There's a man who's always watching

His face seems so full of strife

I wonder what has happened to him

To make him despise his life

So run down, and so full of pain

He likely hasn't slept in a week

The nightmares must keep him awake

And make everything seem bleak

Why is it, that you're staring at me

As if I should know who you are

You have been nothing but a stranger

Yet where I go, you're never far

I feel like I used to know you

Maybe once, you and I were close

You somehow feel so familiar

Perhaps I need another dose

I don't like the way you make me feel

My stomach's in knots, my brain aches

Why do you make me remember

All of my past mistakes

Please, I need you to go away

Quit gawking, and leave me for good

I can't handle what you do to me

You've never had to stand where I've stood

I raise my hand, press it to the glass

And suddenly it becomes clearer

I'm gazing through, into my own eyes

I've realized that it's just a mirror.