I'm living with this awful feeling

That surely many people know

Where nothing feels remotely right

And everything moves too slow

I glance around at all my friends

And wonder how must they feel

Are they losing their minds just like me

My existence feels surreal

It's like my life's stuck on pause

I keep praying for it to change

I scream into a thoughtless void

But I'm always out of range

I hear their voices in my head

"Things will get better, just you wait"

But they never tell you just how long

I'm afraid I've passed that date

Everything's so heavy here

My mind's a planets worth of hurt

Most days I can barely move

I'm trapped beneath this dirt

Can't look forward to the future

Because I'm lost inside this fog

There's no one left to guide me

Out of this self created bog

I'm tired of reaching for a hand

That I know I'll never find

I'll just rest here, close my eyes

And myself fall behind.