That Monday started out like any other would for me: my throat was sore when I woke up, my head was clogged with phlegm and sinus pressure, and Jessica was still sound asleep next to me with a pillow covering her right ear; I must've been snoring again.

I headed downstairs before my eyes could hurt any worse and made myself a makeshift breakfast of cold pizza and olives, separate. The weather looked lovely on that Monday; the sun was out and reaching wider than the stretch of blue on the horizon, the trees were shedding leaves onto the ground like the dandruff that fell from my cousin Eli, and the smell of dirt and sour paw prints floated in through the kitchen window that I had accidentally left open overnight. I could hear a childish Bono and Paris having a water balloon fight outside while Chris and Katie were cheering them on from the figurative sidelines (literally the patch of cement underneath the Big Ol' Oakwood).

I finished my breakfast by leaving half of a piece of pizza due to a rare stomach ache and feeding it to the trash can just a few feet away from the kitchen table. I got dressed into a pair of jeans and an ash-colored long-sleeved shirt and headed out the door with nothing but the aforementioned clothes on my back. I shut the front door and squinted my eyes at the blinding sun that lasted only for a few seconds before it hid behind the clouds again.

Paris called my name with a hoarse voice. It sounded as if she had been screaming for days. "Roosevelt! Roosevelt! Can you hear me?"

I tried my hardest to ignore her, as balloon fights were not my strongest suit. I often pondered, on days like those, how someone or some people could possibly have so much fun throwing sacs of water at each other, and how others took enjoyment in even just watching.

My mind had always been dull like that. My ears, eyes, and mouth leaked indescribable sadness for unwanted and unknown reasons. From the first day I was born, I had insecurities, conspiracies, and heightened reality trapped in my head, starting with the first thought I ever remember obtaining. Is this really my mom?

The next morning, the sky was suddenly scar-riddled and rainwater was dribbling down the glass of both windows in our bedroom. Jessica was sitting on a plastic chair with a cup of coffee while facing the outside world she could barely see with miraculous dancing drops of water in the way. The town was inhabited merely by those who spent large sections of their days pursuing the outdoors; everybody was most likely either bored out of their minds or at Bono's place having a good game of Pretend, with only paper bags and their mischievousness to attend to. I decided that it might be a good idea to stop by for a few minutes.

I sat down on the bed next to where Jessica was on her chair and touched her foot with mine. Playing footsie was rough when she had those sharp toenails of hers, but I still enjoyed instigating it. It was something that helped me hold onto hope when I was feeling gloomier than the high blue. I could easily compare to it, anyway.

Jessica had the idea of getting back into bed after five whole minutes of continuously teasing each other with our feet, and I said 'sure', as if she had just asked me to play some chess. I lazily hurdled my body onto the bed, my back to the mattress since she loved me being underneath her, and took my shirt off with accidental hesitation. I was extremely tired; the worst part? I was in no mood to have sex with my own fiancée, the love of my tedious life.

I let her take my pants off for me. I could see the happiness and excitement just to be near me written all over her face, and I now had another reason to be sad. I felt that I wasn't good enough, that I was never good enough, and for a sorry excuse like me to have a girlfriend - that was a miracle! I found somebody who loves me for who I am, not who they want to mold me into, and I still couldn't find anything right with that.

As she did more of this, I started to think about my past; I tried to pinpoint what made me so negative and why I was so hopeless without a plan. I had a wonderful childhood with two wonderful parents, and though we didn't have money, it had no influence on my mind. That didn't bother me. I bothered me. The world bothered me, and when the world bothered me, it made me feel fake, like I was part of a huge conspiracy. I wanted to feel real, unselfish, and just happy. The biggest issue I had was that I could never stay the 'happy' part.

When I was a child, to make myself happy for the temporarity it held, I would read the same two books over and over again in my bed. I ended up nearly memorizing them chapter-by-chapter and being able to recite half of each to my dad. That was the happiest I could get. I went to family reunions with a blank face; once every few months, we would go out to a fancy restaurant, and there sat my blank face; even when we went on vacation, it was there. I never even tried to cover up my sadness. I just let it shine, and when my parents asked me what was wrong, I told them. I went on about how I had nothing to live for and how my friends being so happy made me so unhappy. I never found enjoyment in anything.

I feel this way even in my present day of thinking.

I snapped out of daydreaming and my girlfriend was no longer in the bedroom with me. I looked down at my boxers and noticed a few drops of her secretion on my own pelvis. I had no need to get up out of my own bed after whatever had just happened, so I just fell back asleep with a silent cry for help.

