Written at various points between 2014 and 2018, this is a text adventure I wrote and programmed, but never finished. But compared to the others, this one has more material–especially visuals and Easter eggs!. I might come back to this, but not now. Here's all that I have written, complete with all the actions prepared and fresh new annotations.

Bold text indicates intended user input. Italic text indicates commentary.

Ray's Pizza

If you're reading this on FictionPress and not DeviantArt, you're missing out on the cool visuals I made back in 2014 especially for this project.

Hello. Welcome to Ray's Pizza, Alphabet City (an area of Manhattan, in case you were wondering). You'll be playing in the role of founder and delivery boy Alan Smithee. Good luck!

You are in the dining room (first floor).
You can see an answering machine, a PlayStation, a cash register and a phone.
You can go down, up, west or east.


It's the phone. Answer it already!

Answer phone
"Ray's Pizza?"
"I'd like to order a large regular pie and a 1-Liter bottle of Fairy." Fairy is a legally safe knockoff of Sprite.
"Where to?"
"Corner West 4th and 12th."
"I'm on my way!"

Open cash register
What luck! There's money in there. Take a handful and go.

Look at money
It's more money than you'll ever need

Look at answering machine
There's a standard-size audio cassette in there.

Look at PlayStation
We change the enclosed demo disc every week.

You are outside Ray's Pizza on 5th street and Avenue C.
You can see your motor scooter.
You can go down, in, northwest or west.

Use motor scooter
You are consulting your map.
You can go east to Alphabet City, south to 99 Revolution or west to Greenwich Village.
99 Revolution is a legally safe knockoff of Century 21. More locations would be added as the plot progressed.

You are on West 4th and 12th streets in Greenwich Village. This is an actual intersection. I know, right?
You can see a buzzer.
You can go in.

Use buzzer
You press a button.
"You the Pizza guy?"
"C'mon up."

After climbing a flight of stairs, you arrive in your customer's apartment.
"Large pie and Fairy?" you ask.
She says "That's me. Jane Doe."
"15 bucks."
She gives you the money and gets close to take the pizza box and soda bottle.

Now she starts to get flirty.
"You look young and cute. I like that...What's your name?"
"Uh...Alan Smithee."
"Wanna fool around sometime?"
You're smitten, but before you can answer...


A guy you never met in a tuxedo bursts into the room with a couple of other guys.
Jane acts like she knows him.
"Oh, It's John Q. Public of the New York Mafia."
"Hello Jane," he says, "Who zis guy?" He points to you.
She says "He's just the pizza guy."

John's next line would be randomized on each play:

"Where's the fifteen big ones you owe me for that dinner last night at Drac's?"
"I need the fifteen dollars you owe me for that cab fare."
"You know, you still owe me fifteen bucks for that DVD box set I got you last week."
"You have the fifteen dollars you said you would have?"

Jane says "I'm sorry, but I used it to pay for the pizza. HE'S got it!"
She points to you. ("My apologies...")

"Okay, buster!" says John, "You ASKED for it!"
He reaches into your pocket and turns out the fifteen dollars you just got from Jane. Then he swipes the Fairy and gulps down half the bottle.

"C'mon, boys. Our work here's done...for now."
The mob exits, John going last. Suddenly, he turns to close the door, and says "I'll be BACK!" and belches loudly. (Fairy was known to do that.)

You say "He's got my fifteen dollars!"
She says "He's got half my Fairy!"
"What's with that guy?"
"I wish I knew. Even I can't stand him sometimes."

You gulp and shiver (or was it the over way around?).
"That's it. I'm gonna save you from that fiend...and maybe get the fifteen dollars back."
"Have a good time!"
"Nice knowin' ya."

You are in Jane's apartment.
You can see Jane Doe.
You can go down.

Look at Jane
It's not polite to stare.

Talk to Jane
She says nothing

This is as far as I got with the plot. Now for some world-building hijinkery!