A young, talented, and well-educated individual, Jonathan Rubeck has been working with D&R Associates, Inc., a well-known executive recruitment firm for over ten years. He joined the company in May 2010 as a computer technician and a computer input operator. As a computer technician, he was responsible for fixing computer errors and deleting viruses for the company, while as a computer input operator, he had to update all candidates in computer system. From August 2013 to October 2014, he served as a recruiter in the company and was responsible for making cold calls to potential applicants for enticing them to change positions.

Jonathan Rubeck's current role at D&R Associates, Inc. is that of a research analyst. The role comes with many responsibilities, such as - finding the right applicants to fill open jobs using different sourcing websites (e.g. Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc), and thoroughly phone screening them for preliminary information before passing them on to a placement manager for the next interview round.

About Jonathan Rubeck

Jonathan Rubeck is a well-educated individual, who has been working for D&R Associates, Inc, as a recruiter. He has been associated with this company for almost 9 years and has handled a variety of responsibilities, including that of a research analyst, recruiter, computer input operator, and computer technician. Jonathan mostly works with individuals in the tax and accounting fields and helps recruit people to get them better jobs with more compensation and upward mobility.

Jonathan is soon going to receive his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (with a Minor in Sociology) from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.