Never knew air could suffocate,

The redolent poison around started to not ameliorate.

Ecru gas of penury swallowed breath,

And exhaled death.

The lustre of the silent hungry winter,

Stabbed the morose heart for slaughter.

Glee hid in the masquerade,

While grief went on with his pasquinade

Imbued through the solar plexus ,

the plague of angst,

and the curse of trust:

The trust of castles in heavens.

Amiable Rat avowed havocs,

Dreams jumped away from wear off clothes .

Fearing thirst and famine ,

Skeptical of sudden future.

Wealthy affluent with luxury ,

Insolvent credited with beggary.

Aporophobic malady blew,

Many Lazarus' melody flew.

In the gutter they lay,

Flakes thawing their skins away.

Sacrilegious people kissed sacred terrain,

Resigning cheerfully for cessation.