Chapter Three

Aliya kept her focus on her new goal, just so her mentality could remain unbroken, for now. She made her way to Kylan's classroom, having to trail behind him. He never looked behind him and just went and sat at his desk, his books already there. All the kids were in their seats, Kylan had been the last to come in and the teacher started the announcements as he sat. Aliya couldn't help her nerves, it felt like she was doing something wrong, which she was, but no one could see her anyway. She walks to the front of class and the teacher finishes talking, giving the kids a last warning before sitting at his desk. Kylan stops whispering to his friends, apparently bored with their conversation they were having. His eyes catch on Aliya and she smiles. He looks around at his classmates, waiting for someone to notice. He frowns and mouths an obscenity at her that Aliya decides to ignore. Taking a deep breath, she climbs up on the front person's desk and stands up, not taking her eyes off Kylan.

'I know you hate me,' Aliya started, nervously. Bewildered, Kylan again looks at his friends, not believing his eyes. Moving forwards, Aliya steps onto the desk behind the first, stepping through the person's whole body. Kylan turns extremely pale as his classmate turns transparent at Aliya's touch and back into flesh as she steps onto the next desk.

'And honestly, I really hate you too, but I need your help.' Aliya continues to walk down the desks until she is on the one in front of Kylan's. Jumping down right in front of him, she stares him in the eyes.

'And you're going to help me, because I think it's obvious that there's a reason why you're the only one that can see me. What that reason is, I'm not sure, but this affects you too.' Aliya slams her hands down on the table, bringing her face closer to Kylan.

'So… help me. Please.' Kylan is extremely pale and looks a bit sickly. Maybe I was too forward, Aliya thinks, it isn't exactly easy to comprehend. Kylan opens and closes his mouth a few times. Then, he raises his hand.

'Sir, can I go to the bathroom please?' The teacher grunts a reply and Kylan sprints for the bathroom. His friends all point after him and laugh to themselves before continuing with their conversation. Aliya runs out of the classroom and goes to the male toilets. After a deep breath, she pushes open the door and is immediately startled. Kylan is standing in the middle of the room and is staring at her, still looking a little pale but angry moreover.

'Talk, what the hell is going on?' He sneers at Aliya.

'I don't know, I tried to tell you this. All I know is I came to school this morning and NO ONE can see me! You're the only person who can actually see me and…' Aliya steps up to him and pokes him in the shoulder. 'the only one I can actually touch.'

'No one else can?'

'Not that I've noticed, no.' Kylan runs a hand through his hair, looking confused.

'This is ridiculous. Absolutely absurd.'

'I realised, and I'm sorry that I've sort of pushed you into this but at the moment I don't really care, I just don't want to have to suffer alone.'

'So, you're a selfish idiot.'

'Call me what you want, you'd do the same.' He huffs but doesn't deny the statement as he begins to pace.

'There has to be a reason for this, it couldn't have just happened. Surely…'

'Well… actually,' Aliya then recounted her night of their tutor session, telling him about the mirror. Throughout the story, Kylan looked more and more in disbelief. In the end, he simply shook his head.

'Look, I get that is hard for you and I don't know how your head isn't literally exploding, considering how small it is too, but I have other stuff going on and I really have no obligation to help you so… good luck but I'm afraid I have exams to study for. I don't need any of this paranormal stuff going on right now.' With that, Kylan pushes past Aliya and strides back to his class. Aliya stays standing in the bathroom, unable to believe what just occurred. No obligation to help? Who does he think he is? Another boy walks into the bathroom and Aliya quickly makes her way out.

Aliya sits right in the middle of the atrium, watching her peers go through their lessons. What she wouldn't give to be in her class right now, writing down boring notes. Thinking, she wondered how she could fix this mess. It all started at the mirror, maybe it ends there too? Aliya decides it's better than nothing and makes her way to the girls' toilets near the library. Her heart starts to pound quickly as she pushes open the door and steps inside. No one is in the stalls and Aliya faces the mirror that had cracked just yesterday. Except, it wasn't shattered now and looked just the same as all the other mirrors. Staring into it, Aliya made multiple faces, but her reflection simply followed and didn't look any different. Aliya went to every mirror and inspected them all, but they showed no signs of being abnormal. Feeling defeated, she slumps down onto the ground, the movement now familiar. Screams ring out from down the hall, and Aliya jumps to her feet. Screams of pure terror has her running out to face three girls all staring in shock down a separate hallway. Moving past them, Aliya faces three students on the ground. The students were girls, and were lined along the floor, face up, looking extremely pale. Aliya looks at the girls faces and realises something. They look exactly like the girls who had just screamed. Whipping around, Aliya goes to face those three girls… but they're gone and when she looks back at the floor, the girls on the floor are gone too. Screams echo down the corridor and the air turns unbearably cold. Aliya shivers and looks around, where had the girls gone to? But as she's turning around, something catches her eye on the wall opposite the girls' bathroom. It's a shadow, of a person, but the shadow has eyes of pure white. Aliya covers her mouth with her hand, fear making her legs wobble as she slowly makes her way backwards. The shadow slides along the wall, moving much quicker than Aliya. Aliya takes more steps backwards as the shadow moves quicker and quicker, it's dark body now looking down the corridor that Aliya's in. Aliya freezes in fear as the shadow seems to peel its body off the wall, taking on a solid humanoid shape. It walks towards her and Aliya's body finally unfreezes. Aliya sprints down the hallway, taking note that the thing chasing behind her doesn't make any sound. Aliya tears down hallway after hallway, glancing back only to see pure darkness not far behind her. The school walls all look the same and Aliya can't help but wonder if she's actually moving nowhere. She runs down a hallway that splits to left and right, Aliya veers left and runs halfway until she's abruptly pulled by her right arm. She finds herself in a supply closet and her body is tightly held by something. The door of the closet slams shut just as a glimpse of darkness reaches the closet. Aliya struggles against her captor but they just hold tighter and put a hand over her mouth. Aliya goes still as darkness leaks over the light that had been coming through the cracks of the door. She exhales her once held breath as light again emerges and she can feel her captor do the same. She feels their grip on her loosen and she turns around to face them. Kylan stares back at her, a bit too close for comfort in the cramped closet. They both go to speak but unfortunately it seems they weren't as lucky as they thought. The light from outside has again dimmed and Kylan pulls Aliya close just as the door slowly creaks open…