Description: This is another poem about learning to let others in.

Author's Note: I have got to be on some kind of writer's roll here. this is a poem that I literally JUST wrote down. I took a nap so I could check email once more before bed, when wham! This idea hit me, and this time I was smart and wrote it before I had the chance to nearly forget it like I almost did the last. I hope you all enjoy reading this. And as always, please R&R. Your reviews are deeply appreciated. I love reviews, they're truly what a writer lives for...well at least this one anyway. enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own this poem 100% because I wrote it.

There came You:

I put up this wall.

And I built it so high.

I thought of it as a safe barricade.

You know, a place for me to hide behind.

I built it so thick.

No one could have ever broke through.

Or so I thought at least.

But low and behold, then there came you.

You tore down my walls with your hammer, so swift.

You led me along, like a sailor adrift.

I wore these sun glasses, my eyes kept away.

I found it much simpler and easy that way.

Then you ripped off my shades and instead, you saw me.

Not the zen and aloof carbon copy, I let everyone else see.

And this is the thing that truly scared me.

For no one before you has gotten that deep.

And not once have I fallen, never that steep.

But with my heart in your hands, you have showed me.

That sometimes, one should not be scared to take such a leap.

And there you have it, fresh from my head for your eyes. Its amazing sometimes what one can think up late at night. Especially when your not trying to, lol. These kind of things rarely invade my head, but when they do? I've learned that its best to write them down if you have all the words formed. Or if its still a thought in progress? Let it simmer over night, alot of great thoughts come to you when your a sleep. Or at least for me they sometimes do. Well i hope that you all enjoyed reading this, and if you haven't already feel free to check out my previous poem. I put it up yesterday, its called 'Those three little words'. I would love to know what you all think )