All of them are in awe and fear when they hear a sharp chop-chop sound and then see a helicopter coming towards them, it is red and there is no co-pilot in the cockpit. Sophia, a little girl just shy of 5, holds her twin sister's hand more tightly and feels Summer's hand also tighten over hers. She watches as the people around her start to move towards the flying machine, which she thinks they call a yippiiyappter as it makes sharp yapping sounds, her mother picks her up and she has to let go of her sister's hand, summer is in her father's embrace and now her parents are also pacing towards the yippiyapter side of the rooftop.

Sophia sees her father run towards the flying machine , which is now hanging in the air, she sees summer crying in his arms but can't hear her because of the loud yapping of the machine, her mother is trying to get past the crowd, pushing her way in, when a booming sound like a firecracker but much more louder, comes from inside the yippiyapter. Everyone now becomes still.

A woman leaning on the railing of the roof sees the pilot take out a big gun from a bag beside him, open up his side of the window and fire it into the air. The report of the gun is so loud and terribly obnoxious that the sound pressure level hurts her ears. Now deaf, she sees the pilot holding a megaphone in his hands and when he speaks into it she can barely make out the words. 'Just The twins and their parents, everyone else back off or I'll shoot, now quick we don't have much time.' As the understanding of the words comes to her mind, she starts to scream for help and looks right in the eyes of the pilot. But she sees no pity or sympathy there, his eyes are cold and black like midnight sea, she still continues her screaming, now almost hanging from the rails.

For Frank the whole world starts to fade away as he hears the words float towards him from the megaphone, Summer is bawling in his arms like she used to, a few years ago when she was a baby, soaking his shirt with tears and mucus. He kisses her on the head and tells her everything'll be alright. He thinks he's gonna faint when he hears his wife's cry comes from behind him and the colours soar sharply back into reality. He turns around to take a look at her and finds her fighting with a tall man, Henry Bellamy who lives in the first floor of the building, he's trying to get hold of Sophia and hurting them both while doing so. Henry is a young man, strong build and works as a lawyer for a firm, he is a selfish man and everyone who knows him also know that he is an asshole. Frank starts to pace forward quickly and furiously, he watches Henry punch his wife and the blood on his knuckles, he hears Sophia crying so loudly that he thinks she has silenced the chopper and then everything happens in a blur. Henry snatches the girl from Rose's strong grip, Frank with one hand holding Summer and other hand catching his falling wife kicks Henry hard in groin, as he does so, Sophia falls to the ground, hits her head and lies unconscious. Quickly, still hurting, Henry starts to get up but slows down as soon as he catches the dark eyes of the pilot, not more than 20 feet away now, aiming the Magnum at him from the open window of the chopper, he has a clear shot as everyone else between him and the pilot has fled away from the gunpoint and something about his look tells him he is going to take it if he moved any further, he knows that look, it is the look of a criminal who knows no bounds, he thinks and surrenders.

Rose picks up Sophia and spits at Henry. Frank with Summer still crying in his embrace, delivers another kick to him this time on the face and gives a thumbs up to the pilot. Receiving the signal, the pilot puts the gun beside him, closes the window and steers the chopper closer to the building and straight above the family.

Frank first helps Rose climb inside the chopper with Sophia, then he carefully passes Summer to her and finally he mounts himself up and inside. All the while, the pilot had been examining the crowd beneath for any quick movements, with the gun again in his hands and the window open. But there were none. Only the screams of the lady still hanging from the rails. Everyone else is silent, their scared and helpless eyes regarding him with tears. He knows most of them, they have been his neighbours for almost 3 years now, ever since he had moved in Spring Heights after getting a bonus and a promotion in the construction company he worked for as a contractor. They had been coming to his daughters' birthday parties which his family hosted every year, he had had dinner with them in their homes at several occasions. They know they are soon going to die, he thinks, no more Spring heights and no more construction, goodbye world, and a chill runs down his spine.

The pilot glances at his wristwatch and realizes that less than 4 minutes have passed since he had made the decision of saving the family, one he still has some reservations about, but it feels like he had been in a long action movie without so much as a single time out. The adrenaline is rushing in his blood and the blood is rushing in his brain, he gives one last measuring look at the crowd, keeping them at gunpoint and fixes his gaze at Henry, who is still on his knees, in the middle of lying and standing position. Once he's satisfied, as satisfied he can be under such circumstances, he quickly turns around to check on the family. The father is the last one to climb inside, meanwhile the mother is putting on safety belts across her daughters, one of whom seems unconscious. He asks the father to hurry up, take his seat and put his seat belt on, Frank is in shock and does as he's instructed, he comes inside, puts on his belt and holds his wife's hand, she leans on his shoulder, he can her rapid breathing, he kisses her and tells her what he told his daughter a few minutes ago, 'everything'll be alright'.

Summer has now stopped crying, first time being in a flying machine has replaced her fear with fascination. She regards the pilot's dark eyes with her big blue ones. 'Mister, what's your name' she asks quietly but clearly. The pilot thinks this is no time to chat but the curiosity and wonder in her eyes grips him, there is a whole another universe inside those eyes, he thinks, 'My name is Bill but you can call me Mr. Blue little one, they all do'. Her eyes never leave his face, 'Thank you, Mr. Blue' she says, her voice soft as a kiss.