Chapter 4

It had been two weeks since Dorothy tried to get to the bottom of it all. She still didn't know what was wrong with Beth. She was trying to let it go, but she could see how tired she was. She was letting Monica push her just enough to make doctors' appointments. Beth still hadn't admitted that there was anything wrong with her, and Dorothy wasn't surprised. Beth had been trained to keep going with the mission until its completion. Pain and sickness were secondary and would be dealt with when she was back at the base, home or the post. Only problem with that was no one knew what Beth's objective was and when the mission was going to be over. Monica had somehow been able to acquiesce to make the appointments. However, they weren't for another two weeks. Dorothy was simultaneously relieved and still on edge.

They were standing on a set that was made up to look like a hotel room. Beth was sitting on the bed. She was just in a pair of boxers and a loose T-shirt. There were beer bottles and booze bottles of all varieties strewn around the room. There was an "empty TV with lights flicker and nonsensical noise coming from it. The glow mimicking the actual light of TV programs in the night. The window to the right of the bed opened to a table with two chairs. There were cups laid out on it. It really looked like Beth's character had gone on a bender.

The reunion between Elena, Kylie's character, and Wanda, Beth's, was very disappointing. Elena had obviously loved Wanda a lot and was downhearted that Wanda left her. She looked for her, but never found her through out World War II and ended up back in Australia after the war. Wanda had wandered like she always had, keeping her secrets and true immortal age hidden for the real world, only to find herself on a ranch that was near the Canadian/American border. There meeting on the American frontier was going to be shown in this episode. It would show that no matter how many times Wanda pushed Elena away, they somehow always ended up back together, and this time it was because of Wanda's loss.

Dorothy sat in Beth's chair and stared at the set. She knew that this scene was going to be highly emotional and steamy at the same time. She wondered how they were going to play it. The director was being really loose with it and honestly after reading the script, Dorothy understood it. He wanted them to make it more organic from their characters. He was allowing them to talk it out and run with it. All the script said was that it was sex scene in the shower.

"So, what do you want to do first?" the director asked as soon as Kylie joined her on the bed.

Kylie was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white t-shirt. It was very casual and, it was meant to show that her character was just trying to blend in. She wasn't flaunting her money, her knowledge, and definitely wasn't flaunting her immortal status. She was just sitting on the edge of the bed.

Beth hadn't really moved. She was plopped down on one side, slightly propped up against the wall, as there was no headboard. She looked a very good mixture of tired and drunk. She looked apathetic, like she didn't care what they did, only that they got it done. She looked very disinterested, but Dorothy could tell that it was her character's depression. She was upset that her grandchild was dead, and she was back in one of the few places in her immortal life that she felt like she had a true purpose and family. Dorothy watched her and wondered how much of it was hitting a little too close home.

"I don't know. I think that is telling that Wanda keeps pushing Elena away, but Elena keeps coming back. So, I think that this time, maybe, Wanda comes to her," Beth said.

"How so?" he asked them.

"In the shower or course," Beth said and grinned.

"You think that she would join Elena?" Kylie asked.

"I think that she needs an emotional outlet and she'll use Elena."

"Does she actually love Elena?" Kylie questioned.

"Wanda is an immortal that is older than Heather, and she doesn't really know how old she is. She's lived through Rome and Greece. She calls herself a barbarian of Europe and someone that might date somewhere around Iron Age in central to Northern Europe. She didn't have a people to claim and since she didn't really know where she was from, she claimed Alpine Roman ancestry. She finds nomads and people who live off the land, groups of people that fight for the community and joins them. It is what makes her comfortable. She got comfortable enough in the years that she when she was with the Saskota tribes that she settled, something that she didn't do often," Beth answered. "Elena is one of the few constants that Wanda has kept in her life."

"And, she's crushed by Nakota Ten Bears death," Kylie added.

"Yeah, Nakota was her adopted son. He was raised eventually on the reservation, but she'd loved his parents. Nakota was the son of her two lovers and fellow Two Spirit people. They are the ones that named her Wandering Two Spirit and that is how she took the name of Wanda," Beth stated. "So, yeah, this was a person that helped her identify and become who she was. He was her last tie to that that life and her loves. She isn't just mourning him but part of herself. Nakota was the child of a child she raised, a child that looked up to her, a child that knew who she really was and loved her anyway. She isn't just going to be okay with him burying him. This is going to break her to a degree. The other thing is she knows that Nakota was the last of his line and he was part of her line as well."

