Hey there, and welcome to my new essay. This one is not going to be a pretty essay. In fact, it'll contain stuff that may not be popular here on FictionPress nor will it be politically correct, but I'd like to say it anyway.



My Thoughts on Today's Politics

I've been hearing all about how these riots are taking place just recently; I dare not call them protests, for true protests are held with little to no violence. Not too long ago, a black man named George Floyd was killed rather callously by a white cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now I'm not going to go fully into George Floyd and who he is, since people are already going to know much about him. I think he's overplayed as a martyr and has had a criminal past, but he definitely didn't deserve to go out that way. As for the cop who killed him, it was really going overboard, and he definitely should pay for what he did.

But all those riots taking place? It's one thing to be angry at this injustice. It's another thing entirely to cause destruction because of it: looting stores, ruining people's businesses and dreams, and injuring or killing people. What's worse is that instead of trying to unite the country, some of the mainstream media (and mainly the Democrats) are basically encouraging them to be lawless animals, to cripple and divide the country even more after the coronavirus pandemic. I know that people will disagree with me on that, and they'll say that President Trump's trying to do the same. I don't believe that in the slightest, but far be it from me to persuade you otherwise.

Do black lives matter? Yes, they do...and so do many other lives as well, no matter their skin color. Heck, Martin Luther King Jr. held peaceful protests instead of rioting and condemned rioting, and he ended up helping push Americans together, black and white alike; he even had a dream when the nation would live in a time where people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Here, though, what all these rioters are doing and the people encouraging them to do so has basically undone all the good that MLK Jr. had done, judging more by skin color than content of character. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden even says that the killing of George Floyd is even greater than that of MLK, a truly disrespectful slap in the face of the reverend who helped get civil rights through peace. When it comes to killing even black cops or black businessmen, the rioters and all other thugs prove that black lives only matter if they agree with them.

Then there's the taking down of Confederate flags all over the country, including military bases and NASCAR. As someone who is half Yankee (my mom is from Pennsylvania, and my dad is from Maryland) and is the son and grandson of Marines, I definitely disagree with this move. While the Confederate flag has been around at the time that the Civil War has been around, when there were still slaves, it also represents Southern pride. Statues are affected too, ranging from Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee to Winston Churchill (in England, no less!) and Christopher Columbus; even statues and monuments of people who freed the slaves are being defaced or taken down by a thankless generation. All of this is done to completely wash over the history that this country has built up over the past so that people could learn from it. In claiming to fighting racism, certain people (Democrats, for example) are basically forcing history to stop. Look to the words of George Orwell when he wrote the novel 1984. This is basically what America is quickly becoming.

Heck, it's even not just statues and flags. Entertainment and business chains are affected. Gone with the Wind, considered one of the greatest movies of all time, is now being censored because of the Civil War, even though the movie reflecting the time that the movie was taking place in. Cops is being cancelled after thirty-one years of running because it depicted good cops as good. The Nick Jr. cartoon Paw Patrol is being pulled off of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. for portraying a good cop character, even when said character showed traits of being a good character; it wouldn't surprise me if they went after Zootopia too, since that movie portrayed good cops as well (even if some like Chief Bogo are initially jerky). Cracker Barrel is under fire for containing "cracker" as a racial slur. By that logic, we should just rename graham crackers or saltine crackers to something else.

I think this is time for America as a whole to wake up and smell the coffee: This all has to stop. It's no longer a battle between black vs. white or right vs. left; it's now a battle between right vs. wrong. We all gotta pull back into being one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.



I also know that this essay will bring a lot of negative reviews like "You're a racist!" or straw-manning anything similar. You're all welcome to make comments like that, but here's what I want to say about this: How is believing that all lives matter (no matter the race) is racist? How is believing that not all cops are bad is prejudiced? And why do you believe that erasing what makes America the way it is will help anything? Ultimately, this constant fighting and violence and history-erasing will not solve anything. Yes, I do believe that all lives matter (whether black, white, Hispanic, Native American, etc.), and I do believe that America should pull itself back together. And no, I will not apologize for it, nor will I be shamed into thinking otherwise.

See ya next time.