On the shoreline of existence I stand
Alone but for the eternal surrounds
Rushing towards me, with feathers and blood:
A heavy wind spills across the land

Rushing towards me, a heavy wind
Bridled with the blood and
Feathers I've loved,
Turned to dust

I stand in their carriageway
Watching what is to come
Hurtling towards me with
No consideration for the moment

Wind shuttles existence to the junction
And onward to where I cannot see
Her wings transformed
To invisible grain and heavy feeling

In a second, those memories of
Paths I've crossed are whisked away
Their passage scorched the Earth
Until the wind carries the next voyagers through

They settle in some other way,
This windy coastline a palimpsest
Of lives loved and lost
In the cycle of energy

Dedicated to Henrietta, whom I watched fly away made of grains of sand.