"So, does she break down in the shower and Elena finds her?"

"I don't know. I know that Elena and Heather came to tell her about it. Elena didn't know about Nakota, but Heather did. I think that the strained relationship between Elena and Wanda would keep Wanda from giving Elena that knowledge. Elena still loves her. They keep coming back together."

"So what do you think so lead to their encounter?" the director inquired.

"I think that Kylie is right in many aspects. Elena would come looking for her, find her in the shower, crying and breaking down. Things get heated because Elena just wants to comfort her," Beth stated.

"So, we start soft this time?" Kylie asked.

"Yeah, Elena would join her and comfort her."

"But you wanted Wanda to come to Elena," Kylie stated reminding her.

"Then, Elena is in the shower. Wanda goes into the bathroom to talk to her and breaks down. During the breakdown, Kylie pulls her into the shower."

"That could work. We'll try that first and then go the other route. The dialogue will be used by whatever you two come up with. I like both ideas."

"You ready for this?" Kylie asked Beth as she reached out and touched her leg.

"Yeah, you?" Beth replied as she moved to get up.

"Just remember that you don't have to keep it really PG, ladies. We've got cameras set up at differ[ent angles. Say whatever you think you should and have fun. Make it look good and let's get this taken care of, yeah?" the director suggested.

"Okay," Beth said as she moved through the set.

Dorothy looked at her. She could tell that the make-up department had already covered Beth's tattoos. She hoped that it was all waterproof considering what the scene called for. If not, they would do this again.

Kylie went just off set and pulled her clothes off. She stood there and let make-up artist cover what needed to be covered with pasties. Once she was set, she adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature and climbed in. She stood under the water's spray and waited for Beth to make her move.

Dorothy could see them from where she was seated. There were monitors of the different angles. She sat back and waited.

Kylie got in the shower and acted like she was bathing. Beth leaned into the doorway and watched her through the mirror. There was a look of appreciation on Beth's face, that quickly morphed into tears. When the sobs became clearer, Kylie looked over her shoulder into the mirror and saw the look on Beth's face. She simply pushed the clear, but wet shower curtain back and extended a hand for Beth to take.

Beth reached out and took her hand, allowing Kylie to pull her into the shower. They didn't speak. Instead, Kylie turned her back to the water and just held Beth as she continued to sob. She just held her and let Beth's character continue to break under the weight of her grief. It was a very intimate gesture, but anyone watching wouldn't think more of it then what it was.

Dorothy could see them doing this back in Australia but clothed. They played well off each other and she knew then that she'd been wrong to even think that something happened. They just understood each other on levels that Dorothy couldn't, and it hurt. She knew that Beth turned to each of them differently, but before Beth moved to Vancouver, Dorothy had been her go-to person along with Monica. Now, Beth was more open, and she still trusted Dorothy, but it was different. Beth seemed more distant, but maybe she wasn't. She was just expanding herself and opening herself up to new things and new people. Dorothy knew she had to let it go, and she would. She loved Beth too much not to.

"Wanda, it is okay to mourn him," Kylie told her as she righted Beth in the shower and started brushing her hair and some water from her face.

"I know that, Elena. It is just that he was the closest thing to blood that I've had in years. This is worse than when I lost my whole village. He was my son's son. I was there when he was born and now, because of our curse, I have to bury him, too."

"Do the people of the tribe know who you are?"

"Yes, Elena they do," Beth answered.

"And, what do they call you?"

"Wandering Two Spirit."

"They still call you by the name that you were given over a hundred and fifty years ago?"

"They know I don't die. I am still considered special to them, a shaman of sorts. After Nakota's ceremony, they will ask me to bless the children of the tribe with long and healthy lives. I do it every time I come back," Beth told her.


"I've bought a lot of the land around the reservation to protect them from the government."

"That sounds like something that you would do," Kylie replied.

"Why do you think that Heather was notified?"

"What do you mean?" Kylie asked.

