I AM alive in 2020

I WONDER how long this virus and protests will last

I PRETEND I am alright and not so alone

I ENJOY the extra quiet

I SEE far too many folks on the street

I HEAR them protesting against rights not being granted

I TOUCH as little as I can, almost losing the sense

I HOPE all the sick will recover soon and the world will come out the better

I SAY wash your hands and stay home. This really is important

I KNOW this is difficult and unprecedented, but that this is seriously a matter of life and death.

I AM a first responder

I IMAGINE what it's like to suddenly be trapped in a cage with no exit in sight

I BELIEVE this will end, but it might not be soon

I WISH the world could take this more seriously, but still remain kind

I AM CHALLENGED to be patient and help wherever possible

I CARE about keeping everyone I meet safe

I CRY because it feels like it's a losing battle with another right behind

I FEEL powerless as it seems the world is ready to fall apart

I UNDERSTAND people want this to end and say they stood up for what is right, but

I PREDICT it will only make this last longer and increase tensions.

I AM doing all I can.