At a recent press conference in a swanky Mayfair ditch, Prime Minister Bamber Gamblor has announced government plans to privatise sunlight, and by association, the Sun itself. He explained that there has been no regulation, indeed no control over the sun's output for the last so many years and that such a deplorable situation must not be allowed to continue.

Refusing to reveal details of how such a scheme would actually work, Mr Gamblor confidently claimed that privatisation was the best route and would save much money, money that he could siphon off into a perfectly legal company in the Cayman Islands, and could the press forget that last remark?.

Apparently there has already been interest from several solar energy companies as well as from a handful of notable oil companies. In a statement to the press, the Slimebarrel Oil Syndicate said that this would be their chance to carry out Springfield's Mr Burns' plan to destroy the Sun, a dream that they had been hoping to realise since their inception. The official tender process however has yet to begin, as a governmental body to specifically oversee the task has to be formed first.

The Prime Minister stated that in order to maintain the correct order of things, he intended to appoint Secretary of State for Dog's Breakfasts, Sir Mostly Useless to head the new department.