"Heather is listed as the owner of the properties for the next five years. When she changes names, it will revert back to me at that time per a will that is drawn up by my local lawyers. It changes hands between the two of us every twenty to thirty years. She's kept in touch with me."

"But, you couldn't keep in touch with me?"

"Elena, it doesn't matter how much I want to be with you, we can't. We're both immortal. I've seen too much and done too much. And, you are still young. You don't understand loss the way I do. Be glad that you aren't attached to me. I love you. I do, but I am never going to settle down again, Elena. I can't. I won't do that to you. They call me Wanda for a reason and it comes from the name that the Saskota gave me. I truly am the Wandering Two Spirit," Beth lamented.

"What if I'm willing to wander with you?" Kylie asked her.

Beth shook her head. She moved to pull away, but Kylie didn't let her. She pulled her closer and buried her head in Beth's neck. And, that was when the shift happened.

Beth knew that they had to move on with the scene and not drag it out. She moved her hands down towards Kylie's ass and then, spun them around, pushing Kylie into the back of the shower stall. She reached up and pulled Kylie's head back. She searched her eyes for a moment, unsure if the camera would catch it, before she pulled Kylie forward for a very passionate and dominating kiss. It took a second for Kylie to catch up with her, but when she did it was on. After about five minutes of very hard and passionate kisses, Kylie began to moan and Beth dropped a hand out of camera range. When Kylie simulated her completion, she looked up and Beth and then spun her into the wall. Unlike Beth, Kylie started at her neck, slowly, kissing her way down Beth's front. Hands were every where and then Kylie hit her knees. Beth dropped her head back again and stared at the ceiling as she simulated her orgasm.


Kylie stood up and was steadied by Beth. They held each other for a minute before Kylie reached around and turned the water off. Dorothy and another stage hand quickly worked their way over to them in the bathroom. Dorothy helped wrap Beth up. Once they were both wrapped up in towels and bathrobes, they helped Beth and Kylie to the bed to sit. They were waiting to see if they were going to do it again like that or go for the different route for the scene.

Beth laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. She wondered if they were going to try the scene again or go with it where Kylie comes to her. Once the scene was completed, they would film the before to make it all make sense. This wasn't really a crucial story line to the overall show, but it was character building for Elena's overall part. She was still tired, but she was ready to go again if they needed to. She waited a few minutes before she fell asleep. It hadn't been a conscious decision, but she was used to get comfortable in weird positions. Laying on the bed while they got ready to go again, no matter which way they went, was just down time for them.

She felt Kylie hit her in the leg. She opened an eye and cocked her head and eyebrow at the younger brunette. Kylie gave her a playful shove and a smile.

"They are ready for us to try it the other way. Hampton wants to see which way he likes better before we reshoot. Just don't get too aggressive, ya?" Kylie teased.

Beth pushed her away as she sat up on the bed.

"So, we starting with me in the shower?"

"Yeah," Hampton called just off set.

Beth nodded and stripped. She went back into the bathroom area and turned on the water. She let it get warmish but not too hot. The set was already warm enough with all the lights. She didn't want to be sweating on top of being wet from the shower. Working in water was one thing. Feeling like crap while doing it was another. She checked herself in the mirror, noting how the makeup was still good and her pasties were still where they needed to be. She let out a breath and got in the shower. She knew that it would only be a minute or two before Kylie came. They would have some minor dialogue and then go at it again. This time it would be a little rougher, a little more emotional, and a little more dominate on her part. She smiled and then quickly began to make herself sad and sobbing for the scene.

When she thought she looked good and distraught, she heard Hampton tell Kylie to go. She turned from looking through the brand new, barely wet, clear shower curtain, and at the mirror to see Kylie coming in the bathroom, to the shower wall. She didn't want to see Kylie coming. She lowered her head down and let the water flow over her. She looked every bit the grieving and defeat character she was trying to portray. It would make her reaction a little more real.

"Wanda?" Kylie's voice came to her ears.

She lifted her head, but left both of her hands on the shower wall.

"Wanda?" Kylie asked again, but softer, now that she was in the bathroom, just outside the shower.

