulfed, cooking in bright flames that gave the night sky above an orange, apocalyptic haze, like a war zone. One architectural structure sparked the biggest flames out of all: the Natural Selection organization.

"This is Charlotte Williams and we're coming to you live where Pride County is under attack by a demon. The Natural Selection organization advise the citizens to stay indoors, pray to god and be... Oh god." Charlotte said in worried as the camera turns off when she sees the silhouette of the demon.

The demon doesn't want the news to stop recording. So it's like Charlotte doesn't realize its Alex until he just senses them. He telepathically pulls her forward and she's scared out of her wits but he doesn't recognize this cause he has no control at the moment. Alex does eventually snap out of it and sees the tears streaming down her face. Releasing her gently, he pulls Brick and the camera toward him and just says "Keep filming. Eyes on me. I want the whole world to see this."

Before Brick does what the demon say, the military arrive and they tazed him.

-~2 weeks earlier~-

Alex Williams is a senior at John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School, the only high school in town.

One morning, he woke up at 7:30 am in his bedroom to walk to the bathroom to take his medication pills. He took a deep breath before walked out.

Ken Williams is Alex's father and founder of the Natural Selection organization. He was locking a secret door when he sees his son walking out of the bathroom.

"Breakfast?" Ken asked politely as Alex smiles and nodded before walked to his room to get ready for school.

In the kitchen, Alex's taking a deep breath as Ken brings him some tea. He notice that Alex's stressing out. "You okay?" He asked in confused.

"Sorry, my grade from the final test." Alex said in nervous.

"Oh yeah, you did great on your final test. I hope you get an A or a B." Ken said while smile.

"Thanks, Dad. My girlfriend and I are having a weekend getaway." Alex said about this weekend.

"You and Emily?" Ken asked while smiling.

"Yeah, We're leaving tonight and we won't be back til Sunday." Alex answered.

"Perfect date." Ken smiled polietly. "Take one of my cars for your gateaway."

"Thanks, Dad." Alex said while smiling.

Ken hears the dog barking outside. "Hey! Get back next door!" He yelled at the dog before turning to Alex. "It's that stupid hound from next door. Be the death of us."

Alex arrives to school. He sees everyone got their grades. Some of them are glad that they got good grades, and some of them aren't. When he check for his and smiles that he got good grades. He goes to his locker and sees a picture of his beautiful girlfriend named Emily Pond.

He put on his headphones and listens to Last Ride of the Day by Nightwish as he walks to history class.