Translated story, so please excuse if the language isn't perfect.

I was really annoyed when I left Annelund's mansion. I had visited the farm partly because, as a new neighbor, I thought it belonged to a good tone and partly because I had been promised by the free lord Liljegren, the landlord's wife, to borrow one of their maids.

After my success as a writer, with several international bestsellers, I had accumulated a considerable fortune. In order to get some peace and quiet, I had bought a trimmed yard outside the small town. After extensive renovation work, I had moved in. All the furniture and furniture were in place, but it needed to be cleaned. I had done a lot of work myself, but there was still quite a bit to do, especially in the large kitchen. I had put up an advertisement about a housekeeper and a maid but no one had replied yet.
Therefore, on my morning stroll, I encountered the Baroness. I mentioned my situation and was promised by her to temporarily borrow a maid. However, I had not been very kindly approached by the landlord himself, Baron Anton Liljegren, who had made difficulties and only after his wife's persuasion gave his permission. He seemed to be a generally grumpy person. His degeneration, in this case, I later learned, was because I had bought the farm in front of his nose. Well, anyway, I had been promised that a girl would be sent to me after lunch and thus I gave high regard to the baron.

I was sitting and writing as it knocked on the door. I opened and outside stood little Anna-Lena. I couldn't help but smile at her. She was the most adorable girl you can imagine! Just thirteen or fourteen years old, white skin and blonde with some curly hair in braids. Brilliant blue eyes and a wonderfully breathtaking face with a little freckle over the nose. She was dressed in a simple blue dress and a lighter blue blouse. Around her waist, she had tied a white apron. The well-formed calves were covered by a service girl's regular fine, light gray socks.
The girl looked a little confused at me, perhaps wondering what kind of person I was. My smile made her relax and when I showed her around the house and gave instructions on what I wanted her to do. She turned out to be a happy and easy little girl. Actually a little too happy. I began to wonder if she was really going to do the job or if the baron was sending me a girl he could spare without any problem. Anyway, she must get started, I thought, and went back to my job.

After a few hours of concentrated writing on a contradictory text, I noticed that it was a bit too quiet in the house. I went down to investigate how the work progressed... and it did not progress at all! Admittedly, Anna-Lena seemed to have made some small attempts at cleaning, but nothing more than that she should have been able to do in ten minutes. Now she sat on a chair, eating cookies from in the pantry. I actually got quite annoyed.
"I don't mind you taking a cookie, but I actually need to get the house in order and I have to say that your efforts so far don't seem very promising."
I noticed that she was getting a little worried and sad and she promised to get to work. I gave some supplementary instructions and left her.
As I sat down to continue my work, I heard the noise of her working, which calmed me down a bit and I worked for a good while before noticing that it had become quiet again. I went down again. This time I found her in the library, curled up on the couch, flipping through a book.
"What is this, my young miss! Now I actually think it is going too far. You are here to work!"
She quickly put the book away. She blushed a little and looked at me under the pile, biting her lip uneasily. I was going to get really angry with her, but my heart melted in front of this lovely creature. She was so cute! Once again she promised repentance and repentance and I went back upstairs.

This time, she worked for a while until the house suddenly resounded from the crackle of a broken wase. I rushed down. She stood in the parlor in front of the pieces of my fine, blue vase, looked terrified.
"I was just about to... just look at it and ..." she said with a trembling voice.
"How the heck did this happen?" I cried. "It was standing firmly on the floor."
The girl's eyes were filled with tears and I was ready to forgive her again, but steeled myself and looked at her sternly.
"I lifted it up and then ..." she mumbled.
"Now I've had enough of you! You can go home! I will tell the baroness what miserable effort you made here, so she can deal with you appropriately! "

Anna-Lena burst into tears. She covered her face with her hands. I found it hard to be strict now. I reached up to her and pulled her hands from her face. Holding her head between my hands, I looked into the lovely blue, tear-filled eyes.
"Is it that bad, being sent to the Baroness?" I asked.
She hiccuped and before I understood what was happening she leaned against me, buried her face by my neck, and cried. I couldn't do anything but to caress her back and mutter soothing words.
"But my dear girl! What's so awful?" I asked when she had calmed down enough for me to talk to her. She turned her face to me and my heart was filled with tenderness. Gently I wiped the tears from her cheeks and I couldn't help but smile at her.
"I'm going to get chastised!" she sobbed.
I realized that a proper chastisement was a very likely consequence of her efforts with me. I stood silently for a moment, thinking. I pushed her away from me, held her by the shoulders.
"Poor girl!" I said. "But don't you think you have deserved a punishment?"
She hung her head, twirled a little. I took her by the chin and looked her in the eyes.
"Answer, Anna-Lena!" I said sternly.
"Yes, but ... it's so humaliating to ..."
"Yes, yes. But shame is part of the punishment and getting a proper spanking is just healthy, right?"
"But they make me... I have to pull up my skirt and ... and pull down my pants... And they use the birch rod on me. Please ... let me stay. It's not just the birching. I won't be able to go to the dance on Saturday and the baron will be so angry and... "
She burst into tears again and I simply had to embrace her again.
"There, there, girl, calm down now!" I comforted. "I actually think you did deserve a proper birching. Although I may not have to say anything to the baron ..."
She turned her face to me, looked at me with big, tear-filled eyes.
"Thank you" she exclaimed and pressed herself against me.
The little girl actually stood and thanked me for offering to spank her! Or was it that she thought I would let the matter depend entirely?
"What are you thanking for? What do you think I mean?" I asked, pushing her away from me. She looked at me with a confused face
"Are... are you going chastise me yourself, sir?" she asked worriedly.
It was set. Here stood the loveliest little girl in front of me, and was willing to let me give her bottom a spanking.
I nodded seriously. "That's it! Now go out and pick me a birch rod so we get this out of the world!"
"Yes, sir!" she said and curtsied. At the door, she turned. "Thank you sir!" she said and disappeared.

