The next day at school, Alex walks to his locker to get his book for biology. Emily was in the school gym to help getting ready for prom, until she feels her stomach.

She rushed into the stall where could throw up, but other than that everything was going great. She grabs a pregnancy test and pull down her pants to take a test. Emily sees her pregnancy test results and it comes out positive, she's pregnant and became worried.

After school, Alex's adopted older siblings, Brick and Charlotte aka Charlie, are putting up a spice rack and Alex comes home. When Charloette fires a nail gun at him, Alex accidentally caught the nail really fast.

"The fuck. How did you do that, Alex?" Charlotte asked in shocked.

"Okay, I'll tell you. But keep it a secret." Alex said as Brick and Charloette nodded. "Okay, I think I have superpowers."

"I think it'll hard to believe." Brick said. "But, I think it's cool. What else can you do?"

"I don't know." Alex answers. "I guess I can find out more with your help."

"Well, there is something in that secret room. Dad always locked the door every day, but I have a key." Charlotte explains.

"How the fuck did Dad gave you the key?" Brick asked.

"I was doing some yard work last week." Charlotte answers. "Let's see the secret room."

Alex, Brick and Charlotte walk to the door that leads to the dark and spooky hallway. They heard a scream when they entered.

"Whoa, what was that?" Brick asked.

"Coming from..." Alex answers as he gets a headache. He finds the hallway familiar to him.

They enter the room to take time to scour out the area. Charlotte said there was something in that particular room. She doesn't give out a lot of specifics though so it could take awhile. And considering you said there was a scream, that could cut the first half of their search short since that's also when Ken and Elizabeth come down.

"You sure it's here?" Brick asked in scared.

"Yes, Brick. Positive. Just hurry this up before we get caught." Charlotte answers

"Charlotte, we can't hurry up because we don't know what the hell we're looking for. Mind being specific next time?"

When Alex walks to the room and gets a headache, he develops an ability of reading the mind of the person kept trapped down there.

"Please, help me!"

"What the actually fuck?" Alex said in shocked as he reacts his powers.

"Alex, you okay, man?" Brick asked.

"Yeah, must've mind reading." Alex answers to Brick about his powers.

Charlotte looks at the files of the kids being tortured and experimented. She was shocked about the files. She then finds a file for someone named Cillian Darcy. And he's patient number 701358.

"Who the fuck is Cillian Darcy?" Charloette asked about the file.

"I don't know, maybe it's a mystery." Alex said as he looks at the file.

"Let's take the file and examine it." Charlotte said. "I'll hold onto it til when Mom and Dad are out tonight."

Brick saw a VHS tape and decided to take it. They heard their parents arrives home and ran back up to the kitchen, making Charlotte locking the door. Ken and Elizabeth sees the kids.

"Hey, you three. What are you doing back here?" Ken asked after greeting his kids.

"Oh, uh, we're just hanging out and all." Brick answers as he lied to their parents. They continue to look at them before accepting the answer.

"Carry on. Listen, we're working late tonight for our charity work, so you kids are on your own for dinner tonight." Elizabeth said as she smiles and walks into the living room.

"Oh, and Alex, about what I said about you and Emily, i'm sorry. You two are perfect for each other." Ken said as he smiles.

"Thanks, dad." Alex said in confusion.

At night, Alex, Brick and Charlotte are in her room with Cillian's file and the VHS tape. They decided to watch the tape as they placed it into the VCR.

"Let's see the file." Alex said as they start looking at the file.

They look at the file and discovers that Cillian's patient files contain schedules of drugs used over many years, papers discussing various attempts at psychopharmaceutical programming enacted on him, and, much to Alex, Brick and Charlotte's shock, photographs of Cillian, covered his face with a mask, taken throughout his life, from his infancy to his freshman year; these have been taken on the street, at front doors, and from all possible angles, indicating that he is being followed at every hour of the day without realizing it.

"Whoa, That's messed up." Brick said in shocked.

"Look, there are even shots of Cillian." Charlotte said in shocked.

There are even shots of Cillian at school - taken via a hidden camera directly behind his desk. Horrified and disillusioned, the trio nonetheless continues exploring.

"Whoa, that's just wrong." Charlotte said in shocked.

"I know, The Natural Selection Organization are experimenting on children, even Cillian!" Brick said in shocked.

In the upper drawers of the safe, Alex locates numerous test tubes of the drugs that have been used to control Cillian over the years, along with a stash of surveillance video tapes: these include recordings of his therapy sessions, indicating her involvement in the conspiracy.

Charlotte then checks the folder and find a reference to a "Trauma Inception" experiment.

"Play the tape." Charlotte said as Alex plays the video tape.

The tape shows Ken, in his younger self in 2008, dosing a child's cookies with psychoactive drugs. In the tape, Ken then approaches the five-year-old Cillian, takes his toy bunny away from him, and gives him one of the spiked cookies to eat before slipping a blindfold over his head. Leading him through a corridor of an unknown research facility, he then deposits him in what appears to be his bedroom and removes his blindfold before leaving; drugged and not knowing what happened to the toy rabbit, which at points his mother appears. Cillian begins hunting around for it.

"Come on, Cillian." Cillian's mother said smiling. "Come on. You can find Rabbit later."

"No!" Cillian yelled.

"Cillian, please come with me." Cillian's mother said as she demand him to come with her.

"No!" Cillian yelled again which makes his own mother leave the bedroom, except that time, the tape shows that Cillian's mother leaves the room and vanishes back into the laboratory, where Ken and Elizabeth are clearly controlling everything from behind the scenes

"Whoa, Cillian was drugged!" Alex yelled in shocked.

"Now, that's scary." Brick said about the tape. "Charlotte, what about those drugs?"

"According to the file, the drugs gave Cillian some weird supernatural powers." Charlotte said as she reads the file. "Here's the plan, what we need to do is to find out what happened to Cillian and where he is. We need to investigate more."

Alex and Brick nodded about Charlotte's plan as they accept to work together with her as a team.

Alex went to the school the next day, taking a deep breath as he walks to his locker until a visitor walks in. He sees Alex getting his history book.

"Uh, hi. Are you Alex Williams?" The boy asked politely.

"Uh, yeah, who are you?" Alex asked in confused.

"I'm Oliver, Oliver Jones. Emily Pond's ex-boyfriend." The boy said as he introduces himself as Emily's ex-boyfriend.