Nancy isn't scared of falling.

(She is tumbling through the sky, the wind whistling through her hair, whispering the cold comforts of eternity, her board ripped away by the sheer force of Ecosystem's awry shot. Her cape does nothing to slow her speed, a violet shade snatched in all directions, a shifting spirit all on its own. She only has time to think that she is about to truly become a Spectre, as the world paradoxically slows to too-bright colors and soft nothing below her and oh, so this is what terminal velocity feels like…)

Nancy has never been scared of falling.

(They are seven and Ben gazes gently with his too blue eyes, shaggy blond hair flopped to the side as he reaches a hand through the bars to comfort her, just another child in these horrific labs. She has never seen eyes like his in her short and painful life, the color of the Earth's skies, and something in her twists with new dreams. And then she is 10 and 17 and 24 and she is still stunned by those gorgeous eyes, crinkled just so when he laughs, and hasn't she heard 'drowning in his eyes' before in some torrid romance but his eyes aren't like water but skies and shouldn't that be called falling?)

No, Nancy is not scared of the fall…

(Bulbs flash as she mounts the courthouse steps, having spent the night in the downtown precinct, even the prisoners afforded more care than Capital's bruised and bleeding protector, shoved into the tiny space with a doused Pyro and concussed Valentine, as if to scream at them all that the time for dramatics is over and heroes and villains must play nice or not play at all. 'The citizens are tired of you', whispers the cold cell floor, 'tired of the destruction, the interruptions, the stupidly elaborate battles on both sides'. She can feel the weight of the city on her as she climbs closer to judgement, feels in her bones the strange comfort of falling from a grace that she never asked for.)

… but the landing …

( The concrete is still silent beneath her, all combatants frozen mid-action, stretching closer with each suddenly numbered beat of her heart. Time has run out and isn't it ridiculous, isn't it ironic, that Ben with all his super speed will not be here in time, the engagement she'd been so worried over cut even shorter than the darkly dull time between the city firing and recalling its heroine.)

it's the landing that kills you.