Your Lies

Drowning in this sea of despair

I know I need to swim for air

But I hold on to hope

I hold onto the thoughts of you

Thinking you're going to pull me through

So as I drown in this sea so blue

I can only think this of you

You, hidden under a beautiful mask

It's breaking through

The silence is deafening

But your lies just get worse

What do I do?

I'm scared and abused

By the sheer power of You

I can't get past the lies you've created

Listening to your now silent words

Your intentions seem so clear

Yet I let you into my home,

All your lies are jaded and flawed

The mask covered them all

A monster that came too close to me

All I know is shattered by you

None of that mattered to you

A single touch

A single piece

I drown in this sea

I try to stay strong for just a bit longer

Shout my pleas a little louder

Your mask takes away all of your foul play

So here I stay and drown

In this nightmarish sea

I still hope for you

Save Me.