Beth reached up with one hand and brushed the water off her face. She turned to face her, anger flashing slightly in her eyes. She pushed off the wall but stayed under the spray, letting the water just run over her, like a cleansing rain.

"What are you doing here?" Beth hissed as Wanda.

Kylie visibly paled and looked taken aback by the comment before she answered, "You shouldn't be alone."

"But, that is what we are, Elena. We're alone. We'll always be alone. We're immortal. And, I was a fool."


"I tried to have a family. I tried to settle down. I believed that it wouldn't effect me because the Saskota people took me in. They didn't treat me as a pariah or some sort of demon. They revered me. They made me a shaman."

"And, they still do, Wanda. They still love you. They still care for you. Just like I do," Kylie told her.

Beth looked at her and shook her head. "Just go, Elena."

"I am not going to leave you."

"No, but I'll leave you," Beth said and hung her head again under the water.

Kylie took this moment to strip out her clothes and get in the shower behind her. She pressed her body into Beth's, holding her from behind. She just held her.

"Why do you care so much, Elena?" Beth questioned her, making sure that her voice broke.

"You lost your grandson, Wanda. I may not be as old as you are, but I still know what loss feels like. And, yes, we know more than any other living person on this Earth. It is part of our blessing and our curse of being immortal. And, maybe that is why I still love you. No matter how many time your wander from me, we always seem to find our way back to each other. It doesn't matter how many lovers we had in between. We still care for each other."

"I don't want to care. It hurts to much. I just want to..."

"I know, Wanda. I do. But, dying and giving up isn't the answer," Kylie told her.

"Then what is?"


That was the last thing that Kylie got out before Beth spun and had her against the back of the shower. Beth's speed and slight roughness surprised Kylie more this time. She held her against the wall, just staring into her eyes, looking for something, an answer or a question, but Kylie knew when Beth found it. Or more of, she knew when "Wanda" found it in "Elena."

Beth leaned forward and kissed her hard. It was all lips and teeth. She was rough and passionate, almost desperate in her assault of Kylie's mouth. She lifted Kylie's hands up and pinned them against the wall. She backed up and looked at the want in "Elena's" eyes as her chest heaved at the emotions coursing through their characters.

She kissed her again, stealing Kylie's breath, and her own. She felt herself getting light headed with the rawness of it all, but she pushed on. She knew that this was going to be a good take, and she wasn't going to stop until someone told her to. She moved from Kylie's mouth to her neck. Dropping her hands, she ran them from Kylie's shoulders down her torso. She wasn't trying to make love to her. She was using "Elena's" body to heal the hole in her heart and "Elena" knew it. She allowed it and her moans encouraged "Wanda" further.

At some point during all this, Beth picked Kylie up, supporting her with one arm under her ass. The other was caught between them like she was playing with "Elena's" core. Kylie had wrapped her legs and arms around Beth to help her support her own weight. She leaned into the wall, trying to help her. Beth laid her head on Kylie's chest and kissed around it, keeping the sex between them moving. Kylie continued to moan, getting louder and louder as they kept at it. Beth actually bit down, very lightly, on the top of her breast, signalling Kylie to orgasm. She dropped her head back, hard, against the shower wall and screamed out her pleasure. Beth just looked up at her with a very smug smile as she helped Kylie back down and stand in the shower. She kept the younger brunette pinned near the wall, making it look like she was still holding her up and steady. Kylie reached out and put her hands on both of Beth's upper arms, helping with the illusion and prepping to have her turn with "Wanda."

She didn't get the chance. Once Kylie was set and ready to go at Beth, she look on in horror as Beth's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she dropped in the shower. It was everything that Kylie could do to keep her from falling and hurting herself. She didn't realize that she was screaming for Dorothy until she felt the older woman's hands on her shoulders.

"Get dressed. I got her, Ky. I got her!" Dorothy practically yelled at her.

Kylie jumped out of the shower and grabbed the costume shirt and jeans. She pulled them on, not caring that she was wet. She was grabbing some of Beth's clothes and running back into the bathroom when she stopped suddenly at Dorothy's shout of "WE NEED AN AMBULANCE!" Time stopped for them both. Dorothy and Kylie just stared at each other and then back at Beth who was still unconscious, but now on the bathroom floor.