Description: this piece is open to any and every ones own interpretation. However you the reader view it, is completely up to you. Since its not too difficult for even the strongest and most put together of us to loose hope in not only life but love as well at times, this poem isn't linked to any one character but rather all of them. As always, I hope you all enjoy reading this. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, comments and feedback.

Happy New Years to all of you.

Disclaimer: I may not own any part of That 70's Show or it characters, I do claim ownership to this poem and 100% of the heart felt originality that I poured into it.

Author's Note: As I said above in the description, this piece is open to interpretation, however you the reader view and perceive it is up to you. Any and all insight, comments, thoughts, observations, and opinions is welcome and always greatly appreciated.

Heart of Steel

Heart of steel, thought it would never feel.

Heart of steel, such notions could never be real.

Heart of steel, secure in my own world of doubt.

No feelings would ever escape.

Heart of steel, once scoffed at the idea of love.

Heart of steel, there's word of a gift from above.

Heart of steel, why would anyone ever want to bless me.

I am nothing, can't they see?

Heart of steel, who dares to knock at my door?

Heart of steel, there he stands right in front of me.

Heart of steel, he asks if I'll give him my hand.

What does he want? I don't understand.

Heart of steel, all he requests from me is my trust.

Heart of steel, slowly its melting away.

Heart of steel, into his arms, I have fallen.

There's no use in resisting at all.

Heart of gold, in his arms he says I will stay.

Forever for him to hold.

Heart of gold, together he says we'll grow old.

Heart of gold, I smile and tell him, I'm sold.