I had to smile for myself. I stood in the window and saw her walking towards the forest edge with a small knife, which she had picked up in the kitchen, in her hand. A few birch trees were just nearby, and I saw with increasing expectation how Anna-Lena cut thin branches from them and used the knife to take away the leaves. Clearly, she had done this before. It didn't take her long to gather ten to twelve branches and soon she was on her way back.
I went out into the kitchen and looked for a lace. Anna-Lena blushed a little as she came in with her birch branches. I smiled reassuringly at her and gave her the lace. She carefully bundled the birch twigs together and tied the thick parts together. After she had cut away some overly branching branches, the rod was complete. She gave it to me with a nod.
"Should I lie across the table?" she asked with a downcast look and blushing cheeks.
"No! Come on."
I went to the library and sat down on the sofa.
"Get ready!" I commanded.

Without even any slight hesitation, she stood at my right side. Then she lifted the skirt over her waist, stuffed it under the apron, and dissolved the strap in her old fashioned white linen trousers.
Slowly, as if to delay the punishment, she pulled the fabric down to her knees, and then bent over my legs. I helped her get down in the right position with her face down in the couch seat.
My heart was thumping. This was so indescribably lovely! There, right across my lap, lay the most wonderful little bottom imaginable, completely naked and, in some indeterminate way, irresistibly and humbly ready to receive strokes from the birch rod in my hand.

Her bottom as clearly starting to develop from a girl's to a woman's. Admittedly not a mature woman's magnificent buttocks, but still decidedly feminine. A young and resilient, round, indescribably smooth and white bottom. I took a deep breath.
I "warmed her up" with a few smacks with my hand.
"Please, sir, not too hard ... I promise to keep still" the girl said.
It was incomprehensible but nonetheless a fact; t I loved the girl! It is incomprehensible that one can add to this intense sweat and still love her. My strokes of the birch rod was like kisses as they landed on the girl's quickly blushing buttocks. Anna-Lena lay perfectly still apart from the moving, squeezing movements with the buttocks and small kicks with her feet. She lay still, but she cried all the more. Despite this, she was obedient enough keep her bottom still, meeting the stinging strokes of the rod, which in this way could work the entire way from the waist down past the boundaries between tail and thigh and almost down to the kneecap. Each stroke, with a moment's break in between, was accompanied by a whine that soon turned into sobbing and incoherent words.

After a proper number of stinging strokes, each of which gave rise to fine little stripes, evenly spread over thighs and the two buttocks, the girl briefly lost concentration and started moving more. This could not pass unnoticed. I marked this with giving a slight but definite pressure with my left hand in my lower back and with my right hand I lifted the rod high up and let it fall with proper force a few dozen times. These particularly quick storkes focused on the area at the bottom of the buttocks as well as on the inside of the thighs where they surely felt more intense. I wanted her to notice that I kept what I promised. Her reaction came right away; she raised her head and screamed straight out.

During the rest of the punishment, I did not really spank her very hard. This birching was mild compared to the one I had given before. Still, the spanking was hard enough for the buttocks and upper parts of the thighs to quickly be colored rosy red, and once I decided to finish, it was completely full of pink streaks and the typically knotty skin a birch rod caused. All in all, she got an exemplary spanking and when I stopped, she lay there for a while and sobbed.
"Is it over now?" she finally stammered.
"Yes, my girl. Now it's over."
She slid to her knees, rubbed her bottom and looked up at me.
"Thank you for... for not telling the baron" she sobbed quietly.
I put away the rod and caressed her hair.
"Come," I said, pulling her up.
She didn't care that her pants fell down to her feet. The skirt, which she had so carefully pulled up and tucked under the apron strap stayed where it was, and she sat with bare bottom on my left knee. She bounced up again due to the sting, but then gently sat down again. She buried her tear-drenched face towards my chest while the sobs slowly stopped. I stroked her slowly over her hair and rocked her in the arms like a toddler.
"Well, my dear little Anna-Lena, that's how it goes when you lazy and careless!" I said. Hoping this wasn't the last time I would have to do this.