Within a dark office located within the deepest pits of the Seven Hells, is The Adjudicator, a demon of a heritage of the Infernal Walls Clan. She had spent many millennia to rise to the highest of Hells societies, the position of Judge of the Damned. It is The Adjudicators' job to ensure that each sinful soul sentenced to damnation is judged for each sin they commit in live and death. The Adjudicators 'office' is within a grand hall, coloured red and orange, torches dancing in various candelabras and a huge glass chandelier, stained red with the blood of sinners.

The hall was silent, for The Adjudicator had no need for music; nor the mewling nothingness that comes from those with 'favours' and such requests. The only noise coming from her office was the scratching of pen on paper. Form after form, doomed soul after doomed soul was sentenced with the care and attention that a child would give to stepping upon an ant. A never ending pile of such forms was within a black metal folder, magically compacted within a space no thicker than a handful of inches. Conversely, the next pile of forms on the other side of her desk, placed onto a cheap plastic tray, garish colours 'helpfully' chosen out by her helpful assistant, labelled 'out'. Unlike the black folder the tray was not magically enhanced to compact the forms.

The Adjudicator had left the task of enchanting the cheaper plastic trays to her assistant, who still had yet to 'get around' to this task. Speaking of which, said assistant was skipping into the office now.

The assistant wore a simple office dress, loose skirt and baggy blouse coloured white with brighter, increasingly garish pins covering the torso area. As a cat devil, she had a pair of feline ears placed on the top of her white haired head. Her race of demons also had the characteristic of a permanent Cheshire grin, all her ear to ear smile sharp and a gleaming white. A piece of flesh stuck within her teeth a contrasting red, a leftover of her lunch break. Within her hands was a bright, cyan blue tray labelled 'out'. Without even looking The Adjudicator knew that Kaku had still not spent time enchanting the tray.

Kaku skipped and bounced towards The Adjudicators' desk, the hall now filled with the sound of her bare claws clacking against the stone floor and her happy humming. Within her spare hand was a paper bag, grease visibly pooling at the bottom of the brown surface. Signing a form with a scribbled cursive 'Adjudicator', she finally placed a red gaze upon her assistant's bubbly form. "Goooo~d afternoon, Miss Adjudicator!" Kaku sang.

"Good afternoon, Kaku." was The Adjudicators' dry reply. The tone of the reply simply slid of Kaku's bouncing mood as she placed the blue tray next to the other. Once The Adjudicator placed the newly signed form the older tray Kaku quickly placed the greasy bag in the centre of the dark brown desk. "For me, I presume?"

With a happy nod Kaku opened the brown bag and began pulling out the lunch she had gotten for The Adjudicator, gotten for free of course. The Adjudicator stood up and pulled off her burgundy suit jacket and placed it over the top of her office chair. Next she pulled off her round glasses, resting them on her red haired scalp and held there by the pair of horns on her upper forehead.

Rolling up her sleeves, The Adjudicator sat back in her chair and glanced at her meal. A dripping, bloody, red and chunky sandwich, made with the most tortured cuts of meats from the finest flesh carvers from the Circle of Violence. "Thank you, Kaku." was the genuine, if dry, thanks. Beaming was Kaku who began to pick up the full out tray. As she turned to bounce away with the forms she was stopped by the sound of "Kaku."

Kaku turned back with a pensive mew, stopping as she saw The Adjudicator's pale hand pointed at her face. Kaku flinched as she felt an invisible force brush against her teeth. Her large eyes blinked as she felt the stuck piece of flesh slide out her otherwise gleaming teeth. Upon seeing the floating red mass Kaku's blue pupils tightened to a slit, her neck slightly pulling her head backwards before suddenly snapping forwards with a loud clack of teeth.

She greedily chewed the dripping mass of muscle, growls rumbling in her chest. Once gone Kaku had the sense to be bashful; blushing as she thanked The Adjudicator and finished skipping out of the huge office.

As the doors closed after Kaku, The Adjudicator was left alone with her lunch which she returned her attention to. She pulled off from her desk a burgundy napkin that she then laid on her similarly coloured suit trousers. As she ensured her salmon red shirt sleeves were not going to roll down and get messy, she gave a genuine, if small, smile for her assistants thoughtfulness.

As The Adjudicator held the dripping sandwich in her hands she took a breath. Kaku knew what her boss's favourite lunch was.

Then her mouth opened, a scene of huge black fangs revealing themselves as they ripped through the soggy, reddened bread, tearing apart the carved flesh of the sinful.