Looking back

on the childish dreams and aspirations from yesterday,

I cannot help but let out a gentle sigh,

as I look at where I am today.

If yesterday the world seemed so bright and alluring,

why does it today seem so dull and plain?

Why does today's disappointments,

begin to spill over into tomorrow's hopes?

Why do I,

as I grow older day by day,

become increasingly reminded of

my own immaturity,

and my own short-sightedness?

Why do I,

as I grow younger with each passing second,

become increasingly reminded of

today's sudden end,

and tomorrow's subtle beginning?

And why do I,

as I find myself trapped in this small pocket of time,

hang onto the youth

that slips so surely from my grasp,

and fades into the aging eclipse

that my lowered expectations bring?

I'd suppose it is because,

as yesterday I dreamed

and today I had seen,

today becomes tomorrow's yesterday,

and I once again,

allow myself to be drawn into the

bright and alluring world

that the coming moment will bring.