I woke up to my bedroom empty, like some sick continuation of my own autobiography. The rain was still pouring down from the sky in gallons, and all the while, my feelings took a chance to repose. I calmed down just enough to approach the doorway of my bedroom and find my girlfriend somewhere in the house, wherever she may have been. There was no doubt in my mind that she hadn't left. She never left unless to attend a party, and even those instances were rare with Jessica, the rumormonger queen. She thought she was a hush-hush rumormonger queen; she was just a rumormonger queen.

I found her in an armchair with her cell phone in her hands. She didn't look up when I took a seat on the loveseat, just a few feet away from her. I heard her nails start to tap quickly against the screen as she was probably texting Sasha or someone else she considered a best friend.

"I'm pretty sure she's using Sasha's kindness to make herself feel better," I reminded myself from the safety of my own head. "and Sasha's got a gob of it to go around!"

"Hey, Jess. I'm sorry."

She gave me an understanding smile after a minute more of looking down at her phone. "You're fine, Roosevelt. I'm sorry for forcing you into a rough spot when you were down."

I accepted her apology informally and grabbed my autumn coat from the standing rack; I left the house with no time to spare. Minnow, the busiest body of the town, was undoubtedly waiting for me at her place. I had never even thought about spending any sort of precious time at her house, let alone having sex with her when my girlfriend was oh-so unaware.

It took me twenty-five minutes to find her address. I knocked quietly and she let me in almost immediately; she was waiting impatiently on the other side of the door.

Her face had some strange kind of judgment written all over it. As long as she looked like a teacher preparing for an after-class talk, it wasn't as comforting as it needed to be. She had her long and fluffy black hair down to where it was past her coccyx and growing over her naked pink shoulders in a way that it was almost uncontrollable. She had an uptightness to her wavy stature that made me wonder why she would even ask me to do this at all, but that was just my insecurities kicking in. Her eyes bottled me up in glass ceramic and hot-glued the lid on tight.

"Hello." I cleared my throat and let myself in when she held her hand out in such a position. "I'm here for our-"

"I know what you're here for." She butted in rudely. "I'm everybody's first on Gross Drive."

It was strange, if that's the right word to use, having sex with somebody else after just refusing your own girlfriend. I was being some sort of cheat, not that it was my idea to move here or anything, but still; I left my girlfriend hanging just to hang with someone else. I could have at least pleasured her first.

Something diverted my attention from a daydream to reality. Minnow called my name in a harsh tone from the doorway of her bedroom. She was now standing with her arms akimbo, a stance that was enough to please me by itself. The clothes that she would no longer be wearing had the buttons and zippers all undone for me to take off. I hurried and followed her into the bedroom.

She closed and locked the door, which really didn't seem necessary to me if we were alone, and stood directly in front of me with her hands still on her hips again. I was sitting on the bed, like a child waiting for his mother to have a talk with him. My hands were folded on top of the bulge in my pants like she wasn't supposed to see it or something. I felt sweat and heat all over my body in anticipation and adrenalin for sex drive.

"Well?" She unexpectedly raised her voice again. "Are you gonna take my clothes off or what?"

Holy shit! How on Earth could I get this beautiful girl to let me take her clothes off for her? When Jessica and I have sex, it just feels so routine. Why am I hesitating so much? She's just so perfect. What if I screw up?

"Roosevelt, do you have shit in your ears or what? You're supposed to be making this passionate!"

"I've got it, I've got it." I couldn't believe how familiar she was being without ever talking to me in person before. I had one phone call with her and she acts like we've done this ten times before.

Now that I knew she was expecting it, I had to figure out where to even start, and before I could even think, she grabbed my hands and brought them to the undone buttons on her blouse. I could feel the crease between her breasts. "Don't act like you don't wanna do this, all right?"

"Oh, shut up. You know I wanna fuck the shit out of you." I rolled my eyes and vomited up the courage to start taking off her shirt. I easily took the collar of her shirt and pulled it down from there, letting it fall off her shoulders and eventually to the floor. A topless Minnow was standing in front of me with a barely-existent grin on her face. Wow! She's got tits like a model!

I accidentally stared at them for a while. I had my hands on my own pants now. "Roosevelt, please finish what you were doing before gawping at the North Pole."

"Got it." I broke the hypnosis and grabbed the waist of her pants. I pulled them down to reveal white panties I had never seen Jessica wear before. "White. That's new."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing." To distract her from the close slipup, I pulled those panties down without preparing myself for anything else. I didn't look until I knew her underwear weren't hanging around her feet anymore. It took awhile for them to come off.

"What are you doing down there? My feet come after sex, you know."

"First of all, no, I don't know; second of all, I'm getting your feet untangled. I don't want you to fall and get hurt or something."

"Please!" She tried not to show any flattery, though her cheeks grew red with the intensity of her blood flow. "I'm right in front of the bed."

