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Okay full disclosure, I didn't write this. It was written by SailorJane who quit writing a year ago and took down all her accounts. I collaborated with her often and she sent me all her saved writings before she disappeared into the wilderness. Since I had a hand in coming up with ideas for this series, especially the character Hectos, I decided to upload them to my account. Glee-chan, who has an account here, also was a contributor. I believe there might have been others who I'm not aware of. Aside from these opening notes, nothing has been changed. Not meant to take credit for this, just want it to be available to those who enjoyed this series.

Thank you so much Jane for writing these. I hope you're safe wherever you are.


This is an original Superhero / Magical Girl story written by me with some ideas and input from Glee-chan and Someguy.

It is meant to be an ongoing set of stories, like a Comic book or TV series. And it also meant to be a children's story, though obviously fun for adults to read as well. Therefore there is no adult language or content, with only mild violence (It's a super-hero story after all).

I must mention that there may be very slight non-explicit Yuri in these stories, but nothing that you wouldn't see outside of a Disney movie, except it's between girls. I don't believe this should be an issue, seeing as how shows like LEGEND OF KORRA, ADVENTURE TIME and STEVEN UNIVERSE have become to depict relationships between two girls, but fair warning.

Enjoy The first episode of the Sailor Birds. If you want this to be an ongoing story, please comment and let me know you want to see more.


Chapter 1

"Crow, look this way. Do you see what I see?"

"(Sigh) Yes Falcon, I can see. I have eyes after all."

"Look at the way these young women move, how they face these evil foes. The one in red, wielding flames against her enemies, so graceful. She dances with fire. The one in blue, with the gadgets on her arms, using both ice and her wit to defend herself, steady and strong; unbreakable. And that must be their leader in gold. She's so beautiful. Her agility, her persistence, her electrifying personality, no pun intended. Truly, she is a soldier of the sun."

"Didn't I already tell you I have eyes for myself?"

"They must be our long awaited, legendary soldiers, The Solar Birds. They will be elated to finally find us."

"Oh for the love of… You say that about everyone Falcon. Remember those human resistance soldiers with those advanced plasma lasers? You thought they were Solar Birds and there weren't even women!"

"Must you always argue with me?"

"Yes, when you're wrong."

"I didn't say those human soldiers were Solar Birds, I said we should keep our eye on them just to be sure."


"And… yes they were not Solar Birds, but that's irrelevant."

"So you admit I'm right?"

"Arrgh, would you stop patronizing me?"

"It doesn't matter anyway. Unless they perform The Triangular Solar Dance, there's not much we can do about it. When, and if, they do that and open the portal for us, I'll be optimistic about it."

"I'm still optimistic about them. Whoever those girls are down there, they wield magic. Their attire is far too colorful to be from this time period, I say they are our Solar Birds."

"Look Falcon, even if these are The Solar Birds, and we have the Power of the Sun behind us, it won't be enough to undo the damage of Amehus. The world we once knew is gone, now covered in darkness."

"But where there is darkness, there is light! We swore to defend our home-world no matter the cost, and we will defend it. I am the Goddess of Light and together with you, The Goddess of Shadow, with three new soldiers by our side, we can give life back to the world."

"You really are idealistic, you know that?"

"But that's what you love about me, isn't it?"

"… Well, that and you have a hot body."

"Finally, something we can agree on!"

"Those girls look like they're in over their heads."

"Yes, I'm worried… Wait… They're doing it! The Triangular Solar Dance… My Goodness Crow, they're actually doing it!"

"For the last time Falcon, I can see with my own eyes."

"They ARE The Solar Birds. The portal is open. Come Crow! Let us move and show our birds that their Goddesses are alive and well."

"About time. We'll need to kiss to fuse our powers."

"My favorite part!"