Xiao Ling

Chapter I

The Doorway

It was dark.

Xiao Ling was running away. Fast. She couldn't afford it if they caught her.

Not now. Not ever.

She turned a sharp right, jumped over a fallen tree and slipped through the mud into a forgotten river. She had cut her foot badly on a sharp rock in the river and blood was oozing out. No time to complain.

They were gaining. She had to get going.

She stood up quickly and a sharp pain shot through her paralysing her for a millisecond. But that was enough for them to catch up. She had to run. It wasn't an option. If they caught her who knew what they would do? They would probably turn her into a weapon of some kind.

She limped to the end of the river and tried hopping out but it was no use, her foot shot pain through her with every step she took.


Her world went black.


She woke to the noise of trickling water. She opened her eyes, it was so bright she thought she was in another world. Then she remembered: "Last night," she whispered.

She jumped up forgetting about her foot and fell back down again. "Argh," she groaned. She slowly sat upright and looked around her.

Everything was destroyed.

The city Audweener had been eliminated from existence. A tear rolled down Xiao Ling's face and dropped from her chin onto the remaining earth beneath her. She held onto her arm where she had broken it from flying through the air and hitting the ground from the explosion. She slowly turned and limped into the woods opposite the remains of Audweener.

She lingered in the woods a few days grabbing and scrapping whatever she could find until she saw it:

The Palace.

It was a giant palace made from green crystals, chrysoprase, that formed wonderful translucent green and sometimes turquoise structures. She wandered around the palace eyeing ever splendour that it contained with delight. It was the most amazing place ever.

"Hello," said a mysterious voice behind her. She spun around coming eye-to-eye with a man. He had a shaven head that reflected the sun, spectacles and a clearly very expensive suit. He was probably around his thirties and he was grinning.

"I can see you are not from here," he added in a very calm tone. He was not particularly handsome. He was rather plain.

"I am Professor Sfvider," he continued, "librarian and magimatician in 'Elavadores Yalore's Escuela Mágica'."

"Ela-what?" Xiao Ling asked dumbfounded.

She had almost been killed, caught and found a wonderful place that somehow belonged to a weirdo that spoke a different language. She was very confused.

Professor Sfvider chuckled

"Now, now. We need to get you inside the y-you" the professor stuttered. Then after comforting his nerves and quickly regaining his composure, he pulled himself together and asked, "Have you ever practised magic?"

He eyed her carefully. It made her nervous. He wasn't grinning anymore.

He might be with them! she thought.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye she saw HIM!

The man that had murdered her parents and tried to capture and torture her for her powers.

She squirmed a bit and the 'Professor' squawked, "Well!?"

After quickly calculating what she was going to do, she used him as a wall to run up on to the ceiling. She'd always had a special power to heal, do acrobatics and karate. But apparently now she could run on ceilings.

After kicking the 'Professor' really hard he stumbled back stunned. Then he realised what had happened and he chanted, shouted or screamed some sort of spell that dragged the chrysoprase from the ground into the air to try and stab her.

"AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" screamed a voice.

She hadn't known it.

She hadn't meant it.

But with one blow she had brought a huge wall of crystal crashing down and in turn had caused most of the Palace to collapse in on itself.

The chrysoprase shattered, shards shooting everywhere. Xiao Ling's torn up clothes were turned to rags in seconds. She looked behind her, everything destroyed... all... her... fault. Just like Audweener. It was bombed. Or did someone blow it up by accident?

As she was in the middle of thinking a dagger sliced through her shoulder throwing her against the wall in pain. She saw the 'Professor' on the ground. But the suspicious people from before were hiding and she was pretty sure they had thrown the dagger. She saw them pull out a weapon, it looked like a Hydrosaur, it was well built and very, very deadly. They began warming it up as they were unable to cross over to her because of the all the crystal and Xiao Ling saw it as her chance to escape.

She dove behind a block of crystal that had fallen and saw a door at the end of the hall. It was her chance! She had to take it or die. She took it.

She sprinted with all her might to go as fast as possible. She opened her once closed eyes and stifled a yelp.

She was flying!

She was so shocked and happy that the sound of the Hydrosaur scared her badly. They had shot it at her and barely missed. Instead it slammed into a bit of the chrysoprase palace wall that still held and caused it to explode. It came crashing down just as she made it past. She was blown through the door landing on the other side. The crystal had fallen and blocked her attackers from entering but also blocking her exit.

It was hot.

It was dark and fiery red.

Xiao Ling turned around and saw a giant castle. It was crooked, red and was on top of a fiery mountain.

Molten lava was oozing out the sides.

Xiao Ling gulped.

She knew exactly where she was:


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