"Fair enough." I took my first look at the South Pole; I accidentally curled my lip in anticipation. "Minnow..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just take your shirt off."

I took a seat where my insignificant other was once sitting and began to slip my t-shirt off. As I was doing so, she took a seat on my lap before my pants were even off. I could feel everything below my hips start to throb with excitement.

I practically threw my shirt across the room and grabbed her waist on instinct. She put my hands to the side and stood up while still keeping a hold of them for a second. "You're pretty big. I'll take your pants off for you."

She sat on my lap to see how big I was? Did she actually just do that? That's a good kind of fucked up.

She knelt down in front of me and unzipped the jeans that accidentally unbuttoned themselves. Each of us at once noticed the tip of my dick jutting out from the elastic band of my boxers. She gave it a little squeeze with two fingers and actually smiled on purpose this time. "Happy birthday, Minnow."

"Oh, it's your birthday?"

I could tell Minnow' sigh was one of slight annoyance. "Really? It's just an expression. Besides, my birthday's in January."

"Oh, mine too!" I felt her pull my boxers all the way down to expose every inch of what I was hiding. She didn't even take the time to pull them off of my ankles like I did to her. She held my dick in her hand and moved it around, seemingly inspecting it. I raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

"Looking for the best best angle to start at." She replied with apathy. "What, is this not how you usually start?"

"I don't mind...I mean, you're already down there." I started to mutter toward the end of the sentence. "Just...I mean, I kinda wanted to finish on your belly or know what I mean, right?"

"...Are you that picky about where you finish?"

"No, I just wanted to save some for when we fuck. Is that so bad to want?"

"Well, no, but I've wanted to shove a dick in my mouth for a while now." She explained, starting to squeeze it with her entire palm. "Just...don't drip then, all right?"

"What? That's impossible!" I watched as her mouth consumed my manhood without warning. "Minnow, seriously."

Though she couldn't fit the entirety of it in her mouth without gagging, she did it anyway. I can't say it wasn't pleasing to the ears, hearing her choke on me. I was already ready to shoot a load, but I didn't; I knew it would be worth it in the end.

She started to make slurping sounds as if she were sucking a ball of liquid glue. She was pulling up and down with her mouth like she was trying to tear the damn thing off of my skin. I held the sides of the bed and lifted my foot off of the floor. "Be gentle, huh?"

"Be gentle, my ass." She continued to do what she was doing at the same tempo as before.

"Minnow!" I grabbed her hair and pulled her head off of me. "Settle down, you leech."

"Hmph." Minnow stood up and gave my dick one more smack for the hell of it. "There; all lubed up for you."

"Good, now could you lie down on the bed for me, please?"

While she climbed onto the bed and fell flat on her back, I could feel excess dollops of saliva dribble down my thigh from all of the thought she put into what was supposed to be a simple blowjob. I almost lost it just by getting ready to mount her.

I placed my hands on her knees and touched the tip of my dick to the small opening of her clit. I placed only half of an inch into her before removing it to try and tease her.

"Just shove the whole thing in already!"

'Try' being the key word there. "Sure."

With my hard-on in pain from standing for five minutes without an orgasm, I squeezed it inside of her with an abundant amount of force behind it; I thought she'd like it that way.

"Wow!" I started to feel my breath get heavy and my sweat glands overproduce. "You're tight for sleeping with every guy on the block and then some!"

"It's...why I do it." She aggressively blew some air out of her mouth. "Shit, Pete... You're big for 5'10"."


"You're welcome."

I felt more and more pleasure in my dick the more I thrust it back and forth; my heart began to pound at an unnecessarily fast rate. This was the fastest I had ever found myself on the verge of ejaculating while in the middle of hardcore sex; besides, that was the first time I had ever called sex 'hardcore'.

I was honestly so happy to be pleasing Minnow the way I was. She was of such a high fastidiousness that I didn't expect to leave a dent in her bed, but I left more than just a dent. Honestly, it would probably be the best for her back if she got a new box spring.

"Minnow, it's coming."

While I was in the middle of that sentence, I felt the warmth and wetness of her cum spread all around my phallic organ; that helped me out.

I could barely hear it, but she moaned under her breath for the first time that evening. "Nice."

I pulled my dick out of her and rubbed it just a few times to spurt on top of her pelvis and stomach. It was more than I was expecting; it was more than I had ever ejected from my own body. "Ah, fuck!"

"What?" Minnow was out of breath from her prolonged orgasm. "Never blown a load before?"

"It's one of the best loads I've ever blown, that's what it is!" I bent down so that my head was in-between her legs and started to lick what was left in her slit. "Don't spill, all right?"

Minnow laughed genuinely. "Fuck off."

"I already did that."