by SailorJane

Chapter 8

Sonia turned from talking on the phone in her lab to see Belinda, Thunderbird, standing before her.

"Belinda!" She stood up. No longer in her Solar Bird costume, Sonia was in a white lab coat, black boots, with purple gloves.

"Hi Sonia," Belinda looked down, ashamed that she had abandoned them earlier.

"We got pizza," Phoebe smiled holding a pizza box next to their new recruit.

"Dennis," Sonia spoke on the phone, "It's her. I'll have to call you back."

Hanging up, the elder girl walked towards them, looking straight at Belinda, "I'm sorry to have misled you. But if I had told you the truth from the start, you wouldn't have believed me."

"I suppose you're right," Belinda said.

Phoebe immediately took a slice from the box and started stuffing her face with it, "Sonia," her mouth was so filled with food, it was difficult to understand her, "Terl Berinra about revrering rou row."

"Phoebe," Sonia scolded her, "Chew with your mouth closed!"

The hungry girl whimpered at that. The barking sound of Cali the Coyote forced Phoebe to lift up the pizza box. No matter how much the dog begged, she wouldn't give him any.

"There's this ancient legend," Sonia explained, "From an old Native American tribe, shares similarities to the Miwok tribe. My mentor Dennis, I was just on the phone with him, he told me all about these Magic Birds of the Sun. There's not much scripture on them. Their legend nearly died with The Tribe. The birds were descendants of the Coyote deity."

Phoebe looked down at their own Coyote, still panting for pizza, "Cali here thinks he's a God. But he's still not getting any pizza."

Cali whimpered at that.

"Coyote rose from the demise of the previous world, and created Birds of the Sun, or rather Solar Birds, as Hectos called them. They could summon the power of The Sun to protect the soil. Three of these birds were empowered by the elements of Water, Fire and Thunder. Supposedly they would eventually take human form. Being a woman of science, I'd like to believe there's a more practical, scientific reason for our powers, but this myth could be the reasoning for our existence."

Belinda found this all slightly confusing, "So are we supposed to be like reincarnations of these Solar Birds."

Sonia sighed, "Honestly, I'm not sure. I've spent the last few years trying to figure this all out. My mentor Dennis, he's doing the same thing."

"Dennis," Phoebe spoke up, "Is the one who liberated Sonia from being experimented on. He's another scientist."

Belinda gasped at that, "You were experimented on."

Sonia looked down at the ground.

"Yeah," Phoebe said, "Her and Cali." She gave the Coyote a pat on the head. He whimerped again. Sighing, Phoebe broke a piece of crust from her pizza, "Okay, you can have a bite."

Cali took the pizza crust and ran into the kitchen.

"This Hectos," Sonia changed the subject, "And his army, I don't know what they are or what they're after. But I've encountered him for the past couple years. The genetics of their super-natural power is very similar to ours. Dennis tipped me off that there was some energy reading coming from the Comic-Con, which is why we needed to be there to stop him."

"Shouldn't the Military," Belinda asked, "Be going after this monster."

"You think Dennis can go to the government and say, 'There's a bunch of lizard-creatures who are going to attack a Comic-Con'?"

Belinda blushed realizing how stupid that sounds.

"I knew it would be up to me to fight these creatures," Sonia stood tall, "I found Phoebe a couple years ago, but we looked high and low searching to find our third soldier, our Thunderbird." She smiled, "And here you are."

Belinda sighed.

"But Belinda," Phoebe grabbed her hand, "We don't want to pressure you into this."

"Yeah," Sonia said, "I never had much of a choice in my life, but you have a choice. We really need you, and from what I saw today, you could be more powerful than either of us."

"Well," Phoebe raised her eyebrows, "I don't know about that!"

Belinda had so much to think about at this moment. It seemed the choice was to go back to living as a loner hiding her powers, or to join two people who were just like her, and use her powers for purpose, as Phoebe had told her.

"I'm so tired," Belinda said.

"Yeah," Phoebe said, "I think we all wore ourselves out. Why don't we sit down and eat some pizza?"

"And you're free to stay here for the night," Sonia said, "And decide tomorrow, you know, if it's okay with your parents. I can talk to them for you."

"My mom's out of town," Belinda explained, "But I'm up for pizza and maybe taking a little nap."

"That couch in the living room is very comfortable," Phoebe said, "Just be careful, Cali might try to use you as a mattress."

Cali came back and barked in agreement.

No longer wanting to stay in their costumes, Phoebe changed into some more comfortable clothes, specifically designed by Sonia to keep her powers at bay. She still had to wear long gloves and socks for protection. While she was in pink, she loaned Belinda some white clothes, gloves and socks. Belinda actually found the outfit very comfortable, and once again, the gloves and socks controlled her powers. Phoebe couldn't stop gushing about how cute she was.

The rest of the night revolved around Phoebe and Belinda eating pizza, playing video games, talking about anything. Sonia stayed locked away in her lab checking on them occasionally. Eventually, Belinda was beat and decided to go to bed. Phoebe tucked her in with a blanket, gave her a sweet subtle kiss on the cheek and went off to her own room.

Belinda managed to sleep for an hour, but she was awoken by Cali climbing on top of her legs. As the dog nodded off to sleep. Belinda lied with her head up at the ceiling. She knew she was going to tell Sonia that she would join them in the morning, but everything that had transpired beat in her head.

'The elimination of your entire world,' Hectos' voice rang out.

Suddenly, Belinda felt cold, lonely. The same as she felt every night in her own home. This apartment was no different. The only difference was that her mother wasn't in the next room to comfort her. And even then, she couldn't give her a kiss goodnight or anything, fearing hurting her.

Getting up for a glass of water, Belinda walked through the apartment. She looked into the lab, finding Sonia asleep at her desk. Better not to wake her. Then she walked into the bedroom she had been in earlier that afternoon. She found Phoebe asleep. Should she wake her?

"Phoebe?" Belinda put her hand on her side.

Her new friend turned to her side, barely able to open her eyes. "Hi," She said in a crackly voice.

"Can I sleep next to you?" Belinda said, "I feel cold."

Phoebe lifted the blanket. Belinda got in the bed. It was an incredible cozy mattress, and also warm, probably from Phoebe's own bodyheat.

After a minute of silence, with Belinda and Phoebe snuggling with each other in the covers. Phoebe seemed to nod off to bed which is when Belinda whispered in her ear, "I'm really glad I met you Phoebe."

"I'm glad I met you too pizza," Phoebe said groggily.

Belinda curiously chuckled at that, and allowed herself to drift off to sleep with her new friend in her arms.



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