Description: This is a short piece that I wrote a few nights ago while lying in bed, couldn't sleep until I jotted it down. This is the first poem that I have written in nearly two years and it's really close to my heart so please be gentle with your reviews? It would crush me if this wasn't well received especially since it is so randomly truthful and personal, like a look inside my head and heart.

Disclaimer: This is my own original piece, I claim all rights because I wrote this and it's personal and from the heart.

Mentionable Credits of Inspiration for this Piece: A few good friends, lost loved ones and veterans long since passed and forgotten beside Edgar Poe and my boyfriend whom were inspiration for this particular piece.

Author's Note: If no one reviews this, I'm oddly fine with that. Again it's personal and I'm revealing a lot of my heart and thoughts were put into this piece so criticism that were negative would crush and shatter me.

Sleepless Nights:

As I lay a wake in bed, I pray an end to sleepless nights.

Thoughts and fears I often fight, they bound me; their hold is tight.

Not sure I can take much more, my mind is fleeing for the door.

Somewhere near the distant shore lies the love I once adored.

The waves are crashing one by one as I watch the setting sun.

As the light soon fades away in the dark my worries stay.

Gloom and doom shall soon resume, this lily wilts before its bloomed.

Somewhere beneath a shaded tree lies buried another forgotten memory.

Wanders, roams and random talks, notes and stones are the most precious of forget me not's.

-Theresa Lynn Foley 11-14-15