Sweet love tell me where you hide,

tell me why you hurt so much,

how do I hide when the world is so strong,

what makes love so hard to find.

Simple love my heart is divided,

tell me where to go to find a love so true,

to help me be who I am inside,

sweet love is not easy to find.

For I am not the one to hide from love though love hides from me, love is the one that can hurt like hell or be as sweet as a nail, but when you lose that love is hard to re-find that love again.

Sorrow and love always walk hand in hand a family of sweet love and horrible sorrow.

For I am not one to hide from sorrow, sorrow runs from me,

for I am the bearer of the lost and alone no one can beat me, to sing along with sorrows song and make a new for I will be waiting for you along the way.

Sorrow and death are one, sweet song, death does one takes one away is never was meant to be for this love, life and fear come naturally.

I do not run from either three as they are all me I am sorrow I am love I am death you see me every day but not one or two but three for I am love, I am sorrow I am death, I am who you want me to be.