"As long as you live under my roof, my rules apply!" grandpa yelled.
"I'm 21, dad, 21!" mom yelled back.
5-year-old Linda was watching the scene carefully from the doorpost.
"I don't care if you are 21, 26, or 30" grandpa continued, now lowering his voice. "I'm in charge of this household. I pay the rents. And I feed you. And considering your behavior and attitude, it's clear that you are still not ready to fully be a mother, Mary."
"Just because I don't want to... spank Linda, doesn't mean I'm not ready to be a mom! I'm not as cruel as you."
Grandpa shook his head. Linda could see that he was still angry.
"It's about time I teach you a lesson, young lady," he said to mom.
Young lady? That's what the grown-ups used to call her, it was weird hearing mom being called that. Linda looked wide-eyed as grandpa went one step closer to mom. Suddenly, he took hold of mom's ear and pulled it.
"Ouch, dad!" mom complained.
"In this house, as you very well should know, an attitude like that has only one consequence: a spanking. That goes for Linda, and apparently it still goes for you as well."
"Let go of me!" mom yelled.
Linda wanted to do something to help mom, but what could she do? Grandpa was big and strong, much stronger than her, and even mom. So she just kept standing there at the doorpost, watching grandpa pulling mom towards the big sofa, all the time pulling her ear. What was he going to do with her?
"DAD!" mom yelled again.
But grandpa didn't say anything. He just sat down on the sofa and pulled mom close. And suddenly, he let go of her ear, and instead, he put his hands in the waistband of mom's pants and pulled them down.
"Are you insane?" mom yelled.
"You are getting a bare bottom spanking, Mary. And a well-deserved one grandpa said.
Even more wide-eyed, Linda watched as grandpa pulled mom's panties down all the way to her knees. Then, he dragged her down across his lap... and started hitting her on the bottom.

Being a military, dad had always been very strong, and that hadn't changed since he had retired. As 21 years old, Mary had as little chance of getting up from his lap as she had as a kid. And she felt just like one again, laying there across his lap. But it was worse now than ever. Both the fact that dad actually thought he had the right to spank her. And the fact that he did, right in front of Linda. What would the girl think? She was already a bit scared of grandpa. And now she had to watch this. And what if he started spanking Linda... Mary didn't know what to do. Could she run away from there? And in that case, where would she go?
An intense sting from her rear end stopped Mary from thinking further. She tried to get up, but dad held her down, as strongly and firmly as ever. So, just as those many times as a kid, she had no choice but to remain there across his lap and receive her spanking.
It felt just like yesterday, spanking Mary's bottom. He hadn't done it for quite some years, especially considering the fact that she was now a parent herself. But her recent attitude and behavior had clearly shown that she wasn't really ready for that role after all. Both she and little Linda were in grave need of discipline and guidance. And he intended to give them that.
Mary was kicking and struggling, but thankfully he was still strong enough to keep her down across his lap. And strong enough to make her bottom turn nicely red after just a minute of spanking. The only difference now was that target had become bigger since last time.

"Dad, stop, please" Mary begged.
"Oh no, young lady. You clearly deserved this" he replied.
And kept spanking the bottom he had spanked so many times before.
Mommy was crying. Crying!
Linda felt so sorry for her. She must be in big pain. Her bum looked red and sore from grandpa's blows. Linda had heard of spankings from friends, and she had occasionally seen something related to it in a movie or in a book. But she had never fully understood exactly how it worked. Or that grown-ups could get spanked, too!
That didn't happen in the stories or movies, it was always naughty kids who got spankings.
Linda wanted to look away, but she couldn't. The whole scene fascinated her, and she just had to keep on watching.

Mary was still sobbing like a little kid when dad finally let her up. She quickly pulled her panties and pants back up.
"Dad..." she said.
"Don't... please don't spank Linda..."
"I will, unless you decide to do it right here and now," dad said. "That kid needs as much discipline as you do."
Mary took a deep breath. How could she ever lay a hand on her daughter? She was so sweet, her little baby. How could she ever cause her pain?
"I... I can't, dad" she whispered.
"Very well," dad said. "Linda, come here."
Mary turned around, just to see Linda carefully approaching. She looked nervous, but not scared. But Mary was. She was scared on her behalf. Although dad never had harmed her, every single spanking she remembered had made her cry of intense pain. And she didn't want Linda to experience that. But what could she do? If she stopped him, he would do the same thing over again to her. And running away wasn't an option. So Mary didn't have any option but to let Linda approach her grandfather.

He looked at his granddaughter, who stood in front of him, looking nervous but not scared.
"Linda, did you see what just happened to your mom?" he asked.
The kid nodded slowly.
"She got a spanking. And that's what's going to happen to you as well from now on if you misbehave or have an attitude. Girls in this house who misbehaves will get their bare bottoms smacked."
The five-year-old nodded. "Okay," she carefully said. She probably didn't realize yet that she was about to be spanked right there and then.
"Do you think you have been behaving nicely lately, Linda?" he asked her. "Have you been well-behaved, nice, and polite to me and your mom?"
Slowly, the girl shook her head.
"That's what I thought. And that's why you are going to get a spanking this very minute."
Without further notice, he bent forward and quickly pulled down the girl's shorts and panties to her knees. Then he lifted her and put her across his lap, immediately starting to spank the pale little bottom.
At first, the child didn't react at all. But as the sting increased, she started squirming and kicking just as she should. The little buttocks quickly got a nice shade of pink as he kept delivering spanks to them, and he was pleased to hear her tears. That was the proof the spanking worked.

Linda's whole bum was stinging as grandpa hit it with his strong and big hand. She had never imagined spankings hurting this much. She wanted to get away, but that was impossible. Grandpa was strong and he held her down firmly. She had no choice but to accept the strokes hitting her buttocks. She started crying as the sting got more intense.
Luckily, the thing didn't go on for as long as mom's spanking. At least she didn't think so. But that didn't make it more comfortable.
As grandpa put her back to her feet, her legs felt a bit unsteady.
"Are you going to behave yourself now, Linda?" grandpa asked.
Linda nodded, trying to take deep breaths to stop crying.
"Otherwise, you know what's going to happen from now on, right?"
Linda nodded again.
Grandpa bent forward and helped to pull Linda's panties and shorts back up. They felt uncomfortable towards the sore skin of her buttocks.
"I hope to see improvement from your mom as well. She should be the one spanking you. But she's not acting like a grown-up right now, she's acting like a child. And that's why I spank her as a child."

He patted Linda's bottom lightly. The girl had stopped sobbing.
"That's that," he said. "Now, you go to your rooms. Both of you. And think about how girls in your respective ages should behave."
Mary took Linda's hand. He watched as his daughter and granddaughter left the room, both of them rubbing their bottoms an a way that reminded him of the many times he had spanked kids through the years. Well, it looked like his spanking days were not over. Both that grown-up bottom as well as the little bottom were in definite need of spankings. He just wondered how long time it would take before Mary realized that she had to take the role of a real mother and real grown-up. Maybe the threat of spanking could help her take those steps.