Description: I wrote this poem after struggling with my own beliefs a d faith.

Disclaimer: by now you all know, I own this poem is mine, its expressions I fully claim this poem as mine.

Authors Note: Feedback requested. Good or bad, I'll take it. I don't care, I'm thirsting and the only cure for my yearning is feedback, honest and truthful! =)

Believe and See:

Don't cheat on me.

I am a jealous man.

Those words, I heard.

Did not understand.

Scared and confused.

In fear, I ran.

'Woman, why do you flee?', he asked softly.

This voice that spoke, it frightened me.

Was I crazy? Who knows?

My eyes were blind.

I could not see.

'Go away from me!', was all I screamed.

Hurt and afraid.

From him, I strayed.

Who was this man?

What did he want?

'Woman, open your eyes', he called to me.

'No!', I refused.

I do not know of what I'll see.

My children, I protect.

No harm will come.

Unsure what to say.

I turned him away.

Not far from my side.

He always would stay.

Tired and weak.

His voice, I now seek.

' I am still here', of this he assured.

Open your eyes and see.

A child of mine.

That's what you all are.

It is I, you have heard.

Go forth.

Spread the word!

Happy and joyful.

His grace, I now see.

Loudly I proclaim,' it is he! It is he!'

Search for yourself.

Give it time, you shall see.

All that he wants, is for us to believe.

Theresa Lynn