Written in 2014, this is a text adventure I wrote and programmed, but never got past the first act. Fortunately, I wrote a synopsis ahead of time detailing what was to happen next. I'm probably not gonna come back to it, so here's all that I have written, complete with all the actions prepared and fresh new annotations.

Bold text indicates intended user input. Italic text indicates commentary.

Bad Baby

You are Sheena, a 2-year-old troublemaker. You never behaved, so your mother put you in an orphanage ("Good riddance!").

You are in the main room of the orphanage.
You can see a can of baby food and a drawer.
You can go up.
It's the usual stuff again. You want out of this building, away from people who would treat you like a baby (which you are).

Look at can of baby food
It's an empty can that used to contain the food you were fed day after day.

Pick up can of baby food
You pick it up.

Open drawer
You open it. There is a pack of fresh diapers inside.

Pick up fresh diapers
You pick it up.

You are in the upper room of the orphanage.
You can see a window, a wooden board and a book.
You can go down.

Look at window
It's an open window looking out onto the city street below.

Look at book
"How to Take Care of a Baby"

Use board with can
You now have a makeshift teeter-totter.

Look at makeshift teeter-totter
It's a teeter-totter you made using a wooden board and an empty can of baby food.

Use teeter-totter
It doesn't work unless you have something pushing it down on the other end.

Use book with teeter-totter
The book's weight presses down on the far end of the teeter-totter, and launches you out the window, into the air...
...and down into an open manhole. Congratulations, now you're in the sewer: The last place a grown-up would look for a baby.

You are in a manhole. If you forgot to take the fresh diapers from the drawer, they would re-appear here.

That's all of the actual game that I've written. The synopsis continues as follows:
Upon waking, Sheena realizes that she's not the only baby to end up living in the sewer: Other babies have taken up residence in dirty play-tents and toy houses scattered throughout the drains underneath the city. She comes to learn that some babies have lived for more than 50 years, thanks to the use of the Elixer of Life (which Sheena has the option to consume).