For a time without time, Chrysaor was convinced that his soul wandered, stripped of its fleshy casing, in the stygian halls of Hades, soon to encounter the shadow-dwelling god for whom the realm was named. But he knew his spirit was as yet still anchored to his physical form when his eyes slowly opened to admit the light of day, and he became conscious of two sensations: A slight, throbbing ache at the back of his head, and the clutch of cold iron on his left ankle.

Ignoring the lingering pain, he shouted worldlessly to find he sat against the rough wall of a small, stone chamber, light straining between the bars in the small window of the shut door facing him, and through the small, inaccessible windor set in the wall behind and above him. Climbing to his feet and advancing on the door was fruitless; the iron manacle over his ankle was attached by a heavy chain into the wall, restricting his movement. Chrysaor looked around the barren walls of his cell and, with a sound like a cross between a laugh and a sob of despair, crashed dejectedly to the floor. "Poseidon..." he murmured in prayer, "Father, help me...Help me...I am afraid...Afraid..."

He must have sat there like that for a short time. He jerked his head up,but remained where he was, as there came the sound of approaching footsteps from the corridor without. The light between the bars in the cell door's window was suddenly obscured by a shadowy form. Then there was a sharp rattling and grating as a key was turned in a lock and the door swung open to reveal a feminine figure...Danae, the mother of Perseus. For a few seconds, she and Chrysaor looked at one another without a word. Then she approached to a safe distance and placed in easy reach two small bowls, one of food, the other of water. Retreating slightly, wary of him, she said "Please, eat and drink. I saved your life after you invaded this house and tried to kill my only son."

Not taking his eyes off her, Chrysaor sneered "Your son murdered my mother, and stole her head. I want nothing from you."

Conflicting feelings played out in Danae's soft features. "I arranged for your life to be spared because I felt pity for you," she told him. "Because I saw a son acting out of love for his my Perseus did...The last king of Seriphus tried to force me to marry him, against my will! He was a wicked man! Perseus could do nothing! Polydectes told him he would only release me if Perseus brought him...the Gorgon's head..." She looked down at the floor, at the untouched bowls of food and water. "Polydectes never thought that Perseus would survive the ordeal, but he did, and returned. I hate what was done...but understand, Perseus had no other choice! Would you not have done anything to defend your mother?" And sitting there at that moment, Chrysaor found himself unable to reply to the question put to him by this woman. Looking back up at him, Danae said "If you swear by all the gods that you will not harm my son, I may be able to pursuade King Dictys to let you go free. Make your choice soon though." Her skirts rustling, she turned and hurried out, the door clanging shut behind her.